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Kansas Home Insurance: The Basics

It’s no secret that we absolutely love Kansas – and what’s not to love?

Kansas isn’t just for Dorothy and Toto. The sweeping plains, the long-grassed, green fields, and the happy childhood memories and cricket-filled nights make Kansas a great location for growing up. If you’re looking for that idyllic childhood home for a family or just to get away, Kansas is a great place to do it.

Though Wichita is the state’s largest city and does have the highest crime rate, it is relatively safe when compared with other cities in the United States. Leawood and other small towns are very safe places both to visit and to live, and while the crime index does continue to rise, the overall numbers don’t exceed out-of-the-ordinary when running parallel with the rest of the US.

What about the weather? Well, that is something to consider – much like Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, the state of Kansas falls under the infamous “tornado alley,” which makes the average cost of homeowners insurance policies per year higher than the national average.

Don’t let this information affect your interest in homeowners insurance negatively. There is a good reason why the price of homeowners insurance is higher than the national average, and we’ll cover that shortly.


A PERIL is an often-seen concept in the world of a homeowners insurance company.

PERILS are damages that can occur at your home due to uncontrollable weather accidents or incidents like leaks, faulty pipes, or backed-up sewer systems in the home.

We recommend you watch out for PERILS when you’re shopping for Kansas homeowners insurance.

Kansas is, as you probably know, a dead center in Tornado Alley, so tornadoes are perils to watch out for. Storms, ice, wind, and severe winter weather are all possible – although the biggest risk factor in the tornado belt will always be twisters.

How are Premiums Determined in Kansas?

Kansas homeowners insurance can be a little expensive. Anywhere in the state, you’re in a location fairly susceptible to be hit by a tornado, so you can anticipate premiums to be a little higher than average.

There are a couple of important factors that affect the cost of homeowners insurance, and it may vary according to them:

Credit Score

It is imperative to know that homeowners insurance companies pay attention to the state of your credit report.

While it is not the single, most definitive aspect that is going to affect the cost of your premium, the insurance company will look into your credit score in order to determine whether or not you are a reliable client.

Age of Your Home

Another important aspect that affects the determination of premiums by an insurance company is the age of your home. The older the home is, the more risk it poses for homeowners insurance companies.

Construction Materials

Construction materials are very important when it comes to calculating the overall home value. This is where the term replacement cost comes into the picture.

The replacement cost incorporates just how much money will be needed to rebuild your house to its current state should an accident occur, and it is different from the actual cash value.

Insurance Company

An insurance company will take into account if the household holds multiple insurance policies and will grant significantly lower rates and premiums (this varies from carrier to carrier).

Our licensed insurance agents can help you find the best insurance company for your needs.


To wholly protect your home and invest in proper home insurance policies, you can combine different insurance coverage options and save up.

For instance, you can combine life and car insurance within the same home insurance company.

Keep in mind that discounts are easily obtained but are highly individual, so always make sure to speak to your Insurance Geek representative about what kinds of insurance you want to obtain.

What is the Best Option for Home Insurance in Kansas?

Your Kansas insurance policy will have different aspects, depending on the product that you decide upon. As always, you can rely on the information about your policy found on the declarations page.

The objective is to introduce you to the two basic insurance policy products, a named and an all peril one. Let’s see what each policy features:

NAMED Policy

A named policy necessitates each peril included in it to be named and stated precisely. Should a particular peril be omitted from it, it means that you are not protected against it.


ALL PERIL insurance coverage is a recommended part of the policies we write to make sure you’re covered when catastrophic events occur.

An all peril policy protects you against all the perils stated and included in it unless it is explicitly omitted. Precisely for their wide range of applications, we recommend this type of policy to our clients in the state of Kansas.

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Discount Types

Because you are getting Kansas home insurance, you may be entitled to different home insurance discounts.

In order to reduce the costs of your homeowners insurance, you should consider bundling up multiple kinds of policies within the same insurance company (e.g., home + car insurance).

Also, if you have installed some security devices (such as burglary or fire alarm), you may qualify for discounts.

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Kansas for Homeowners

Kansas City home insurance

Our experience tells us that happy and loyal customers span across the state of Kansas, including these biggest cities:

  • Wichita
  • Kansas City
  • Olathe
  • Topeka
  • Lawrence
  • Shawnee
  • Manhattan
  • Lenexa
  • Salina
  • Hutchinson
  • Leavenworth

Kansas homeowners insurance costs more when your ZIP code puts you in the city area.

That’s why many Kansas homeowners move to the suburbs for cheaper homeowners insurance. The top Kansas suburbs are:

  • Leawood
  • Prairie Village
  • Fairway
  • Westwood
  • Roeland Park
  • Mission Hills
  • Bel Aire
  • De Soto
  • Andover
  • Parkville
  • Lake Lotawana
  • Lee’s Summit
  • Overland Park

We write our Kansas homeowners insurance policies through Safeco and Nationwide for any location in the state. We’re always looking at every factor involved with your personal situation to determine how we can get you the lowest possible premiums.

What are you waiting for? Tell us your ZIP code, and get the cheapest homeowners insurance here!

Who Should Get Kansas Homeowners Insurance?

If you’re in a home and you’re paying a mortgage, you should be insured, whether or not you’re a new or existing homeowner.

The right homeowners coverage can give you peace of mind without breaking the bank, and this is where we come in.

What Does Home Coverage Include?

If you wondered what your home insurance coverage options are and what they include, we teamed up to explain all the features as succinctly as possible.

Your policy may look something like this:

  • Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

Dwelling coverage (also called the dwelling amount) provides protection for the physical structure of your home. This part of your coverage accounts for the roofing, floors, and all things related to the physicality of your property.

Dwelling coverage limits should be calculated with the replacement cost coverage in mind so that it could cover the entire rebuilding.

  • Coverage B – Separate Structures

“Protect your home” doesn’t only refer to what’s included in the physical structure of it – separate structures, such as pools, gazebos, garages, and mailboxes, are as important as everything else!

Separate structures are more prone to weather-related damages (e.g., wind damage), and their replacement can cost a lot of money if they are left unprotected from the perils.

  • Coverage C – Personal property

Coverage C is aimed at protecting what’s inside of your home. Your property isn’t limited to the structures that you own, but it also includes your home appliances, your clothes, and your furniture.

Personal property coverage can include more than just that. Your prized possessions such as (heirlooms, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles) can be protected with higher coverage limits.

In the event that you wish to insure your valuables, Nationwide has formulated the Valuables Plus option while Safeco offers a Valuable Articles Coverage.

  • Coverage D – Loss of Use

Should your home be affected by a peril and you are unable to live in it over a certain period of time, loss of use is there to cover all the expenses, expected or otherwise.

The cost of your living expenses may vary dramatically while you are unable to utilize the premises of your home. From the experience of our clients, once bills start to load, it’s impossible to keep them at bay.

Covering the costs of a rented apartment, dining and travel expenses can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Of course, you’ll be asked to deliver proof, so it’s best if you keep the bills to file a claim.

  • Coverage E – Personal liability

Personal liability is perhaps one of the coverages that you think you’ll never need, but that comes most handy in critical situations.

If you or a family member are found legally accountable for damages, personal liability kicks in to cover the price of your legal fees, among many things.

  • Coverage F – Medical Payments

Coverage F is there to pay the medical fees of people injured on your property. If you have guests staying over in your house, and they get injured, you can turn to Medical Payment.

What Isn’t Included in Your Home Policy?

While homeowners insurance is the most effective way to protect your home and your family, it may not offer all of the coverages that you find necessary.

To find the most appropriate way to protect yourself in the state of Kansas, make sure you talk to our insurance company agents.

You may be interested in different kinds of coverages (and obtain discounts in the process):

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance in its form has to be obtained separately, but you can still make sure your home is protected against water-related damages. You can stay protected by purchasing water or sewer backup offered by our trusted partners, Safeco, Progressive, and Nationwide.

Auto Insurance (Car Insurance)

Auto insurance is a necessity in our world. Our agents are committed to keeping you protected, and auto insurance is one of the most popular products offered by our partners.

Your car is what makes it possible for you to transit from one place to another, especially if you have a family or live in an urban area. Among services provided by auto insurance is protection for your passengers as well as your vehicle on the road.

Check out our quote tool for auto insurance!

Life Insurance

The cheapest home insurance is obtained through various discounts and bundles. A great way to save up is to obtain life insurance in addition to your standard home insurance policy within the same insurance company.

For more information on the intricacies, check out our life insurance quote tool.

Other Cheap Options

In order to obtain more discounts while purchasing insurance products, you may want to consider identity theft protection, credit cards insurance, or equipment breakdown coverage.

Home Insurance in Kansas: FAQ

Q: How much is homeowners insurance in Kansas?

A: Homeowners insurance in Kansas will vary from client to client, as each client has highly individualized needs and assets. Homeowners insurance in the state of Kansas can go as high as $5,000 per year, with the average cost at around $2,461.

Q: What are the best insurance companies in Kansas?

A: The best home insurance companies in Kansas are Nationwide and Safeco, as they offer a multitude of varied home insurance policies catered specifically to the needs of their clients. With outstanding customer service, a longstanding reputation, and high-quality insurance products available in all states, these companies let their work speak for them.

Final Words

We hope that we managed to pass on our experience so that you can use it wisely and protect your house and your family in the best possible way.

Insurance Geek provides you with the best insurance options in Kansas with our quote calculator!