Best Washington DC Car Insurance Quotes – Car Insurance In The Evergreen State

Washington D.C is one of our favorite places on Earth.

Whether D.C. drivers are on the road in Anacostia, Capitol Hill, or Cleveland Park, they’re out there – and it’s super important to make sure that you’re protected when you’re sharing the road with those other drivers.

At Insurance Geek, the favorite thing is to get customers the type of auto insurance that will help them sleep better at night. It’s not just about state minimums – knowing our carriers the way we do allows us to get you the best possible price on auto insurance for your entire family.

Let’s explore D.C. car insurance together and find out how we can get you a cost-saving that works for you and your entire family.

Washington D.C. Car Insurance Minimum Required Coverage

Every single state in the United States has some type of auto insurance minimum that you should be aware of – and in Washington D.C., auto insurance minimums are as follows:

BI – bodily injury protection – $25,000 a person, $50,000 per accident

If you are in some type of car accident and you’re responsible for injuring someone else, you will need to figure out how to pay that person’s medical bills. If you or another driver on your policy – or anyone who has the permission to drive your car, for that matter – end up causing someone else bodily injury, your policy may also protect you in this case, as well.

Property damage liability – $10,000 per accident

In Washington D.C., you should have at least $10,000 in property damage liability in case you get into an accident. The idea here is that this will allow you to replace someone else’s property if it’s damaged. The problem is, $10,000 isn’t nearly enough to fix a car, and if you’re in a multicar accident you’re responsible for, it can turn into a real nightmare.

Uninsured and underinsured -$25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident

In many different areas, you can get underinsured or uninsured coverage optionally, but in Washington D.C., you need $25,000 in coverage. If someone hits you and doesn’t have enough insurance to cover you, uninsured or underinsured coverage can really help you in this situation.

How Much Will I Pay For Auto Insurance In Washington D.C?

An average driver in Washington D.C should expect an average insurance rate that ranges around $1150. We can’t call this the cheapest car insurance – to be more precise, auto insurance in Washington D.C. is on a thin line between being cheap and expensive.

The average cost for insurance around the state is close to Washingtons’ average price. But, to determine the exact price, we need to take a look at the following factors:

Age Groups

Note that premiums depend on a variety of different factors. The age of D.C. drivers plays one of the most important roles when determining the insurance coverage in Washington.

Young D.C. drivers, be prepared to pay the above-average cost for auto insurance.

On the other hand, most drivers that have years of experience in the D.C. roads will look at the cheapest auto insurance – but only if they understand and meet some additional criteria.

Driving Records

A driver that has a significant record of citations or accidents could also completely eliminate getting cheaper coverage. Carriers want to make sure you have a safe driving record before you get behind the wheel.

A clean driving record will propel you towards the lowest rates for car insurance in Washington D.C. – don’t forget that!

Credit Score

We can’t discuss driving records without mentioning credit scores. Be vary of your overall credit score:

If it’s below average, you’ll be looking at considerably higher auto policy rates.

It’s crucial to pay close attention to this, as having good credit will always prove beneficial for all D.C. drivers that are looking to find cheap car insurance.

Your Vehicle

Things like the make and model of your car, as well as having a specific antitheft device on the car to protect personal property matter, as well. All D.C. drivers that possess older motor vehicles will be targeted by higher insurance, as insurers will take the old age of your vehicle as a negative fact when they consider minimum coverage requirements.

Above all else, if you own a sports car, that fact alone will affect your vehicle registration – and your own rates for auto insurance.


Having a higher deductible is directly connected to your whereabouts; living somewhere with a higher population density or a metro area will raise your chance of getting into an accident. Drivers that are living in the center of our nation’s capital will need to pay more for good coverage.

The cities that we’re talking about are as follows:

  • Seattle
  • Spokane
  • Tacoma
  • Vancouver
  • Bellevue
  • Kent
  • Everett
  • Renton
  • Spokane Valley
  • Federal Way
  • Yakima

Depending on where do you live within the borders of Washington – our free quote calculated will be available for you to compare quotes!

Car Insurance Company

For comparative purposes, it’s crucial to find the best insurance company that will help you out with financial protection. To efficiently save money, you need to find insurers that are capable of providing you with expert advice on coverage car insurance.

Luckily for you, Insurance Geek delivers free quotes to all our trusted clients. Take a closer look at our mobile app free quote engine tool – it’s super simple and easy to use, not to mention that it save a ton of money!


Are discounts possible? Yes. Discounts are possible regardless of your carrier or your situation.

Most carriers want to reward you for being a loyal customer or for doing something simple like taking a defensive driving class so you can improve and become a better driver. Even signing up for paperless billing could land you a discount.

Bundling lines will allow you to get all types of insurance from the same carrier and put it all under one roof, which can help you save significantly. Carriers also love giving discounts to seniors, active or veteran members of the military, and students.

When we discuss bundling, we can’t avoid mentioning home and life insurance. With them under your name, alongside auto insurance, you’ll be one step closer to being completely protected.

To be more precise – both you and your family!

If you’re a student, it’s very likely that the carrier will get your business for years to come, so you can expect them to try to woo you with lower rates, especially if you’re on your parents’ policy and they’ve been a loyal customer of the carrier for several years.

Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes In Washington D.C.

Insurance Geek is directly connected to the top 20 carriers. Regardless of your Washington D.C. ZIP code, you’ll probably stumble upon Nationwide and Safeco, the two best insurance companies.

Scoring excellent car insurance discounts and saving money is the number one priority of our company. We take great pride in doing so for our trusted clients – especially those who can provide proof that they didn’t have recent citations or accidents.

There are lots of different insurers within Wahington state. To save you some time, we designed a mobile app that calculates and generates free quotes. Don’t be shy and take a closer look at it – there was never an easier time to obtain full coverage policies!

Most D.C. drivers need to go through dozens of calls. And even after all of that, they are still unsure if they will even get a step closer to landing affordable auto insurance policies.

We at Insurance Geek don’t like to operate like that.

We value your time and won’t ever try to disturb you during your free time. On the other hand, you can contact any of our insurers whenever you want if you wish to learn more about the minimum coverages and higher coverage limits in Washington.

Can I Get A Discount?

Fortunately for D.C. drivers, discounts are available to all of you, regardless of which carrier you chose.

Loyalty is the best way to stay in close touch with carriers – they value it more than you might think. Take family loyalty discount, for example. If your parents are a longtime customer with a carrier and you one day decide to visit that carrier, the chances are that you will obtain that loyalty discount, as long as provide evidence that your parents are associated with that carrier.

Multi-car families are also loved by many carriers, too. If you have more than one car in your garage – don’t hesitate to tell them that, as it will bring you a step closer to a discount.

Here’s a quick tip:

You can find a discount on numerous insurance products, as long as you’re willing to do research. To find the cheapest auto insurance in Washington – and land a discount for the same – expanding your knowledge is the most important thing.

What Does Car Insurance In Washington D.C. Include?

Seattle Washington highway

Here are some additional coverages that you may see if you look at your policy:

Medical liability or PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

When someone is injured in your own car, whether that’s you or another passenger – PIP or medical insurance liability can help you, and you don’t necessarily have to have any kind of health insurance policy for it to kick in.

Collision coverage

If you hit another vehicle or if you hit an inanimate object, your car can be severely damaged. While other parts of your auto insurance policy protect other cars, collision protects you – and your vehicle.


Have you ever had to deal with a cracked windshield?  Have you ever left your car parked out into a hailstorm or hit a deer? Comprehensive coverage is “everything else” insurance that takes care of any other thing that could happen to your car – including theft incidents in which your belongings are stolen out of the vehicle.

Uninsured and underinsured

Regardless of your location within the Washington borders, you’ll need to have uninsured or underinsured drivers coverage. If you ever find yourself being involved in a car accident where the other party is to blame, but they’re uninsured, it’s crucial to be protected by this kind of coverage.

As with all other states, a minimum of $25,000 should be put aside for this coverage.

Bodily injury liability

Causing an at-fault accident is always an unpleasant experience. To avoid any further damage, it’s essential to have bodily injury liability coverage to cover the medical bills of the other party whenever necessary.

Remember that having above minimum coverage is vital when considering this kind of coverage.

Property damage liability insurance

It’s required to carry this insurance if you are a driver from Washington D.C. Just like the previous types of insurances, if you find yourself in an accident, this kind of insurance will help you out.

Causing damage to another person’s property is unavoidable in an at-fault crash – for that, you should have property damage liability insurance as it will assist you in those circumstances.

How Much Coverage Car Insurance Should I Get In Washington, D.C.?

The closer you get to the city, the higher your premiums will be, and as you likely know from being a D.C. resident – the cost of living is fairly high in Washington D.C, anyway. Therefore, you will find that auto premiums are a little higher here than they are in other areas in the country.

To put it as simple as possible, follow the next instructions:

$100,000 for BI or bodily liability and injury protection, $100,000 for personal property damage, and $300,000 in coverage maximum per accident.

How Do I Know That I Have The Right Coverage?

We always tell our customers that it may be tempting just to get the minimum coverage amount required. But it makes more sense to get the insurance that will not only protect you but will replace your car, cover any medical costs for anyone else in your car, and protect anyone else that you may injure on the road.

Most minimums aren’t really enough to replace someone else’s car if you total it entirely during an accident that’s your fault. So, it makes sense to get extended coverage.

Let us help you find the right amount for your situation.

FAQ: Washington D.C. Car Insurance

Q: What car insurance companies have the cheapest car insurance in Washington, D.C.?

A: When discussing the best and cheapest car insurance companies, we can’t avoid mentioning Nationwide and Safeco. If you choose to cooperate with them, you’ll, without question, acquire the most affordable auto policy, regardless of your location.

Q: What is the average cost of car insurance in Washington, D.C.?

A: The average fee for auto insurance in D.C. is $1150 annually. The first thing that comes to mind when discussing this price is that it’s fairly close to the average rates of other countries. As we like to say, it’s neither low and neither high – somewhere in between!

Calculate Washington D.C. Car Insurance Rates

Tacoma Washington skyline

We love D.C., from Capitol Hill to Dupont Circle, we love the Metro, and we understand that even though D.C. has some of the better public transportation in the country, it isn’t always enough.

If you have a car and you live in the D.C.area, we want to help you by giving you the best insurance options possible for yourself and your family – and at the lowest possible rates, too.

Fill out our quote form, and let’s talk today about how we can give you and your family a great auto insurance experience and get you everything you need to be safe on the road in Washington D.C.

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You only have one life – keep your eyes on the road and stay safe!