Best Maryland Auto Insurance Quotes

Maryland has about 4.3 million licensed drivers on the road at the present time. Whether you’re driving Baltimore or Annapolis, smaller towns like Frederick, or rural areas like the Western Maryland Cumberland mountains on I-68, it’s a smart move to get the best coverage for your family and individual needs.

The Insurance Geek staff loves Maryland (home of the Terrapins!), and we’re committed to finding you the best quotes out there, with rates you can actually afford. We’ll also look into the best possible discounts we can get you, working with multiple carriers to get you the best auto insurance quotes in Maryland.

For starters, we recommend $100,000 BI (bodily injury), $300,000 BI/accident, and property damage coverage up to $100,000.

Scroll down to learn more about the cheapest car insurance in Maryland. On top of that, some important auto insurance policy terms will be listed as well!

Maryland Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

Maryland minimum coverages are listed below, including a summary of the protection you can expect from different policy coverages. All states require bodily injury and property damage liability protection of some amount.

Bodily injury liability – $30,000 person/$60,000 per accident

Bodily injury liability protects you if you injure someone else while driving. It also protects authorized drivers on your policy or anyone you give permission to drive your vehicle.

Property damage liability – $15,000/per accident

$15,000 in insurance coverage is enough to get you on the road but not nearly enough to replace someone else’s property in its entirety if you get into a wreck that totals someone’s auto. We recommend a $100,000 property damage coverage at a minimum.

Uninsured and underinsured $30,000 motorist/$60,000 accident – We recommend this coverage.

This type of insurance coverage assists if you’re the victim of a hit and run, if you strike a pedestrian or if someone without insurance or with low insurance hits your auto.

How much will I pay for insurance in Maryland?

In Maryland, insurance costs around $1016 a year, slightly higher than the national average.

Nonetheless, drivers in Maryland need to understand the law, as it contains crucial information about all of the coverage requirements and rules that all drivers must obey.

Your Maryland auto insurance premiums are determined by a variety of factors, including:

Driver’s age

We cannot ignore the fact that there are plenty of young drivers in the state of Maryland. Drivers that lack the experience to drive will need to pay more for coverage in Maryland.

Don’t forget that the term “young driver” doesn’t only apply to teen drivers – this also refers to all Maryland drivers who had their license plates suspended or obtained their driver’s license recently.

Driving History

Auto insurance rates will be lowered for all drivers in Maryland that have a clean driving record and are considered excellent drivers.

DUI doesn’t positively affect insurance rates.

Do yourself a favor and keep track of your credit score, as your driving history in Maryland will determine the cost of your car insurance coverage.

Your Car

Car insurance rates are heavily dependent on the type of vehicle that you possess.

It goes without saying that the age, model, make, and the number of miles will make a difference in getting better auto insurance rates. The average car insurance company will charge you more if you drive a car with a powerful engine under the hood.

Insurance Company

Don’t worry: rates for your auto insurance in Maryland may vary from one insurance company to another. We, Insurance Geek, do our best to find out the best and cheapest car insurance quotes with the right insurance companies for you.


In most cases, the cities within the state will determine how car insurance coverage levels will look like.

Here are some cities in Maryland we can generate the premiums for:

  • Baltimore
  • Annapolis
  • Frederick
  • Hagerstown
  • Waldorf

Regardless of your whereabouts, do your research thoroughly to find out what are the insurance requirements for the city closest to you.

Credit Score

Get started on paying your bills and loans on time, as it will affect your overall credit score. This is an important factor, as car insurance companies will search through your credit rating.

If they find out that you have a poor score, it will undeniably result in a higher premium.


Getting the best deal on cheap Maryland car insurance might be difficult for some, but if you choose to cooperate with us, you won’t be disappointed!

Good drivers are the ones that didn’t recently have an accident, and all of them will get a discount whenever they choose to sign a car insurance contract.

Combine your car insurance policy with home or life insurance if you want to get a cheaper deal.

It might be more costly at first if you buy multiple insurance products from the same insurance company, but your car insurance rates will be lower in the long run.

Get Cheap Maryland Car Insurance Quotes

Are you interested in free quotes for car insurance in Maryland from numerous companies?

We offer quotes from different carriers and are committed to connecting you with the best Maryland auto insurance for you and your family. Discover our free quote calculator and get the right Maryland auto insurance policy out of the gate.

Nationwide and Safeco are one of many different companies that do an excellent job offering the cheapest coverage in Maryland.

By filling out some basic information, you will calculate free quotes for coverage limits all the way to uninsured motorist coverage quotes.

Are Discounts Available?

All loyal customers will receive discounts from carriers.

You might even land a nice discount just by signing up for paperless billing. It’s that easy! Just make sure that your driving record remains clean if you plan on getting a discount on your liability insurance.

Bundling might be the best way to save, as getting auto, home, and life insurance all at once will offer you a cheaper insurance Maryland contract.

What Does Car Insurance In Maryland Include?

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Most of the time, people aren’t particularly familiar with all of Maryland’s car insurance coverage options.

Due to the lack of information, we decided to provide you with a list of the coverage details that might interest some of you:

Medical Liability/PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

If you or your passengers are injured in your car, PIP can protect you even if the accident was your fault.

To be clear, PIP pays for both your passengers and yourself, whereas bodily injury is strictly for the other party. While the BI is obligatory, PIP isn’t.


Run into things? We get it. Collision protection can help if you hit potholes, signs, back into the garage – we’ve all done it, and if your auto needed repair, it will cover you.

Motorist coverage also fits into this, as people who drive bikes tend to run into things more frequently due to the presence of DUI.


We see many windshield cracks or dings repair with this coverage. Comprehensive also covers items stolen from your car.

Your specific situation will determine whether your Maryland auto insurance policy should be deductable. In most states, the deductible for drivers in Maryland will range from $500 onwards.

Bodily Injury Liability

Unfortunately, there might be some accidents that will be your fault. If someone is injured in case of an at-fault accident and it’s directly your fault, BIL will cover all lost wages.

In most cases, $30,000 per accident will be a below-average amount to have on your car insurance. We like to recommend getting over the state minimum, as it will protect you more in case of emergency.

The minimal BIL will vary by state, so it’s necessary to do your research before choosing the amount that will be sufficient.

Underinsured Or Uninsured Drivers

A tedious and long court process will be held for all people hit by a driver who had too little or no insurance. To avoid this, underinsured/uninsured auto protection will assist whenever necessary.

Our experience proved that it’s most common to get hit by an underinsured motorist. Take care of yourself on time by covering yourself from those kinds of accidents!

Property Damage Liability Coverage

Per accident, minimum coverage of property damage for Maryland drivers is $15,000. The replacing or repairing of another person’s car will come directly from this policy. It’s wise to have an above-average minimum coverage, as sometimes costly accidents do happen when DUI.

How much auto insurance coverage should I get?

The policy is: the state minimum is what you’ll need to be on the road legally, but being legal isn’t enough. You can cause serious damage to yourself or another person in a vehicle, so it’s best to stay safe. We recommend a $100,000 minimum for your basic injury and property damage coverage to keep you on the road.

What type of discounts are offered?

These vary by carrier. Here are some you’re likely to see:

  • Bundle discounts (bonding life and renters could lower premiums),
  • Safe driving;
  • PIF (paid in full) discounts;
  • Low or no accident discounts;
  • Low mileage; for your auto
  • Defensive driving discounts (this may often involve taking a class);
  • Student, military or senior;
  • Multi-auto policy;
  • E-Bill Discounts;
  • Loyalty;

Anti-theft devices, restraints, driving a new car, daytime running lights -these are some other discounts you might see.

Is cheap car insurance obtainable if I get a ticket?

Your overall driving history will be the number one rule when determining precisely how much you will pay. Not only that, vehicles that aren’t safe will have a harder time getting cheap car insurance.

Auto insurance coverage levels depend strictly on how well you are treating your vehicle throughout the years.

Expecting a higher premium for payment is logical if you own a couple of tickets, especially if you have some accidents in your driving history.

FAQ: Car Insurance In Maryland

Q: Which car insurance companies will offer me the cheapest car insurance in Maryland?

A: Car insurance Maryland is provided by different companies that will gladly offer you a price worthy of consideration. If we had to point out the best insurance for drivers in Maryland, that would definitely be Nationwide and Safeco.

Q: What is the average cost of car insurance in Maryland?

A: On average, you will have to pay around $1016 per year. You are safe to assume that this price is above average in comparison to other states. Fear not; the price might be above average. Still, you will get your pennies worth: all rights reserved, driver discount, and even student discount, agents that will be by your side 24/7, liberty mutual options, motorist bodily injury coverage, and many more.

Maryland Auto Insurance Rates Calculator

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Most other agencies tend to “seal the deal” as fast as possible and, by doing so, might jeopardize some documents that require delicate care. We at Insurance Geek always try our best to help you find the best solution to your problems, regardless of your driving records.

We believe that all drivers in Maryland should be offered a way to deal with all sorts of problems regarding personal injury protection and quotes about minimum coverage. Most people nowadays don’t have the ability nor time to deal with these kinds of stuff on their own, and that’s exactly why our agents are available to you all the time.

Car insurance companies should be confident when trying to secure the best rate for Maryland drivers. An auto policy should be straightforward and as easy to understand as possible.

Regardless of how expensive your car is, don’t allow fate to decide the procedure that will come after an accident occurs. Take the first step of protecting your car by contacting us.

Reach us if you are interested in finding out everything there is about Maryland car insurance!