Best Utah Car Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car Insurance in the Beehive State

As auto owners, finding cheap car insurance can seem like a task so tiresome and complex that you even consider not purchasing it. Locating the best car insurance company to get cheap car insurance rates seems like a fairy tale, at best. We’re here to make your road to full coverage seamless and smooth!

Utah has more than 1.6 million licensed drivers out there, meaning you don’t want to take chances on the road. It’s super important to get the absolute state-required minimum insurance and even more than that if you want to protect your family at the most important time. At Insurance Geek, we love getting you the best Utah auto policy at premiums that are reasonable and make sense.

In this article, we’ll talk with you about Utah’s minimum coverage requirements, how to get the best policy you can afford to fit your specific situation, and how our incredibly easy-to-use, convenient quote calculator can get you multiple quotes from different carriers in the industry.

Insurance Geek is there to help you find the cheapest car insurance policy along with the lowest car insurance rates. Make sure to stick with our guide until the end to get the scoop on how to do this!

Utah Car Insurance Minimum Required Coverage

Below, we talk a little more about Utah’s state minimums and how much these will cover you in the event of an accident. Note that every state in the United States has some type of minimum auto insurance requirement, and this is also what you can expect from Utah.

Keep in mind that minimum coverage is largely different from full coverage. Full coverage can wholly protect you and your family members, and we’ll go over the recommended full coverage in Utah in a separate portion of this article.

For your convenience, see the state minimum coverage requirements:

BI or body injury liability: $25,000 per person/55,000 per accident

You can expect to pay enough to cover $25,000 a person or $55,000 an accident for bodily injury liability in the state of Utah. If you injure someone else in an accident, no matter how serious that injury is, bodily injury liability will protect you. As you may well know, medical bills can get expensive in the United States, so the more protection you have in this category, the better.

Property damage liability: $16,000 per acident

Utah requires a minimum of $16,000 per accident in property damage liability coverage. This may or may not be a good idea for you, as replacing someone else’s vehicle in the event of an accident that is your fault may cost well over $16,000, and maybe a significant drain on you financially. When it comes to replacing someone else’s car or belongings, we typically advise our clients to get way more than the recommended coverage amounts for states, and once clients find out how much they have to pay, it just makes sense to get that minimum coverage protection we recommend for better peace of mind.

Ordinarily, we tell our clients to purchase insurance using the 100 300 100 rule. That means getting $100,000 in BI coverage, $100,000 in personal property damage coverage, and $300,000 max per accident. This will allow you to cover significant costs if you are in a pileup or in a very serious accident while you’re driving.

Underinsured or uninsured coverage

Although not required in all states, underinsured or uninsured insurance can protect you if someone working with not enough insurance or no insurance at all hits you and causes major damage. The state of Utah does not require underinsured or uninsured minimum coverage which does not mean that Utah drivers do not need it.

If you do decide to purchase the minimum coverage, Utah requires that the insurance coverage amounts to $25,000 per person or $50,000 per accident.

How Much Will I Pay for Auto Insurance in Utah?

With Utah being a no-fault state, it is only logical to have slightly more costly auto insurance. The considerable amount of fatalities results in the average rates for coverage in Utah to amount to $1510 per year for full coverage, while the minimum cheapest coverage can be around $900.

Utah drivers should bear in mind that the average rates are closely connected to several individual factors.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important factors that as a driver, you should be aware of in order to calculate the average rates that you’ll receive for your car insurance in Utah:

Age Groups

The first thing that insurance companies in Utah take into account when calculating car insurance premiums is the age and the experience of the driver. Your premium will come at a more affordable price if you have more driving experience. Young drivers get higher average rates than other Utah drivers. Inexperienced drivers (drivers who have recently obtained their licenses) are more prone to causing accidents on the road, therefore, their premiums will be more expensive.

Driving Records

When obtaining the cheapest car insurance, a clean driving record is considered a must. Driver profiles are meticulously investigated by insurance companies and the drivers that provide proof of a clean driving record (which means no DUI citations, no recent accidents, or speeding tickets) will receive better average rates.

Drivers can obtain the “good drivers discount” that many companies are eager to give to their prospective clients.

Credit Score

Besides a clean driving record car insurance in Utah is dependant on credit score as well. Utah drivers with a neat credit score will receive more affordable and better average rates. A poor credit score will lead you to more expensive auto insurance.

A good credit score can get you many discounts, but it is not the sole deciding factor. However, be sure not to let a poor credit score discourage you from seeking other variants of discounts. So, poor credit or not, make use of our quote calculator to find cheap auto insurance in Utah by comparing quotes from multiple insurers!

Your Vehicle

Car insurance in Utah depends on the condition of motor vehicles. When determining your auto insurance policy, a car insurance company will evaluate your vehicle as well – the make, the model and the color of your car all come into the equation.

Auto owners of sports cars should be aware that sports cars are associated with higher risk precisely because of their powerful engines, therefore, such owners will pay a higher cost for the premium.

If your car is considered to be safe (if the model is newer, you have better safety features) your insurance coverage will be cheaper!


If you live in Salt Lake City, it may be a little more expensive for you to get the right type of coverage. That’s because this is the most densely populated city in the state of Utah, and more people equals more opportunities to get into a potential accident.

Some of the largest cities in Utah where we write policies include:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Provo
  • West Valley City
  • Orem
  • Ogden
  • St. George
  • Eugene
  • Farmington
  • Alpine

Car Insurance Company

Car insurance companies in Utah offer different price ranges for full coverage insurance and protection. You’ll find that auto insurance rates vary from company to company. This is precisely why we’ve designed a free quote calculator that generates quotes from the best car insurance companies – to help you find the cheapest car insurance available on the market!

With our quote calculator, you can get free quotes from multiple providers and decide which insurance company suits you best!


If you think that getting full insurance coverage and the cheapest car insurance is impossible, you should take a look at discounts!

Different discounts can help you lower the overall auto insurance rates. In addition to having a neat driving record and obtaining the “good driver discount,” there are numerous ways to get the cheapest coverage available.

The best way to save a lot of money is by getting a variety of insurance products from the same car insurance company. By getting a home or life insurance policy in addition to your car insurance in Utah, you will save a lot of money in the long run!

Get Cheapest Utah Car Insurance Quotes

To score the best average rates for your car insurance coverage in Utah, use our free quote calculator. The entire procedure is easy, and here is how you can compare quotes trouble-free:

To set the parameters and compare quotes, you need to enter your basic info on this page into our quote calculator. This basic info includes your ZIP code in Utah and your address. From then on, we contact our partner insurance carriers and deliver free quotes for you!

You are then able to compare quotes from a variety of our partner carriers and calculate and find the best car insurance premiums with affordable rates. Our top-rated picks are Nationwide and Safeco, but there are over 20 companies available through our quote calculator, and you can use that information to compare quotes.

After you get to see and compare the quotes, the decision is ultimately yours. If you don’t want to purchase full coverage, car insurance rates and quotes that we’ve gathered are not there to pressure you.

The info that you entered will not be used for anything other than for premium calculation. We promise no spam mail or multiple calls from different agents!

If you want to get a full coverage insurance policy through us – contact your local agent at Insurance Geek and we’ll be there to help you through the process.

Can I Get a Discount?

Of course! Discounts can be obtained through bundling. Bundle discounts are the most popular type of discounts because you can obtain several insurance products under one payment – like a life insurance policy, a home insurance policy, and an auto policy.

Carriers love giving you discounts, whether you are bundling different lines of insurance or you have been a loyal customer for some time. One of the most popular types of discounts with any carrier is the safe driving discount, which will allow you to save over time if you present yourself behind the wheel. The less likelihood of you getting in some type of incident that will force the carrier to pay out for you, the more they want to reward you for what they see as, in essence, good behavior.

Students, vets, and seniors are all eligible for different discounts – make sure to ask your agent about it.

What Does Car Insurance in Utah Include?

There are many other different types of discounts available – talk to us about what your specific needs are and we can get you a discount that works for you.

Highway in Utah

In addition to the minimums, it’s also good to understand different types of coverage such as:

PIP, personal injury protection, or medical liability protection

If an accident occurs and there were other passengers in your car, this type of protection can supplement existing health insurance, or other passengers in your car can get treated based on their injuries in an accident. Personal injury protection differs from bodily injury insurance that only pays for another person’s medical expenses.

When it comes to accidents, we typically recommend higher than minimum coverage, as personal injury protection coverage is something you should not skimp on. Lost wages can be repaid and injuries can be treated if you have PIP.

Collision insurance

If you hit another car, whether it’s moving or parked, collision insurance can help you here. Collision coverage also covers and protects you if you run into an inanimate object such as a shopping cart, a pole, run upon a curve, or any other type of accident you could possibly have in your car. Basically, if you can hit it, collision coverage can help you. It will also help you in the event of hitting a pothole or running into something on the road.

Comprehensive coverage

Whether we’re talking about roadkill, something cracking your windshield, dings from another car, or from something like a hailstorm, comprehensive can cover you. Comprehensive is considered everything else insurance that will help take care of all those other things not covered by the protections above, including theft of items in your car.

Comprehensive and collision insurance are considered to be the necessary cogs needed for full coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured

Should a person with no or little insurance get in an accident with you, uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily insurance can assist you. To circumvent the scenario where you have to sue the driver and wait around in courts in order to get the money that you need (let’s be real, the process can be long and complicated).

While this type of coverage is not obligatory in Utah, given the common recurrence of accidents, it is highly recommended.

Bodily injury liability

Bodily injury liability is mandatory in Utah specifically because of their high crash fatality cases. Bodily injury is a necessary part of your full coverage policy because it helps defray the costs of the other party’s medical bills when you are involved in an at-fault accident.

Property damage liability insurance

Aside from bodily injury liability, property damage liability insurance is one of the other factors that ensure your maximum financial protection. Because of the frequent claims, it’s best to go over the minimums in order to be fully insured.

How much Coverage Car Should I Get in Utah?

Full coverage means that you exceed the minimum coverage limits. By doing so, you will be protected in any given scenario – and your peace of mind has no price.

Remember the 100/300/100 rule. This works really well to make sure that you have the absolute right type of insurance for your situation, and you will be covered or will be able to cover another driver if there is a very serious incident behind the wheel. We definitely tell our customers to stick to the baselines that we set up so they can sleep better at night knowing you have all of the coverage and protection you need for your specific situation.

While the price of full coverage varies from client to client, it can be perceived as too high a price to pay – and we understand that it is. Accidents are expensive and if serious injuries happen, it is very hard to climb out of medical bills.

Insurance Geek can and will work until your premium is down to a manageable price, while it still exceeds the state-required minimum and you get higher liability limits. Talk to your agent about your specific needs, and we’ll make sure that they are taken care of.

FAQ: Utah Affordable Car Insurance

Q: What car insurance companies have the cheapest car insurance in Utah?

A: The top car insurance companies for the best cheap car insurance in Utah are Nationwide and Safeco. These carriers make auto owners feel safe and protected, and their longstanding reputations are but a testimony to their work ethic and customer satisfaction. Make sure to talk to a licensed insurance agent at Insurance Geek to help you navigate through the largest insurance companies available on the market in order to get to the most reputable ones. Make sure to calculate the rates in order and get the most affordable deals!

Q: What is the average cost of car insurance in Utah?

A: The average cost of car insurance in Utah is around $900-1510. Utah drivers will pay a higher price for their car insurance policy, but it isn’t impossible to find affordable car insurance in Utah. Utah auto insurance premiums are summed up based on many different factors, and this can include things like the age of the driver, the driver’s safe driving record over a longer period of time, the age make and model of the vehicle, whether or not there are antitheft devices or burglary devices in place, and whether or not the driver is bundling other types of insurance with the same carrier. Hence, your premium cost depends on many other factors. Make sure you reach out to us and we’ll help you calculate your rates and quotes easily!

Q: What if I get into an accident?

A: Accidents and tickets definitely affect your rates over time, so it’s best to try to avoid these if possible – especially accidents that are your fault. Pay attention behind the wheel, don’t text, don’t engage in distracted driving and you decrease the likelihood of an accident by several dozen percentage points. Defensive driving courses are out there and they are fairly inexpensive in most cases, so engaging in one will allow you to save on your car insurance bill, and will also allow you to learn safe driving techniques that will make you a more effective driver while you’re on the road.

Calculate Utah Car Insurance Rates

Interested in obtaining full coverage car insurance in Utah?

You can stop your search right here because we’ll make sure that you are properly covered on the road and we’ll give you the opportunity to calculate the best rates available!

We love our Utah drivers, and getting you the best possible rates to get auto owners out on the road is just what makes sense. It’s not just about the minimum amount of coverage – it’s about giving you a safe driving experience that will allow you and your family peace of mind when any of you are behind the wheel.

We have an insurance rates calculator specifically designed to help you calculate the quotes and manage costs in an efficient way.

Whether you have a new teen driver, a parent behind the wheel or you’re looking to get auto insurance in Utah for yourself and a spouse, your situation matters. We can help you come up with a policy for your personal experiences and your personal needs that will take care of everything from start to finish, above and beyond the state minimum requirements. Let’s talk more about how we can help you.