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Pacific Life Insurance Reviews

Founded in California over 150 years ago, Pacific Life aims to provide financial and insurance solutions to customers that are long-lasting and promote financial security and well-being.

The “Pacific” namesake is important to the company as well. Pacific Life promotes marine and whale conservation programs as part of its corporate mission and goals.

Pacific Life offers Term, Whole, and Universal (Variable and Indexed) life insurance policies.

You may be required to submit to a medical exam depending on the type of policy you’re looking for. Though Pacific Life is well-known for its universal life policies, it does offer term and other permanent life insurance policies. Pacific Life may also be a little less stringent with those who have a poor family health history or pre-existing conditions, although any of these factors will result in a higher rate.

Product TypeProduct Name
Term LifePacific PRIME Term; Pacific Perm ART, PL Promise Term
Whole LifePacific Whole Life
Universal LifeVersa-Flex NLG; Versa-Flex PRO II-CV; Pacific Estate Preserver III
Rate Classes Offered
Preferred Plus
Standard Plus

Note that in some situations, Pacific Life will allow for specific height and weight measurements that typically fall outside the “Preferred” class to be included as Preferred, based on lifestyle and overall health.

Term Conversion Rider
Waiver Of Premium Rider
Dependent Children’s Rider
Accelerated Death Benefit Rider
Long-Term Care Rider
Carrier NameA.M. BestStandard & Poor’sComdex
Pacific LifeA+AA-90

Pacific Life Insurance Underwriting

Note that if you’re a former smoker, Pacific Life may not be the best option. Its underwriting guidelines are typically not very lenient for smokers; even former heavy smokers could experience denial or higher premiums. Although Pacific Life may be easier to work with when it comes to pre-exisitng conditions and family health history issues, smoking is not included.