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American General Insurance Reviews

AIG was established December 19, 1919, when American Cornelius Vander Starr (1892-1968) created a general insurance agency, American Asiatic Underwriters (AAU), in China. The business snowballed, and two years later, Starr formed a life insurance operation. Today they offer Life Insurance, Property & Casualty insurance as well as retirement solutions.

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American General Life Insurance Company offers a wide range of insurance products. Not only do they offer term, whole, and universal life insurance policies they also provide property and casualty insurance as well. Listed below are some of there products, riders and underwriting guidelines.

Product Type Product Name
Term Life Select-a-Term, QoL Flex Term
Index Universal Life Value+ Protector, Max Accumulator+
Universal Life Secure Lifetime GUL 3, AG Secure Survivor GUL II
Product Name Term Length Issue Age
Select-a-Term 10 Year Term  18 years to 75 years
Select-a-Term 15 Year Term  18 years to 70 years
Select-a-Term 20 Year Term  18 years to 65 years
Rate Classes Offered
Preferred Plus
Standard Plus
Preferred Tobacco
Standard Tobacco
Children’s Term Rider
Waiver Of Premium Rider
Accidental Death Benefit Rider
Critical Illness Rider
Terminal Illness Rider
Chronic Illness Rider
Carrier Name A.M. Best Standard & Poor’s Comdex
AIG A+ A+ 83

AIG Selecta Term

Select-a-Term gives individuals the flexibility they need: the policy can be designed for the length of time you need it.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

If you have been declined life insruance due to health issues AIG offer a Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance policy to indviduals ages 50-85. These are unique polices with a low death benefit amount buty they have no underwriting so they are guaranteed acceptance permanent polices.