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Life insurance needs will vary from person to person so w

Life insurance needs will vary from person to person so we build a calculator that is easy to use and will provide instant rates. You can quickly adjust how much life insurance you need and recalculate for the coverage you need.

There are many rating factors life insurance companies use to determine risk classes.

Some of the most basic factors when calculating life insurance rates are:

  • Age
  • State
  • Gender
  • Tobacco Use
  • Product Type
  • Coverage Amount

There are many other factors that go into calculating rates such as past health history, the rate class you qualify for, and the type of policy you choose.

If you are just starting the life insurance shopping process, we recommend you check out our getting started section here.

Protect your loved ones

Life insurance coverage can provide money for many things such as income replacement, education expenses, funeral costs, credit card debt, college expenses, and even pay off mortgage balances. It can also leave money behind to provide for a surviving spouse and children.

The life insurance calculator above can help you estimate the amount of premium each death benefit will cost. Customers can use our calculator to determine how much coverage they may need and the cost of a life insurance policy. You will see the rates of multiple insurance companies in real time.

Why our life insurance cost calculator is different

At Insurance Geek, we are not just another average insurance broker, but we are a leader in the Insurtech space.

We build tools and insurance API for quoting multiple lines of business life Life, Home, Auto, LTC, Disability, and more. It all starts via our Fat Agent application.

Fat Agent is the brains behind all of the tools we build. It gives us the ability to build phenomenal front-end insurance shopping tools for consumers.

Our APIs allow us to build out carrier products and put their base rates into our calculators for you to compare rates.

Every tool and calculator we build has the consumer shopping experience in mind.

One of the coolest tools we have built can be found on this page here term life insurance vs. whole life insurance rates. It’s the only one of its kind ever built.

What our calculator can do for you

Our life insurance calculator gives you the ability to get quick quotes for term life insurance rates, whole life, universal life, burial life, and more in one single form.

The part we are most proud of is the user experience our tools give to the mobile user. It’s so easy to use on mobile devices.

Let’s face it, filling in forms on mobile is a terrible user experience. So we designed our life insurance comparison tool and form to be mobile-friendly.

How to use our tools to their full potential

In the sidebar or top of this page, you will see our term life insurance calculator. Start by running a quick quote in the sidebar, once you see your rate you can then move into our full quote calculator which will show you all the carrier’s rates side by side.

We have built some of the first

We mentioned above that Insurance Geek is at the forefront of Insurtech in both consumer-facing and agent platforms. We are experts who can protect your family no matter how many assets you have. Our service and advice e our free to you and we can and any questions quickly and accurately.

Our company takes pride in having been the first-ever to build an insurance comparison shopping tool for comparing real-time rates for multiple lines of insurance. Such as whole life with cash values, LTC, Disability, Home & Auto quote and bind (coming soon).

We also have many other products that are in the works. So stay tuned.