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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell my info?

No way. We never sell your information. We are an insurance agency which helps customers find the best products and prices from dozens of insurance carriers.

Can I buy online?

You can quote and apply online with our quote form above. Once we receive the application, we will verify the information and answer any final questions before we submit it to the carrier.

Why Insurance Geek?

Your personal Insurance Geek will help you shop & compare the best insurance carriers in America. You don’t have to be an expert when you have an Insurance Geek on your side.

How many carriers can you quote?

We work with over 40 life insurance companies. Every carrier is different, and we help you find the best company for your exact needs.

Can I speak to an agent?

Not only will you get to work with an agent to guide you, but you will also work with one of the best, an Insurance Geek! We are really good at this insurance thing.

Who are the best life insurance companies?

The best carrier will depend on many factors. Don’t worry, out of the 40 companies we represent; we will find you the best carrier. You can see a full list of our best life insurance companies here.

Words from our customers.

Great, independent insurance agency that was able to provide accurate and timely quotes. They also were available for frequent updates during the less than timely underwriting process. Highly recommend to others.

Craig Barker, Verified Buyer

Ryan was extremely knowledgeable on all plans. I did not want to take the time to go in for interviews and screenings and he was able to put me under a great (affordable) plan that was very minimal time on my end. I even did a ton of research after he gave me my options and his opinion and I came to the same conclusion as he. Trust him and let him do the work!

Rob Cunningham, Verified Buyer
Purchasing insurance was made simple here. I had an agent who worked with me and matched the product I wanted with my budget. No high pressure and plenty of advise making this a very positive purchase.
Matt K, Verified Buyer

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