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Salt Lake City and Provo, deep family roots and intense history, and of course the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. From Sundance to skiing, Utah has a little something for everyone and it’s an excellent place to live with your family and get settled.

If you already have roots in Utah, you’re in luck. It’s a beautiful place to grow up and to set your sights, and we’re happy to work with customers all over Utah to provide the absolute best Utah renters insurance policies.

Do I need renters insurance in Utah?

Though you may not be legally required to purchase insurance, your landlord can ask you to get insurance before you sign your lease. In fact, these days we find that most landlords or property owners are asking their tenants to do this just to make sure there is protection in case of a loss, fire or another catastrophic event within the dwelling.

How much is Utan renters insurance?

Cheap insurance can definitely meet your needs – in fact, most renters insurance is on the cheap side. As long as your policy meets your renters coverage needs and gives you the protection you need, it’s the right policy. We can help guide you as we generate your quote.

Renters insurance is laid out as an annual premium that you can pay monthly. Typical renters insurance in the US, including in Utah, tend to run no more than $15-20 a month, sometimes even lower.

Our recommended coverages are as follows:

For personal property, our recommendation is usually about $20,000. This will allow you to cover those items you use every day as well as those that are most important to you. You’ll work with your agent to fill out a list of all your property, along with its estimated value. If your itemized value exceeds the $20,000, we may recommend you take out higher of insurance to cover the difference.

We recommend $100,000 for medical liability coverage. If someone is injured on the property you’re renting – whether it’s an apartment, a house, whatever have you – you may be found legally responsible to pay those medical bills. If this were to happen, your medical liability coverage portion of your renters could assist you.

Loss of use coverage will assist if you have limited access to certain resources in your home. For example, if you can’t cook meals due to damage or renovation and end up needing to eat out, loss of use could assist in this situation. We typically recommend about $1000 for this type of coverage.

Other metro areas in Utah include:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Ogden
  • Logan
  • Provo
  • Orem

Most deductibles are right around $500, but this depends on your policy. You can opt to pay a higher deductible if you have a claim and save on your monthly payment amount, but we don’t always recommend this with renters insurance, because the total annual premium is so inexpensive.

The most important thing you can do throughout the renters insurance policy process is to communicate openly with us about things like your financial situation, the amount of property you may have or even any particular dog breed in your home. Carriers restrict coverage on certain types of dogs, so it’s good to check with us to see what’s covered. Also, whether you’re opting for renters coverage or a different type of insurance, you don’t want to end up taking out less than you need. Having to cover the difference in property damage or a medical liability payment can be devastating, so it’s always best to make sure you have the right amount of coverage. This means working closely with us on your itemizations.

What will be covered?

Natural disasters happen in Utah just like they do anywhere else. Because of the proximity of the Rocky Mountains to most parts of the state, severe winter weather conditions are always possible. Most folks living in the Salt Lake area have an idea of how to handle themselves in snow, and out-of-towners may find the winter weather fairly intense in Utah.

Because a snow disaster, intense thunderstorms, tornadoes or other issues with weather can damage your personal property, it’s important to get the best possible Utah renters coverage protection so you can replace your belongings should you ever need to.

How do you come up with premiums?

Your Utah renters insurance premium is determined based on a variety of factors including credit score, whether or not you had previous claims, age of your dwelling, quality of construction and variety of other factors. If you’re looking to get renters insurance in the near future and you have the opportunity for credit boost such as quickly paying off your credit card or using a booster service, it is very possible this could lower your premiums over time.

Also, make sure to talk to us about the cost calculation for replacing your items. Carriers use either Replacement Cost Value or Actual Cost Value, which factors in depreciation.

Utah renters insurance discounts?

Yes, you can. You can get discounts from carriers when you bundle, meaning when you add several different types of insurance through the same carrier. Carriers like to feel like you’re loyal to their brand, especially if you make your payments on time and are a good customer, so you will be rewarded with lower premiums across your lines if you bundle. It’s also a good idea to talk to your landlord about property safety, including antitheft devices, cameras and other types of devices that may ensure the safety of your property over time. There are other factors that play into getting big bigger discounts. We can talk to you about those factors and get you the biggest discount possible on your premium.

We love working with our Utah clients give them the best possible experience and get them the most affordable rates with the maximum coverage protection possible. Talk to us about your specific needs and let us get you connected with the policy that really works for you and your family in Utah today.

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