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Looking for the best renters insurance in Pennsylvania? You’re in the right place! Pennsylvania has a little bit of everything to offer – from ancient forests to major city centers, you can spend a day crushing Philly Cheese Steaks at an Eagles game, head on up to Dunder-Mifflin Country in Scranton, or enjoy the many backwoods and rural areas Pennsylvania has to offer. And since it’s so close to so many other states on the eastern seaboard, it’s a snap to make it to New York, Boston, New Jersey or DC.

Insurance Geek has the scoop on the best renters insurance in Pennsylvania. Whether you’re looking for a policy for a home in Pittsburgh, Philly or Scranton, we can help!

Do I need to have Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania?

As with many other states, though it may. not be required legally, landlords can definitely ask you to carry renters. The vast majority of landlords may ask for something like $10-20k minimum in property coverage. The policies we have written in Pennsylvania cover medical liability, personal property and loss of use, which we’ll explain below.

How much is cheap renters insurance in Pennsylvania?

There are many things that go into the way carriers come up with premiums. It starts with the location of your rental, where you live, the crime rate near you, the age of the dwelling, the fire district. Even the most affordable renters insurance will have a variety of factors contributing to its annual premium costs.

It’s also a good idea to optimize your credit score if possible. Having a better credit score can earn you better rates, so it’s something to look at when you’re getting ready to shop for renters insurance in any state.

As for the type of dwelling – it might seem like a high-rise in Philadelphia will set you back more on cheap renters insurance than a bungalow in Reading, but materials matter. High-rise dwellings are typically steel reinforced and many are newer.

You should expect to take out about $20,000 in personal property coverage, which covers your belongings in the event of a loss. We ask our customers to go from room to room and make an itemized, detailed list of all their belongings, including approximate value. This isn’t just your most valuable belongings. In the event of some type of loss, you will want to replace everything that you use daily, including things like bedsheets, appliances, furniture and even those day in, day out knickknacks that you don’t really think about until you have to replace them. It’s important to have an idea of what you may need to replace or to think about the items you use on a daily basis so we can help you determine this amount.

We also recommend $100,000 in medical liability coverage. If someone is injured on your property, you will want to have this protection to ensure you’re not out-of-pocket for any accident or injury costs you’re found liable for.

We also recommend $1000 in loss of use coverage, which will help you pay any costs you might incur if you lose access to be able to use your home for things like cooking meals, etc.  

I Live in Philadelphia – What Will My Premium Look Like?

Here’s a brief breakdown of our favorite metros to write up in PA:






Any kind of weather peril can happen, but there are specific weather problems for different states. In Pennsylvania, winter weather, severe thunderstorms and damaging tornadoes are all potential factors.

If there’s a natural disaster, renters medical liability coverage can help protect you if outside conditions cause any kind of injury to people in your rental or on the rental property who are in your care. For instance, if someone is injured in your yard during a storm, this type of coverage extends to you in that situation as well.

As you might imagine, risk matters. If you’re living in an area where theft or crime is more common – for instance, inner-city Philadelphia – then you can expect this to be a factor in determining your rates.

How much coverage is required?

Getting the best personal property protection possible matters, especially because everyone has a different situation will have different needs. The coverage amount you will require is totaled based on the value of your property and other factors. It’s very important to be honest with your agent about the items in your home so we can make sure you don’t require any additional types of insurance due to max out coverage limits. Our agents also know the risk, and if there any medical liability risks that could contribute to higher medical liability for you, we will be able to tell you when we assess your quote.

Can I get a discount?

Absolutely. We love working with our customers to give them discounts, and the best way to get a discount is to take out multiple lines of insurance across the same carrier. You may have her TV commercials about bundling insurance, and this is what those commercials refer to. When you bundle across lines, your carrier will reward you for your loyalty with a lower premium rate.

Property improvements are always a good idea as well. Talk to your landlord about things like installing fencing, security cameras, antitheft and any other devices that will assist you in safeguarding your home and will decrease the likelihood of any type of burglary. You should also talk to us about replacement cost versus actual cash value with regard to personal property.

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We love working with our customers to get you connected with the best insurance policies possible. We call ourselves insurance geeks because we love the ins and outs of insurance and we know everything there is to know about the industry when it comes to renters insurance coverage, we want to make sure that your Pennsylvania coverage meets all your needs and that we generate a quote based on your specific situation. We can come up with something you can afford – talk to your insurance geek today about a policy that will keep you protected.