Nevada Renters Insurance: Best Quotes Online!

Vegas, baby! Although, if you’ve ever lived or been in Vegas for more than a few days, you’ll know this state is more than just a desert Oasis. Reno, Carson City, Laughlin – all these incredible cities get a little hot in the summer and cool in winter but offer incredible short-term getaways as well as longer-term living.

Is renters insurance required when I move?

Regardless of whether or not you already live in your rental, your landlord can require you to have renters insurance on file before you sign any new lease. Despite the law requiring it or not in your state many landlords often do, so make sure to get a policy on file so you can protect yourself from any potential liability and loss of your personal property without a replacement plan.

It’s important to make sure your property is protected if you live in an area around a college campus, such as the University of Nevada’s Henderson campus or any other town in the UNV University system. In college towns, theft can be more common and there is more foot traffic in certain residential areas around campus, so it just makes sense to have the right kind of protection in the event of theft or other loss.

Is it expensive?

You can absolutely find renters insurance for cheap in Nevada. Most policies run between $15-$30 a month, and Nevada is on the tail end of the national average.

Many different properties go into how the premium is determined. Some have to do with your personal responsibility, such as credit score or whether you’ve had a renters claim the last few years. Others have to do with the home itself – including things like your fire safety district municipally, the materials your home is made from, whether or not your home is up to building codes, and the age of your home, etc.

Where you live also matters. Being located near a business or an area with higher crime can increase your premiums. Pets in the home can also increase a premium – especially specific breeds of dogs, carriers typically furnish a restricted breed list that will allow us to determine whether or not you will need to pay higher premiums or if your dog breed will be covered. We’re glad to talk to you about this.

What kind of coverage should I expect?

You should start at $20,000 for personal property protection. This will be more than enough to help replace any property you own in most situations. The best thing to do is get on a call with us and allow us to assist you in creating an itemized list of your property so we can figure out what the best coverage might be.

$100,000 for medical liability. This is important because if someone gets into an accident or experiences injury in your rental, you will need to be able to make the medical payments required. This coverage can assist you with that so you’re not out of pocket for those liability costs.

We also recommended $1000 for loss of use coverage. If for any reason you can’t access your home or certain parts of your home, you will need to be able to do those functions of basic everyday living, and that may require you to do things like eat outside the home which can get expensive. Loss of use protection is important because it can help you avoid some of those costs being out of pocket.

Here are some numbers based on the major cities we help cover in Nevada:

  • Las Vegas
  • Carson City
  • Reno
  • Sparks

What will be covered?

While Nevada may not be a hotbed of tornadic activity or major storms like other states, dust storms still do happen. Major dust storms cover the area in rock, and can damage homes, personal property and can cause medical liability in your rental, so it’s best to stay safe with the right protection.

Nevada also can experience damaging winter weather in some parts as well as hail and strong thunderstorms. The occasional tornado does happen, and hail can damage personal property if left outside. A good renters policy will help you cover property losses from these types of catastrophic weather activity.

How much coverage will I get?

Carriers typically have some kind of coverage limits, and we recommend knowing what those are so we can help you add additional insurance if you need to. These coverage limits are different from state to state and also vary by carrier, so working with us to get a better idea of what you need is sensible.

So much goes into determining the actual premium you will pay – whether you’re working with us or another agent, we recommend using an itemized list to determine the value of your personal property together and talking about any features of the rental that may increase medical liability.

Also make sure you talk to your agent about the ACV vs. RCV calculation, which could affect the coverage amounts you could receive if your items are damaged.

What about discounts?

There are always discounts possible. One of the most popular types of discounts is a bundle discount, which is when you take out multiple kinds of insurance from the same carrier. For instance, if you have a renters insurance policy, your health insurance, and your life insurance through State Farm, you can save big time on your monthly bill. The savings depend on how your premiums are determined in the first place and your specific needs.

Paying for your policy in full at the start of the year is also something that can help you save, and since the cost of renters insurance is so low it’s definitely something we recommend if you can swing it, based on your personal circumstances.

Our Nevada renters are important to us, and we want to be able to get you the best quotes on the market to make sure you are covered. There are a variety of different ways you can get quotes out there, but with us, you just fill out one form and we come back to you with a variety of quotes from multiple carriers. Let’s talk about how to get you the best possible Nevada renters insurance protection today.