Nebraska Renters Insurance: Best Online Quotes

We really love working with Nebraska renters insurance, because Nebraska is such a fantastic state. Omaha is a city with amazing dining, and the people are friendly and well-intentioned. Crops, farmed fields and quiet, peaceful landscapes that surround bustling cities are more than enough reason to settle down in Nebraska and enjoy time with the family.

At Insurance Geek, no matter what state you live in, we want to connect you with a renters insurance policy that will help you meet not just your minimum needs but will give you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night knowing your belongings are protected.

Do I need renters insurance in Omaha?

Although it may not be legally mandated, most landlords in Nebraska (including Omaha) want you to have some type of property protection when you move into a rental. Cheap, affordable renters insurance policies are available to help protect you in the event of loss of your belongings.

Of course, all this makes sense. Landlords don’t want to be responsible for replacing your belongings, and the recovery process can be painful and annoying for you.

For most of us, when we were just starting out, we rented in areas where there are bustling universities, lots of foot traffic or even in lower-income neighborhoods because the housing is more affordable. Because of the foot traffic, the high risk of things like theft, vandalism, and threats to school affecting you in your dwelling are all things that could contribute to eventual damage to your property or the need to replace items. It’s important when you’re attending the University of Nebraska and living in your first rental to have the right property protection so your parents can experience that peace of mind that comes with a good renters policy.

Also, make sure you talk to your agent when it comes to replacing your items. The replacement amount can be calculated in different ways. Consider ACV (Actual Cash Value) vs. RCV (Replacement Cost Value). Your agent can explain more.

How much will this set me back?

Renters insurance is some of the most affordable insurance out there. We find that many of our customers are surprised at the reasonable prices. Most people pay anywhere between $15 and $30 for their monthly rental insurance, and if you bundle or save with discounts, you could actually pay even less. We work with you to make sure that your minimum coverage needs are met so that you can save on your premium.

Here are the types of renters insurance coverage we recommend in Nebraska:

Personal property insurance. We recommend $20,000. Of course, you want to cover your most important belongings, so it makes perfect sense to get the right personal property protection that will cover you in case the items you need the most in your home are damaged or need replacing. Our baseline of $20,000 is fairly typical for most of our renters policies across states.

Medical liability insurance. We recommend $100,000 here. If someone is injured within your rental, you could be held liable for the medical expenses associated with an injury. It just makes sense to have a high amount of protection in case something really drastic happens, so that you’re not out-of-pocket in case there are medical expenses.

Finally, we recommend $1000 in loss of use coverage. If you lose the use of your rental for any reason, you will need to be able to afford things like meals or a place to sleep. Loss of use coverage can help with that.

For most rental insurance policies, we find our customers pay a deductible right at around $500. You will need to pay that deductible amount before you receive funds on any claim.

Living in a Nebraska Metro like Omaha could signify a potential increase in premium, but not always. Where your residence is located, whether or not you’re close to a business, whether or not you have any pets – in particular dogs, claims previously cashed in or whether or not you’ve canceled policies, and your credit score all factor into the premium amount you will pay. Let’s not forget the quality of the structure of your rental.

What will be covered?

Nebraska is in the Midwest and is, unfortunately, a part of Tornado Alley. You may find that your premiums in Nebraska are higher than they might be in other parts of the country due to the increased possibility of a tornado. People in other Midwestern states such as Kansas and Oklahoma have this problem as well, and it doesn’t mean you’re going to be paying astronomical rates. It does mean, however, that those rates could be a little higher. It is always sensible to protect against any property loss due to winter damage, seasonal damage or tornado damage by getting the right Nebraska renters insurance coverage protection for you and your family.

How much coverage should I get?

The best way to determine the amount of coverage you need is to itemize your personal property and share that information with your agent. We look at these types of itemizations almost daily, and we will have a good idea of some things you might’ve missed if you will need additional insurance to cover extra valuable items or any other type of situation. We really recommend not skipping on medical liability coverage. This is a type of coverage a lot of people seem to want to reduce, but even if you don’t have a pet living in your home, keep in mind a visitor could fall down the stairs or have some other type of accident or injury.

Based on the inexpensive price tag of renters insurance, it makes sense to get the coverage that will protect you at higher coverage rates, even if it means paying a couple more dollars a month.

Can I get some kind of discount?

We love helping connect our customers with discounts across carriers. If you pay for your policy in advance, you will often get a discounted rate for the entire policy term. Additionally, one of the best ways to save is to bundle. You may have seen commercials about bundling before, and it’s all true. Going with different insurance lines across the same carrier will very likely reduce your rates and help you save on your total insurance bill monthly.

We’re Insurance Geeks because we love figuring out how to help customers get the best possible protection at the lowest rate. Even if you think renters insurance in Nebraska isn’t affordable, it can be affordable and it’s well worth the cost. For less than an average American’s coffee habit per month, you can make sure that your personal property is protected in the event of a catastrophe.

You only have to fill out one form to work with us, and then we will come back to you with a variety of quotes from different carriers that best suit your needs. We’d love to help get you the right policy for you and your family today.