Mississippi Renters Insurance: Best Quotes Online

We’re big fans of Mississippi, and who wouldn’t be? From Gulfport to the northern part of the state, there’s plenty to explore and plenty to do. It may be a little hard to spell, but it’s a fantastic place to live, work, grow up and raise kids. It’s quiet, relatively low-crime and just an overall easy place to live in.

Do I have to have Renters Insurance in Mississippi?

Although Mississippi state law may not require it, your landlord may still ask that you have a renters insurance policy on file before your lease starts. We find that most of the time getting your lease signed will require some type of renters insurance. Landlords don’t want to be on the hook for your personal property, so it’s best to make sure that you have the appropriate renters coverage protection so this doesn’t happen.

You should know that many factors will decide how much will pay for your insurance, and we will discuss this more below.

How much will I pay?

Our minimum recommended coverage amounts are as follows:

Personal Property, $20,000

Your property matters. Whether we’re talking about priceless family valuables, furniture or the knick-knacks you rely on every day like kitchenware and cutlery, property protection ensures everything you own is protected against loss, even with a cheap renters insurance policy.

You’ll work with your agent to itemize your most important assets and determine total workable property value.

Liability, Medical Payments to others: $100k

If your property is damaged, or a guest in your home is harmed due to a situation you’re found liable for, this type of insurance very much comes in handy. $10,000 total in liability insurance protects you, your landlord’s property and your guests.

Loss of Use $1,000

You need to be able to function and live normally if you lose access to your home for any reason. Loss of use coverage ensures you can pick up meals, stay at a hotel or arrange for transportation if you lose the use of your home.

You should expect to pay anywhere from $15-350 a month. Several factors determine what you’ll pay even for cheap renters insurance, including:

  • Your dwelling’s age and what it’s made out of;
  • Whether there is a building on the premises;
  • Any pets present;
  • Any previously canceled policies or filed renters claims,
  • Crime near you
  • Whether you live in the suburbs or a metro area;
  • Your credit score;
  • Your fire district

Most deductibles we see are right around $500.

Here’s a by-city breakdown of some Mississippi towns we’ve written policies in the past:

  • Jackson
  • Biloxi
  • Gulfport
  • Hattiesburg

What is covered?

In Mississippi, you could experience flooding, insurance, sinkholes or earthquakes. Renters insurance might cover a flooded kitchen but does not cover an actual flood itself. Mississippi also does have occasional tornadoes, especially in more rural inland areas. Coastal areas are subject to floods and hurricanes. Even cheap renters insurance policies are created to help protect your property during these types of threats.

How much coverage can I expect to get?

It’s very important to itemize your property. When you share an itemized list with your agent, you and your agent can go through your valuables together and make sure that you have the absolute minimum amount of protection coverage you will need. Since there are coverage limits that vary by state and by the carrier, you may need to add additional coverage protection for specific items in your rental. We can discuss this more with you when we get your itemized list.

One important factor to keep in mind is that you may not want to ask for the ACV or actual cash value of your items, but instead ask for the RCV or replacement cost value. Remember that when you purchase an item and bring it into your home, the cash value begins to depreciate immediately. Making sure that you can replace your item at the full price it will take to buy it as opposed to how much the lost item is worth is important. Replacing an item and paying the actual cost value for the item that was lost or not the same thing.

It’s so incredibly important to be honest with your agent when it comes to itemizing your property, disclosing everything and making sure that you get everything on your list. We strongly recommend going from room to room in your apartment, home or dwelling to make sure that you have all of your items covered. Many customers leave off very common items such as bath towels, linens, furniture, mattresses. All of these are things he will need to replace if you experience a loss in your home.

What types of discounts do you offer?

We love connecting our customers with discounts! Several discounts exist, including the advance close discount. If you pay one day before the date the policy starts, you may get a discount there. There also discounts for having security alarms or devices on your property, and other extra security measures. It’s a good idea to talk with your landlord and see if you can implement some of these. Also, because carriers love it when you get multiple lines of insurance from them, bundling your insurance policies from the same carrier could ensure you get a larger additional quote.

At Insurance Geek, we want to connect our Mississippi renters insurance customers with the best possible policies, ensuring that you and your family are covered in the event of any kind of catastrophe. You don’t want rental loss to become major financial devastation for you and your family – so talk with us about your specific situation let us come up with an affordable policy that works for you.

Let’s connect. All you have to do is fill out one form and origins will contact you to get you set up with the right policy. You don’t have to go through several agents, a ton quotes, or your phone ringing off the hook. Just working with one agent at a time will allow us to help you get the best possible quotes and rates without you having to do the heavy lifting. We’re glad to do that for you!