Louisiana Renters Insurance: Top Quotes

The swamp area is sinking a little faster than you might imagine, and the creaky floors and cracked sidewalks of southern Louisiana take a little getting used to. But between the music, the charm and all Louisiana has to offer, this state can’t be beaten.

At Insurance Geek, we love Louisiana, we love gumbo, we love New Orleans and we love the sounds of jazz that filled the air when we’re there. Whether you’re in Slidell or Orleans itself, at Lake Charles or in Shreveport or in one of the many gorgeous rural towns in Louisiana, we can cover you! Whatever you’re facing, in all likelihood, we’ve seen a type of situation similar to yours before and can help connect you with the top renters insurance policy for you and your family.

Do I have to have Renters Insurance in New Orleans?

Though you may not necessarily be legally required to purchase a policy, most landlords are property owners who will ask you to have a policy before signing a lease. This is because your landlord won’t want to have any kind of liability involved with replacing your personal property should something happen with the residence.

You should also talk with us about RCV, or replacement cost value, vs. ACV, actual cash value. These calculations factor depreciation and determine how much you’ll be able to recover your items for in the event of a loss.

How much does it cost?

Most customers are pleasantly surprised when they find out how much renters insurance actually costs. Louisiana renters may pay a little higher than the national average due to the possibility of catastrophic weather events in Louisiana, particularly near the shore.

Policies can range anywhere from $100-$300, with monthly premiums anywhere from $10-$30, which is a small amount to pay for the amount of protection you get.

The way your premiums are determined includes a variety of factors, such as:

  • Your location, whether your dwelling is in the Metro or suburbs or if there is a business close to you or on the property,
  • Whether there are pets on the property, and if there are certain breeds of dogs, your credit score, your fire protection District, and more.

We find that most premiums come with a $500 deductible. Your premium will be broken down into a monthly payment, and you can save with bundle discounts and other types of discounts, which we will explore more in-depth below. 

What kind of coverage do I need?

We recommend $20,000 to replace personal property. If your property is damaged in the event of a catastrophe, you will be able to replace personal belongings, from the most valuable to items that you use every day that are inexpensive.

$100,000 for medical liability protection. If someone else is injured within your rental, whether it’s an accident, a trip down the stairs, a dog bite or any other type of injury and you’re found liable for that injury, you may pay a heavy expense out-of-pocket to cover those costs. Medical liability protection covers you if someone is injured in the dwelling while you are in residence there.

$1000 for loss of use. If you can’t use the dwelling for any reason, loss of use coverage will help you with things like meals, laundry facilities and other things you will miss out on because you can’t access your home.

Here are major Louisiana metros we service:

  • New Orleans
  • Shreveport
  • Lake Charles
  • Metairie

What is covered in Louisiana?

You likely remember Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent history. Because hurricanes tend to turn on their track, can come fast or can leave cities like New Orleans and surrounding suburbs devastated, you’ll find premiums for things like renters insurance are a little higher in the state of Louisiana as mentioned above.

The reason premiums get higher when it comes to a higher incidence of natural disasters is all about risk. And the risk isn’t just isolated to a natural occurrence. Something like living in a high crime area can affect renters coverage, or an area where theft is more likely, like close to a business, can actually increase your premiums. This is something to consider when you’re shopping for renters insurance in Louisiana.

How much do I need?

We will work with you to come up with an itemized list of all your personal property so we can determine the right amount of coverage. $20,000 is enough for most of our renters, but if you need more we will absolutely work with you and let you know how that will affect your premium and what your policy will look like.

Many different factors go into what you actually pay, including things like credit score and whether or not you filed a renters claim the past few years, and we know all these factors front to back. If there is a way we can work with you to help decrease your premium cost, we will gladly do that.

Can I get discounts?

Absolutely. Bundle discounts, for example – say you are looking for a renters insurance policy, and auto insurance policy, etc., are always favored by carriers. This means that if you open up multiple lines of insurance from the same carrier, you will save quite a bit on your monthly premiums. There are other options to save, including paid in full discounts and working with your landlord to install security devices on the property while you are renting it.

We want you to get Louisiana insurance quotes online because we want to connect you with the best possible policy. At Insurance Geek, we work to connect you with the best possible renters insurance policy in Louisiana at no obligation to you. We have seen just about every situation, and we love to talk to about your individual and specific needs to make sure we connect you with the right renters insurance policy of your choice. We can help! Fill out one simple form, and we’ll connect you with the best Louisiana policy today.