Renters Insurance Georgia: Cheapest, Best Quotes

Welcome to the Peach State! Whether you’re moving to Atlanta or Savannah, Georgia offers beauty, southern hospitality and charm, excellent universities and a rich cultural legacy you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

We’re committed to finding you the most competitive rates possible in Georgia. We also love bundling different insurance lines for our customers so they can save over time. Let’s find out more about how we can help you save on your renters premiums and how your renters insurance can offer you protection over time.

Do I have to have Renters Insurance in Atlanta?

Although no state law requires it, there are a number of reasons to makes sure you get renters insurance – even in Atlanta!

In the vast majority of cases, signing a lease requires renters insurance. The landlord does not want to be responsible for your property, so your best bet is to make sure you have the coverage you need.

The average rent for in Atlanta is $1396, increasing slightly annually. The fraction of renters by household is 37.12%, slightly higher than the national average but decreasing. Of course, Georgia’s rural areas are much cheaper, diminishing that average rent number by a great deal.

Generally, taking a look across all the available policies in Georgia, the average premium is typically right around $468. Keep in mind a variety of factors influence the actual cost of your insurance, and we’ll go into this more below. Much of what you’ll pay depends heavily on the amount of property you’d like to cover.

How much is renters insurance?

We recommend the following for the best renters coverage:

$2000 for Personal Property

When the worst happens, it pays to be prepared. No matter how significant or insignificant your property, surely you’ll miss it in the case of a loss or accident. Even a cheap renters policy can help replace your belongings, from those everyday items to things much harder to replace.

$100,000 for Medical Payments

If someone is injured on the property you’re renting, you could be held liable for that injury during the time you live in the house or apartment. If you’re found liable, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars. One hundred thousand in medical payment liability coverage ensures you’re protected.

$1000 for Loss of Use

It stands to reason that expenses increase if you don’t have ready use of your home. From meals out due to a lost kitchen to finding a place to shower or bathe when your bathroom facilities are unavailable, loss of use coverage offers valuable protection when you need it most.

Most renters insurance in the US runs anywhere from $15-30 a month. You can expect that your premium will be calculated based on how old the dwelling is and its construction materials (new homes are often made out of better materials and are up to code), whether or not there’s a business located on or near the premises where you live and even your pets. Certain breeds of dogs carry special liability and are seen as “aggressive” breeds. Size brings with it the tendency for the dog to do more damage, so make sure you disclose any pets to your agent.

Crime is another factor. If you live in a high crime area you could end up the victim of a break-in at a much higher likelihood than you might otherwise. Crime can also be higher in certain suburban areas. Also, note that your credit score is a factor – the higher your credit score, the more likely you’ll be able to pay rent on time, thus you’ll sustain rental of the property the policy is assigned to.

These are only a few factors – there are many many more to consider.

Here are some metro areas in Georgia, with a breakdown of potential coverage limits and premiums. Keep in mind these premium numbers cover an annual period.

  • Atlanta – Almost 250k coverage limit, average premium around 875
  • Augusta: 225 coverage limit, premium around 764
  • Savannah 272k coverage limit, average premium around 592
  • Albany less than 200k, average coverage limit 1222
  • Pooler, 300k, 507 average premium.

What is covered in Georgia?

In Georgia, you could experience flooding, insurance, sinkholes or earthquakes. Renters insurance might cover a flooded kitchen but does not cover an actual flood itself. Georgia also does have occasional tornadoes, especially in more rural inland areas. Coastal areas are subject to floods and hurricanes.

How much coverage do I need?

When you connect with your agent, the two of you will itemize your personal property to determine how much coverage you need. So much goes into how your premium is calculated that we often don’t like to quote averages. Either way, your agent will get you squared away with the best plan for your particular situation.

Often, the minimum coverage isn’t enough for some folks. Carriers tend to have coverage limits and those limits are different from state to state. If you have extra valuable items you fear may force you to exceed your policy numbers, make sure to declare those upfront as you itemize. Your agent can help you get extra coverage if needed, at an affordable rate.

Also, ensure you ask your agent about actual cash value versus replacement cost value in your insurance policy.

What type of discounts am I eligible for?

  • Advance quote discount: If you pay a day before the policy goes into effect, you may be eligible for this type of discount;
  • Burglar/security alarm discount;
  • Bundle discount (if you have auto or other types of insurance);
  • Pay in full discount

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