Alabama Renters Insurance Quote: Best, Cheapest Rates

Alabama’s a beautiful, picturesque place – whether you’re ready to Roll Tide or enjoy the green, rolling fields or sandy beaches on the gulf, Alabama has plenty to offer you and your family.

Whether we’re talking Tuscaloosa or Mobile, the northern part of the state or the Gulf area, Alabama is a great place to settle down whether with family or on your own.

Do I have to have Alabama renters insurance?

Even if Alabama state law doesn’t require it, most landlords want you to have some type of renters insurance before they lease the property to you. These days, even if your landlord or the state doesn’t require it, we encourage all renters to make sure they have the right amount of personal property and medical liability protection depending on their situation.

The average renters insurance in Alabama costs right around $245, with prices generally a little higher in metro areas like Birmingham, where there are more people and more opportunities for crime to occur. Additionally, Alabama cities with common weather issues may also see higher premiums.

Although we can give a national average or state average numbers, many different things go into the actual calculation of your renters insurance premium. Below, we will tackle some of those things and try to give you a better idea of how much you might pay next to the average based on your personal situation.

How much do I need to pay for Alabama renters Insurance?

We typically recommend a minimum of $25,000 in personal property insurance. This will cover any personal belongings of yours that are damaged in any kind of loss, including theft.

Medical payments liability for others: $100,000. We recommend medical liability insurance because if someone experiences an accident or injury in your home, you don’t want to have to pay for that liability straight out of your bank account. Working with an agent or company like us to establish a solid amount for medical liability will ensure you’re protected if something happens in your rental.

Loss of use: $10,000. If something happens to your home that restricts your access to basic living necessities, you may have to pay a little more out-of-pocket to get your basic living needs met. Loss of use coverage ensures that you have some protection in this regard so you’re not just paying out of pocket for those expenses.

Plenty of different things impact what you will pay for renters, including your credit score, whether or not there is a business on or near the premises, or close to your residence, crime rate, whether you’re living in the suburbs are a metro area, fire district, and many other factors. You may also pay higher rates if you have a restricted dog breed such as a pit bull or German Shepherd. These are just a few examples, but restricted breeds are outlined by carriers and these may vary between carrier to carrier.

Here’s a by city breakdown of some of the most popular places in Alabama where we write renters insurance policies:

  • Birmingham
  • Mobile
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Huntsville

What is covered in Alabama renters insurance?

Alabama is no stranger to inclement weather. It’s situated enough in the tornado belts that some tornadic activity is a possibility. Strong storms and hurricanes are also possible. You may remember Hurricane Katrina affecting the Gulf of Mexico, which in part included Alabama. As it’s just on the other side of Mississippi, whenever a hurricane hits the gulf Alabama will also experience some kind of effect, even if most of the damage is sustained by Louisiana and Mississippi, and it’s an abbreviated effect.

Because of this and many other factors that could put your belongings at risk, it’s incredibly important to get renters insurance in Alabama as soon as you sign a new lease, or to commit to a policy during price shopping. We also think it’s a good idea to have a conversation with your agent about RCV, or replacement cash value. You also need to understand ACV, or actual cash value. When you purchase something at its actual cash value, depreciation occurs over time. It may actually cost you more to replace the item that it would just take out the amount of money that would pay for the actual value of the item. We recommend working with replacement cash value when you take out renters insurance.

What kind of coverage should I get?

Always work with agents or companies like us to itemize your personal property, which includes making a list of all your personal property assets in a way that determines their total value. It’s important to include all your assets in this calculation, and not just the things you think are most valuable. The things you use for everyday living will need to be replaced in case of loss, so it’s important to do this.

Carriers typically have coverage limits for renters policies, and those limits will be different from state to state, based on the carrier. Always talk to us so that you can know the difference between these coverage limits per carrier and what you’re looking at.

Alameda Renters Discounts?

Carriers do love providing discounts, and they love it when you access multiple lines of insurance from them. If you need different types of insurance other than renters, getting that policy the same time you get your renters can allow you to save a percentage discount across the annual premium. This is definitely something you can talk to us about, as we’re experienced with writing these bundle policies through one carrier and can get you a quote for all the types of insurance you need at once.

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Looking for Alabama renters insurance? We can help.

We want to make sure you get the best possible insurance quote for your Alabama renters insurance policy, and we can help you there. We work with carriers across the US to bring the best possible renters protection at the most affordable rates, giving families like yours peace of mind knowing medical liability will be taken care of in the home and personal property will be protected. Talk to us today, and let us come up with an Alabama renters insurance quote that will help cover your property during the time that you need it most.