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Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance: The Basics

Tornado alley or not, along with Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and Nebraska – Oklahoma has a ton to offer.

There’s plenty to do, and families are set up for success with excellent schools. Their kids can even stay in state and become Sooners, attending the University of Oklahoma or OSU.

Oklahoma City is the city of bountiful shoreline and lakes, the cultural hub of museums and national heritage.

However, the weather is something to worry about in Oklahoma.

The state is the most dangerous in the US when it comes to tornado damage and risk, and the typical premium rates in Oklahoma tend to reflect this. While the state itself is relatively safe in terms of crime rate, etc., the tornado factor and frequent claims almost always push up the cost.


A “peril” is one of the most important terms for homeowners policies.

These are potential risks that could damage your property. For those perils that are included in your home insurance policy, you can file a claim, and the insurance company will reimburse your loss.

The most frequent claims for perils in the state of Oklahoma include:

  • Hail storms
  • Wind damage
  • Heavy rain
  • Tornado
  • Vandalism & theft (though these are rare compared to other ones)

To ensure that your coverage in Oklahoma offers enough protection, you should include all of these in your home insurance policy.

How Much Does Oklahoma Insurance Cost?

The homeowners insurance rate is multilayered and may vary based on many factors.

Here is information on the most influential factors:

Credit Score

If your credit score is positive, you have been punctual with your payments, and show a good financial history, insurance companies are likely to give you a lower rate based on your credit score.

Previous Claims

Previous claims show many losses you’ve reported over the past few years, and an insurance company will always have a look into them to assess whether your home is at a greater risk.

Insurance Companies

With many insurance companies in Oklahoma, not each company will offer the same price or have good customer service that will help you get the best rates. To secure you the best price on your coverages, we interact with the best companies.


There are multiple ways to qualify for discounts.

For instance, if you buy more kinds of insurance policies (let’s say, car insurance and home insurance) with the same insurance company, you will save up.

Also, the proximity to fire safety measures in your town or having fire and burglary systems installed may lower the cost.

What Kind of Policy Do I Need in Oklahoma?

When it comes to your homeowners insurance policy, you want to make sure that it has all the coverages you need to protect your home.

There are two main kinds of policies:

  • A NAMED policy, covering only those perils that have been clearly stated
  • An ALL PERIL policy, covering all the perils except the ones that have been clearly omitted

Out of the two, the former is always a better option for Oklahoma homeowners insurance.


ALL PERIL insurance coverage ensures that even in the event of snowstorms, deadly tornadoes, hail, supercells, heavy rain, or other natural disasters, homeowners in Oklahoma are covered.

This part of your policy can also protect against indoor catastrophes, such as a sewer or drains backing up inside that cause massive water damage to the inside of your home. Even the smaller leaks can be covered by homeowners insurance, so it’s important to have them.

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Discounts Available

With regard to Oklahoma homeowners insurance, there are plenty of ways to save. A PIF (Paid in Full) Discount can give you a savings percentage.

Our favorite way to save is bundling.

You may have seen some homeowners insurance commercials that speak to this topic. Getting home, life, car insurance, and other types of insurance from the same carrier and paying one lump sum can help you save on your premium over the long run.

Who Should Get Homeowners Insurance in Oklahoma?

Any homeowner! It doesn’t matter whether or not your homeownership is old, new, or you’re just looking for a better rate.

Though you may be used to the idea of going through tornado season in Oklahoma, the threat always looms large.

Having homeowners insurance ensures you’re covered in the worst catastrophe possible, no matter where you live in the state.

Also, having homeowners coverage is mandatory for the mortgage.

What Does Coverage in Oklahoma Include?

Not every home insurance will have the same structure, i.e., the same coverages.

You’ll find the information on policy features on the declarations page.

You should have the following home insurance coverage options:

Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

Dwelling coverage is the most important part of your homeowners insurance policy, and it accounts for the rebuilding and repair of the physical structure of your home.

In our experience, it should be based on the replacement cost of your house. The replacement cost is the amount that it would take to rebuild it at the present state, and not its market value.

We also have an article on the RCV, so check it out should you need more info about the actual vs. replacement costs.

Coverage B – Separate Structures

Coverage B entails all the structures that are detached from your house. Some examples are:

  • A swimming pool
  • A gazebo
  • A garage
  • A fence, etc.

You can also upgrade your policy for separate structures. For instance, say that you’ve had your swimming pool installed after you purchased home insurance. You can let us know about any gaps in your coverage, and we’ll make sure to connect you to the right companies.

Coverage C – Personal Property

In addition to your home and outside structures, your insurance policy covers your personal property items.

What precisely are personal property items?

Things like your clothes, appliances, and furniture.

Besides the basic personal property coverage, some insurance companies offer separate add-on policies for your most valuable possessions, such as jewelry or antiques. Safeco has Valuable Articles Coverage, and Nationwide Valuables Plus. Both companies are our partners.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage pays out for additional living expenses you may face when your home is uninhabitable for a certain period. These can range from costs for a place to stay to transportation and grocery bills.

Coverage E – Personal Liability

Personal liability coverage insures you against potential liabilities to other people. If a claim is made against you, you can use personal liability insurance to cover legal costs.

Coverage F – Medical Payments

Medical Payments defrays the medical bills for guests’ injuries on your property whether you have caused the accident or not.

What Does Your Home Insurance Policy Not Include?

Depending on your home insurance, you may wish to purchase separate or optional policies to get additional protection.

  • Water damages. For instance, if you want to get insured against water backup and other water-related damages, you would have to buy add-ons because your home insurance policy will not include flood insurance.
  • Car insurance (auto insurance). Auto insurance or car insurance is another important policy to consider if you want to secure all of your valuable assets. Plus, if you get it with the same insurance company, you’ll get discounts.
  • Life insurance. Life insurance is another layer of financial protection you should get. Our carriers offer comprehensive whole and term life insurance policies.
  • Earthquake coverage. Earthquake damage is also usually not covered by your policy and has to be purchased separately.
  • Identity theft coverage. Identity theft or identity fraud expense coverage is a cheap option and highly recommended due to the rising level of cybercrimes. It is also possible to insure your credit cards against any unauthorized payments.

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Oklahoma for Homeowners

Oklahoma homeowners insurance

Our customers come from all the biggest cities around the state, including:

  • Oklahoma City
  • Tulsa
  • Broken Arrow
  • Lawton
  • Moore
  • Edmond
  • Midwest City
  • Enid
  • Stillwater

They also come from the top suburbs for your dream home in Oklahoma:

  • Nichols Hills
  • Jenks
  • Piedmont
  • Tuttle
  • Norman
  • Owasso
  • Yukon
  • Bethany
  • Glenpool
  • Mustang
  • Mustang

We use partners Safeco and Nationwide to get our customers the most competitive rates possible. Our policies will fit your budget and take care of your basic needs. To begin, tell us your ZIP code and fill in the basic info in our tool!

Oklahoma Home Insurance: FAQ

Q: What is the average cost of homeowners insurance in Oklahoma?

A: Average home insurance rates in the state of Oklahoma are higher than the national average, at $2,559.

Q: Why is homeowners insurance so expensive in Oklahoma City?

A: In general, home insurance in Oklahoma City is more expensive than in some other places due to higher risks for your property. How much home insurance costs in Oklahoma City is determined by multiple factors, though, including the company from which you get your policy. We can find you the insurance company that offers the cheapest quotes for home insurance in Oklahoma City.

Q: Who has the best and cheapest homeowners insurance?

A: As of now, Nationwide and Safeco have the best options. In addition to excellent value-to-price ratio and diverse home insurance offer, customer satisfaction, customer service, and successful claims earned our trust with this company.

Final Words

Getting adequate protection for your family and home is an important step for your financial security and peace of mind.

Insurance Geek agents will find the best home insurance quotes in Oklahoma for you if you use our tool above!