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Reno, Carson City, Laughlin – all these incredible cities get a little hot in the summer and cool in winter but offer incredible short-term getaways as well as solutions for long-term living.

It is true that we are committed to connecting you to the best insurance companies in Nevada.

But we are also willing to take a step further – to help you protect your home, your family, and your hard-earned money!

Here, you’ll find a guide carefully compiled to assist you in your search for the best homeowners insurance in Nevada.

Nevada Home Insurance: The Basics

Filled with glorious desert landscapes, neighboring Utah and Oregon, and home to the great Mojave desert, you can be sure that Nevada has to offer more than gleam and glitter.

While many assume that the iconic “Sin City” is Nevada’s capital, this is not true – the capital is Carson City, named after Kit Carson, a famous mountaineer.

Like almost everywhere in Nevada, you can try your luck at their local casinos, but Carson City is a quaint, small city, unlike anything you’d normally expect.

The Silver State is also the home to the largest alpine lake – Lake Tahoe – where you’ll always find a top-notch restaurant or a dive bar to spend your free time in.

However, as of recently, Nevada’s climate has gotten a range of natural disasters occurring, like earthquakes, wildfires, hailstorms, and flooding.

Despite being portrayed as a “Sin City” state, Nevada enjoys a low crime rate, while the weather causes the most problems for homeowners. Keeping the risky factor of earthquakes and wildfires occurring, homeowners insurance companies offer premiums that reflect it best.


A “peril” is a term important to keep in mind when researching home insurance.

Perils are risk factors that affect what homeowners insurance companies include in your insurance policies. You can file claims for the perils that are covered in your insurance policy.

PERILS occur in your home when you least expect them. Whether we’re talking about hail, rain, ice, wind storms, tornadoes, dust storms, or severe weather, a peril can happen at any time.

Another peril we see quite often involves leaky pipes or sewer systems backing up into the home, which can destroy your home, your home value and leave you living in a hotel while it’s all fixed.

While you’re searching through home insurance policies, make sure that your homeowners insurance has all the necessary advantages to cover any potential property damage.

How are Premiums Determined in Nevada?

The easy answer is, it depends. The factors that go into your premium vary and differ from individual to individual.

Plenty of factors affect the rates that you will pay for your premium are, and they also change from carrier to carrier.

This is why we’ve made sure to have the most stable partners – Nationwide and Safeco – and we make sure to connect our clients only to the best rates available via our comparison service.

Commonly, what may impact your premium is your credit rating, whether or not you’ve had a home loss in the past few years, your municipal fire safety rating, the age of your home, and more.

Credit Score

As you look for the best homeowners insurance in Nevada, your credit score is the foundation that homeowners insurance companies will take into account when determining your premium.

The insurance company bases their professional opinion on your credit score. Use this to showcase that you are a reliable, punctual, and financially responsible customer.

To score a positive credit score, pay your bills on time and don’t stay in debt, and your insurance company will offer you insurance premiums at a more affordable price.

Condition of Your Home

The condition of your home also may impact the insurance rates that you will get. Your insurance cost depends on the construction material, the age of your home, along with the overall state of it.

Previous Claims

A homeowners insurance company can deduce many things based on the previous claims that have been made, among which are all the potential risks that have been signaled at before.

Previous claims showcase the losses you’ve previously reported and generally affect your insurance policy and your insurance rates.


As a homeowner, you may receive discounts on your policy by obtaining discounts through bundles. You can score lower insurance rates by combining more than one policy.

An interested customer can find multiple ways to score a lower home insurance policy: Buying insurance policies in bundles with the same company (e.g., life + home or car insurance) will earn you the below-average cost.

Also, having fire and burglar alarms installed may affect your discounts.

What is the Best Option for Home Insurance in Nevada?

Companies often offer products that seem intimidating, to say the least. As a customer, you need to be in touch with your agent before choosing right, as losses aren’t always easily calculable.

All those terms, conditions, and exclusions can get a bit confusing, can’t they?

So, the following is important to keep in mind: when choosing your homeowners insurance policy, you should always ask for the most suitable coverage options for you and your family. As they may vary from state to state, you should also consult an insurance agent about it.

To fully protect your property with high-quality, licensed insurance, get acquainted with the two types of policies:

A Named Policy

Insurance companies offer named policies that cover the perils stated and included in the policy. Although available in all states, named policies may vary from state to state.


ALL PERIL coverage kicks in when it needs to by protecting you against all perils except those that are explicitly omitted.

If you need to pay big expenses when the worst happens, you can make sure you’re protected against any peril. That’s why this type of policy is always preferred for Nevada.

Talk to your Insurance Geek agent when you get your quote about how we can help protect against any devastating financial loss due to the weather or other damaging catastrophe in your home.

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Can I get a Discount?

With Nevada homeowners insurance coverage, you CAN bundle and save.

Carriers want you to work through them exclusively if they can get you, so bundling home and auto insurance, home and life, etc. can really bring down your bill month over month.

Please see our comparison tool to get the best quotes and find the best insurance for Nevada homeowners.

Safety measures in your home, such as a burglar alarm, can also assist in getting discounts.

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Nevada for Homeowners

insurance companies in Nevada

Our customers who own property in Nevada come from all around the state, including the biggest Nevada cities:

  • Las Vegas
  • Elko
  • Reno
  • Carson City
  • Mesquite
  • Boulder City

And from the most populous suburbs in Nevada, too:

  • Henderson
  • Sparks
  • Spring Valley
  • North Las Vegas
  • Kingsbury
  • Enterprise
  • Paradise
  • Mogul
  • Winchester
  • Spanish Springs
  • Incline Village
  • Verdi
  • Whitney

Through our partners Safeco and Nationwide, we make sure that our customers get the home insurance rates at the best possible price.

Our home insurance policies will meet your budget plan and fulfill your expectations. Tell us your ZIP code and fill in the info to get started!

Who Needs Nevada Homeowners Insurance?

New homeowners, or those already in a home, should make sure they have this type of protection.

This is why we like to say that all homeowners need home insurance. Even though you’ve managed to go through extreme weather season unscathed, property damage is never something that you should leave up to mere chances.

Additionally, you want to keep in mind that having homeowners insurance is mandatory for your mortgage.

We carry through Safeco and Nationwide and are excited to partner with these carriers to get you some of the best rates possible.

As we navigate together through the particulars of your situation, we can address any of the issues listed above.

Even if, for instance, your credit score is a little lower than you’d like, we can still look at many beneficial bullets that can help you get a lower rate.

What Does Home Insurance Coverage Include?

Not every homeowners insurance is the same.

You can find the necessary info on policy features on its declarations page.

You might see this list of coverage options in your policy:

Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

The crucial point of your home insurance is the dwelling coverage. This part of your policy is essential for repairing and rebuilding the physical structure of your home.

Nevada homeowners should be aware that, according to our experience, the dwelling coverage amounts to the replacement cost of your home.

This is more thoroughly explained in our RCV article, which details the differences between actual vs. replacement value and answers all the questions that you have on this topic.

Coverage B – Separate Structures

Some examples of separate structures in your home insurance policy:

  • A mailbox
  • A garage
  • A gazebo
  • A fence

You can also upgrade your home insurance to fit the needs of your separate structures.

If you have an existing home insurance policy and had installed a separate structure to your home, you can easily include it.

Coverage C – Personal property

Are you wondering what falls under the category of personal property that your insurance can cover? We’re happy to answer that dilemma.

From clothing items, appliances to furniture, the list goes on and on; for more details, check our article on personal property.

Our partner companies, Safeco and Nationwide both offer policies for your valuables (think: heirloom, antiques, jewelry…). Our agents will be more than happy to assist you, as well as keep your valuables safe and insured.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

Should you find yourself in a situation where your home is unfit to live in for a certain period, loss of use coverage is there to shoulder your living expenses.

The living expenses that are included range from grocery bills and transportation to hotel rooms or apartments.

Coverage E – Personal liability

Homeowners insurance in Nevada makes sure that you stay protected even if a lawsuit is filed against you.

Personal liability insurance is there for you to use as a customer should you need to cover any legal expenses.

Coverage F – Medical Payments

If someone gets injured while on your estate, whether you caused it or not, any potential medical bills can be resolved by using the Medical Payments coverage.

What Does a Nevada Homeowners Insurance Policy not Include?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. For additional protection, you can obtain homeowners insurance that protects you from specific damages and extend your coverage options.

Insurance companies in Nevada offer the following forms of additional protection to your standard homeowners insurance:

Flood Insurance

Nevada homeowners insurance companies don’t offer flood insurance in standard premiums, which doesn’t mean you can’t get water damage protection.

As an inch of water can cause almost immeasurable damage to your home, it’s always nice to know you’re snug and protected from any potential risks. Both Nationwide and Safeco offer protection against drain and sewer backup and sump pump failure.

Car Insurance (or Auto Insurance)

An American family cannot allow themselves to go without car insurance, i.e., auto insurance. Car insurance is another safety measure that is of absolute necessity, as your vehicle is definitely a valuable asset that you’d want to be protected at all times.

Obtaining car insurance within the same insurance company will score you some nice discounts, too!

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity theft protection is a must-have in the 21st century. While it happens more often than one can dream of, identity theft insurance is recommended to those heavily involved with online work.

It’s also possible to get insurance for your credit cards and protect yourself against unauthorized purchases.

Home Insurance in Nevada: FAQ

Q: How much is homeowners insurance in Nevada?

A: The average Nevada homeowner pays around $1,020 when it comes to homeowners insurance. This is close to the national average. However, the price you will pay will depend on multiple factors as well as potential discounts. On our site, you can compare quotes and find the best option for you.

Q: What are the best home insurance companies in Nevada?

A: Based on the quality and variety of products, customer satisfaction, and response, Nationwide and Safeco are the best home insurance companies in Nevada. With stellar customer service, both companies offer discounts to their loyal clients, in addition to providing the best service and prices.

Final Words

Ensuring that your family has the best homeowners insurance and great coverage options is a mission that Insurance Geek is happy to undertake.

At our site, you can use the comparison tool to obtain quotes based on your ZIP code with no commitments, and we’ll match you with the best quotes out there!