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Nebraska Homeowners Insurance: The Basics

To find out how a Nebraska homeowners insurance policy can keep you and your property safe and protected, let’s go over the necessary basic information before choosing a plan and an insurance company.

Nebraska is good, flat, salt of the earth land – with beautiful, bustling metro areas like Omaha dotting the flat landscape. If you love crops, farming, and all things corn, Nebraska is a fantastic place to live.

Because of its unique placement with the Great Plains region, Nebraska is known for extreme temperature variations.

The Cornhusker State has close to 2 million residents with 66.1% of homeowners, a percentage that goes above the national average.

When it comes to homeowners insurance, homeowners in Nebraska pay above the national average cost to protect their property.

This is mainly because the state often faces extreme weather variations, as mentioned above.

Consequently, the rates of homeowners insurance are driven up. But be sure that you can find the best, most favorable quotes within insurance companies that can suit your needs the most here.

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How are Premiums Determined in Nebraska?

Plenty of factors determine what you’ll pay, so it’s a little difficult to come up with an average per carrier.

Your premiums depend on a variety of factors, including your credit score, whether you’ve run into past issues with home damage and home insurance claims, the variety of your home, its location, and more.

As well as  Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, Nebraska falls into the so-called tornado alley.

With this information in mind, average home insurance rates are known to be higher, but homeowners insurance is that much more necessary when you know the potential damages are in hindsight.

Having all that in mind, let’s go over the factors which are taken into account when premiums are determined by insurance companies:

Credit Score

An individual’s credit score plays one of the major roles when a premium is determined.

A home insurance company utilizes this data to analyze your financial report and formulate your premium.

This needn’t sound so scary and ominous, as a positive credit score can help you get premiums at a significantly lower rate.

If you want to boost your credit score and thus improve the necessary qualifications for lower insurance rates, you need to work on clearing your debts and keeping them at a minimum.

Being punctual and meeting your dues for bills can also aid in boosting your credit score.

Value of Your Home

When determining the overall value of your home, you may not be aware of all the factors that go inside that equation.

From building costs, materials, and the age of the property to its current state, homeowners insurance companies make sure that nothing goes unmentioned.

All of these factors together contribute to risk calculation and the overall status of your property and all its potential hazards.

Previous Claims

Previous claims affect the home insurance rates, too.

If claims have been filed previously for a certain property, insurance rates are higher.

The ratio that supports this decision is the fact that frequent claims are a signal to insurance companies that the property is at risk.


Insurance companies in Nebraska also allow you to receive discounts and save money.

You have numerous options when it comes to discount combinations, all of which are covered by our trusted carriers.

Bundle policies (e.g., auto or life + home insurance) allow for greater discounts and build trust between the companies and the customer.

What is the Best Option for Home Insurance in Nebraska?

Homeowners insurance companies offer you products that might seem a bit complicated at times.

What you need to have in mind are – home insurance rate, deductible level, claim success possibility, coverage levels. It can all, understandably, become a bit too much.

Choosing the best insurance company isn’t a task you should undertake on your own. Insurance Geek will grant you peace of mind and pair you up with long-term solutions.


In the homeowners insurance policy business, PERILS are home-damaging events, typically related to weather or a catastrophic event, that can damage your property.

Accidents and issues with weather can come out of nowhere at any time.

It’s crucial to understand all the perils that can affect your homeowners, so you’re covered in the event of an unavoidable issue. You can file a claim for those perils that are included in your policy. You’ll find them on your declarations page.

Some notable perils include:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire – your home will be given a fire safety rating determined by your proximity to fire plugs, a fire station, etc.
  • Tornadoes – as you likely know, the flat land of Nebraska is perfect for large, traveling tornadoes to cover great distances.
  • Catastrophic thunderstorms.
  • We also can’t forget leaky pipes that back up into the home and damage your overall structure.

A NAMED Policy

A named homeowners policy protects you from perils that are explicitly stated as encompassed by your policy.

Most commonly, homeowners obtain this kind of policy as an extension to the ALL PERIL policy or to cover some gaps because they see it fit that they need to bring something more to be insured.


When it comes to an ALL PERIL policy, it’s important to keep an eye out for what isn’t entailed by it, as it will be explicitly omitted. Other than that, all peril coverage accounts for all of the aforementioned perils.

In case there is weather-related damage done to your property, an ALL PERIL plan can aid you. This homeowners insurance can assist when you need it most – when something happens out of nowhere. That’s why this type is preferred amongst coverage options in Nebraska.

For a life with no surprises, you can contact our agents to help you determine the features of your policies!

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It seems downright impossible to calculate the approximate price of homeowners insurance.

Is all of this too tricky?

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We make sure to collaborate only with the most reliable and reputable carriers in the state – Nationwide, and Safeco.

Are Discounts Available?

Absolutely! We can help you by bundling.

We simply love a good discount, so getting more policies is always a good idea if you want to get premiums at a lower rate.

If you’re looking to get life or auto insurance as well, you can save a good bit on your premiums by running policies through the same carrier.

Use our easy quote form (on this page), and we’ll set you up with incredible rates you can get without feeling hounded.

It’s also possible to save money on home insurance if you already have installed fire or burglary alarms.

What Does Home Insurance Include?

While you’re searching for the best Nebraska home insurance, make sure that you know what your home insurance policy includes.

While the insurance companies might make it seem confusing, we’re here to help you see what’s included in your policy.

The breakdown of a homeowners policy usually looks something like this:

Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

What dwelling coverage really means is that this particular section of your policy specifically relates to the physical structure of your dwelling – home – that you want to insure.

Should anything happen to your property, the dwelling coverage portion of your policy makes sure that you are able to file a claim that will cover the costs of any replacements.

Damages to the property are caused by perils such as earthquakes, tornadoes, theft, or fire, and this is what the dwelling amount supports.

Coverage B – Separate Structures

Most commonly overlooked when it comes to insurance are the separate structures, which aren’t included in the property damage section under dwelling coverage.

These structures are still on your property, and they are still important, even though they aren’t technically a part of the house.

They, too, can be damaged, and to be honest, they know to be quite costly to repair. Separate structures include:

  • Garages,
  • Fences,
  • Sheds,
  • Gazebos,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Mailboxes,
  • Etc.

It’s common practice that our clients come back with requests to include separate structure coverage, especially after renovations are done on them.

Coverage C – Personal property

Home insurance companies allow you to insure not just your home but also what is in it – and that is fully accounted for by personal property coverage.

Furniture, appliances, and clothing all fall under the category that can be protected by personal property coverage.

Seeing as homeowners insurance in Nebraska can be very versatile, make sure to upgrade your home insurance policy to include items such as heirlooms, jewelry, and art.

Insurance Geek agents will do everything they can to find you add-on optional policies for valuables with your insurance provider. To find the best home insurance that includes coverage for all your property, make sure that our insurance agent is aware of things you hold precious.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

Should a situation arise where you are unable to utilize your home as you wish, homeowners insurance companies can help you out if you have the loss of use coverage included.

When your house is temporarily unavailable, your insurance company can reimburse you for living expenses, transportation, and even meals!

Coverage E – Personal liability

Personal liability is there to protect you against all sorts of unwanted situations that you might find yourself in.

We are all just humans, and we should recognize that accidents can happen.

If you injure someone or unintentionally damage their belongings, this part of your insurance can help you cover the damages if you are being sued.

Coverage F – Medical Payments

Lastly, this portion of your insurance pays the medical bills in case anyone is injured while on your property.

As we said before – accidents do happen – and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Does Home Insurance not Include?

Home insurance doesn’t include auto insurance and flood insurance. The case of homeowners insurance in Nebraska is no different.

Let’s explore the two options:

Auto Insurance

Car insurance or auto insurance is not covered by your standard homeowners insurance. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not needed.

Auto insurance is extremely important merely because of the fact that accidents do happen on the road.

From collisions, accidents, natural disasters occurring and damaging your car, just about anything can happen.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is not covered by homeowners policies and is always purchased separately through the National Flood Insurance Program.

This is not to say that you cannot get protected from water damages because you can get endorsement policies for water and drain backup and sump pump failure. Both Safeco and Nationwide offer these additional policies.

Who Should Get Homeowners Insurance?

To make it simple, anyone living in a home should make sure they’re protected with homeowners insurance.

The potential loss of your home is no small matter, so even if you have to price shop a bit, it makes sense to ensure you’re protected.

To put it plainly, if you are searching through insurance companies in Nebraska, it’s already a good sign that you need insurance for your home.

Keep in mind that mortgage companies also demand that you provide proof of insurance. Even without the given condition, home insurance will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Whether you’re a completely new homeowner, or an existing one looking to upgrade your policy, we are here for you.

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Nebraska for Homeowners


Homeowners from Nebraska that are most interested in homeowners insurance coverage options come from all around the state, including the biggest cities:

  • Omaha
  • Lincoln
  • Grand Island
  • Kearney
  • Fremont


The best suburbs in Nebraska to own a home are:

  • Bennington
  • Papillion
  • Gretna
  • Hickman
  • La Vista
  • Chalco
  • Plattsmouth
  • Bellevue
  • Seward

We carry homeowners insurance coverage through Nationwide and Safeco, two excellent providers who work with us to ensure homeowners just like you get the best possible rates.

To find your unique cost of homeowners insurance, tells us your ZIP code, and we’ll help you score the best homeowners insurance provider!

Home Insurance in Nebraska: FAQ

Q: What is the average annual cost of homeowners insurance in Nebraska?

A: At the moment, the average annual minimum is around $1,500 for home insurance in Nebraska. This is above the average annual home insurance costs for other states. However, your home insurance will depend on many closely related factors, including the property type and home value, the year of construction, the quality of your foundation, etc.

Q: What are the best insurance companies in Nebraska?

A: The best insurance companies to find in Nebraska are Nationwide and Safeco.  The two companies offer the best value for the money and have excellent customer service that will provide you with all the information you need. Keep in mind that average home insurance costs a lot, and you need to go over with a trusted agent who will give you all the necessary tools to mandate the best premium.

Final Words

Getting home insurance in Nebraska is one of the most important decisions you can make. A crucial step towards keeping your home safe and protected.

As home insurance rates can be intimidating and confusing,  Insurance Geek will help you go through the process unscathed.

We’ll make sure that you know all of your coverage options, find the best customer service, and get a quote that is both appealing and affordable.

The home insurance coverage and insurance policies offered by our carriers will result only in the best home insurance!