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Missouri Home Insurance: The Basics

Missouri is a cornerstone state of the American midwest, with lush green fields, rolling hills, and incredible historical towns like Saint Louis, Joplin, and Kansas City.

Its continental position means this state borders as many as seven states: Iowa, IllinoisKentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, OklahomaKansas, and Nebraska.

The Chiefs are a much-beloved sports team, and tree-lined suburbs in the state are a fine place to set up a home.

Missouri’s owner-occupied housing currently sits at around 66.9%. The crime rate in urban areas of the state pushes Missouri’s number higher than the national average, which in turn affects the cost of homeowners premiums.

Missouri tops out at 530 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which is higher than the national average. Crime aside, things like hail, tornadoes, and other catastrophic weather issues can cause major problems for Missouri homeowners.


In our vertical, a PERIL refers to anything that could damage your property, no matter how significant.

They are also known as risks. Your home insurance policy should contain those perils that may potentially affect your house.

You can file claims for those perils that are included in your coverage options, and insurance companies will reimburse you for the damages that occurred due to covered perils.

Some notable perils to mention in Missouri include:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Hail
  • Tornadoes
  • Fire
  • Wind damage

Therefore, you should make sure that your home insurance in Missouri covers all of these perils so that you can file claims for them. You can find more info about what’s included in your policy on the declarations page.

We can help you find the homeowners insurance company that has the right policy for you.

How are Premiums Determined in Missouri?

Home insurance rates may vary with different home insurance companies, as well as the location of your house.

We’ve already explained why home insurance policies insurance rates in Missouri may be slightly higher than in some other states.

But how much you’ll pay for home insurance in Missouri is based on many more factors:

How much your dwelling is worth

Home insurance rates largely depend on the value of your house. The age of your home, as well as the materials and its current state, affect this amount. It is also known as the replacement cost, the amount that it would take for your home to be rebuilt or repaired.

If you want to learn more about the term replacement cost and how it is different from the actual cash value (i.e., market value) of your property, read our article that delves deeper into these terms.

Your credit score

A good credit score can save you a lot on homeowners insurance in Missouri. It shows homeowners insurance companies that your payment history is positive and that you are a reliable customer.

Simply put, an insurance company wants to make sure that you will be able to pay your premium and deductible.

To boost your credit score, you should make sure that you have paid out credit accounts and loans.

Any previously filed claims

If claims have been filed before on your property, an insurance company may give you a higher premium.


Well, frequent claims indicate to insurance companies in Missouri that your home may be at a greater risk.


Our customers can qualify for a variety of discounts.

In our experience, the best way to earn a discount is to get multiple kinds of insurance policies with the same insurance company. These can be, for instance, life and auto insurance in addition to the homeowners policy.

Whether or not the property has a burglar alarm

If you already have a burglar or fire alarm, an insurance company may be willing to give you a lower rate because the risks from these two perils are lower.

These are just a few to mention.

Ultimately, everyone has a different situation with different needs, so it’s best to contact us so we can address yours!

What is the Best Option for Home Insurance in Missouri?

Browsing through insurance products may seem overwhelming at times, with so many kinds of insurance policies to choose from.

That’s why we’ve decided to get you acquainted with the two basic kinds of policies: a named and an all peril one.

A NAMED home insurance policy includes only those perils that are explicitly stated and no others. Our customers usually get this kind of coverage to fill in some missing gaps in their existing insurance policy. We can help you assess whether your insurance covers all that you need.

But the best possible way to make sure you have the maximum protection possible for your property from all perils is to take a look at an ALL PERIL policy. This type of policy can help ensure you’re covered throughout all of the abovementioned perils relevant for Missouri because it covers them all unless one is explicitly omitted. That’s why we would recommend getting this type of homeowners insurance policy in Missouri.

Get Home Insurance Quotes Today

Homeowners insurance companies in Missouri take a look into a lot of factors to determine your price. It may seem difficult to get an approximate estimate of how much you would pay.

That’s why we’ve come up with a way to make it easier for our customers.

Check out our pricing tool!

You can get a quote if you tell us some basic info such as the state of your home, your ZIP code, and the address of your property.

Our agents will contact the insurance companies directly and obtain home insurance rates for you.

We work with carriers via our Fat Agent app to get you the best homeowners insurance quotes in Missouri.

Also, we won’t spam you with calls and messages. You’ll only need to enter your info once, and we’ll use it to find an insurance company for you. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Discount Types

Carriers are happy to give loyalty discounts, and there are many ways to get one!

Paying in full upfront, opening multiple lines of insurance, etc. – all these things are a factor in the types of discounts you’ll get.

If you get more kinds of policies – for example, auto insurance (car insurance) and home coverage – with the same insurance company, you’ll get discounts.

So, always let us know about all the kinds of protection you wish to obtain.

Let’s see what we can save you today!

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Missouri for Homeowners

Missouri home insurance

Our customers who are getting homeowners insurance in Missouri come from all over the state, regardless of the ZIP code.

Many of them are from the biggest cities in the state:

  • Jefferson City
  • Kansas City
  • Saint Louis
  • Columbia
  • Springfield
  • Independence
  • Lee’s Summit
  • O’ Fallon
  • St. Joseph

Also, in our experience, many homeowners opt for living in the suburbs, where the insurance rate is lower.

Here are the top metro suburbs in Missouri for homeowners:

  • Webster Groves
  • Des Peres
  • Richmond Heights
  • Chesterfield
  • Olivette
  • Wildwood
  • Town and Country
  • Crestwood
  • Creve Coeur
  • Clayton
  • Kirkwood
  • Maplewood
  • Manchester
  • Maryland Heights
  • Ballwin
  • Brentwood

We offer homeowners insurance quotes through Nationwide and Safeco, reputable insurance providers that have home insurance available in all states. Our policies in the state of Missouri include a competitive home insurance rate.

Who Should Get Missouri Homeowners Insurance?

Any homeowner will need homeowners insurance in Missouri.

If you have just become a homeowner, you’ll want to make sure that you get adequate protection for your family and home.

And if you are an existing homeowner, you may wish to switch policies for lower rates or obtain other types of coverage. If you share your policy with us, we will make sure to help you find what works best for you!

Also, homeowners insurance is mandatory and required by your mortgage lender because they’ll want to make sure that your home can be completely rebuilt in the event of an accident.

What Does Home Insurance Coverage Include?

What does home coverage in a policy look like?

Your home insurance coverage options differ, but there are basic types that most policies have.

If you take a look at the structure, you’ll see that your policy features and what claims you can make:

Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

Dwelling coverage is the part of your insurance that accounts for claims on the actual physical structure of your home – including the walls, roofing, etc.

The dwelling amount of your policy depends on the value of your home. Dwelling coverage limits should cover the cost of a complete reconstruction of the whole structure.

Coverage B – Separate Structures

In addition to your home, you’ll want to secure those structures that aren’t physically attached to it but are still part of your property and thus vulnerable to the same perils.

These can include:

  • Fences
  • Garages
  • Gazebos
  • Pools
  • Mailboxes

Homeowners often wish to upgrade their policy after installing separate structures. Let us know if that’s what you seek!

Coverage C – Personal Property

You may be surprised to learn that your home insurance also protects your belongings – not just the structures of your home. Personal property coverage can reimburse the expenses for their damage.

All of these are things that can get damaged inside your home – furniture, appliances, clothes, dishes, and so on.

And if you want to protect your most valuable items, insurance companies can provide you with optional add-ons that surpass the limits for personal property coverage. For instance, Nationwide has a Valuables Plus deal, and Safeco has their Valuable Articles Coverage. Both options are excellent for protecting your jewelry, antiques, and collectibles.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

Loss of use insurance kicks in when you are unable to live in your home for a temporary period – say, while it is being repaired or rebuild.

It’s inevitable that you will face excessive bills, such as paying for transportation, a place to stay, or even going to restaurants more often.

This part of your policy pays for all of those additional expenses incurred.

Also, loss of use coverage is usually 30% of your dwelling amount. To file a claim, you should keep the bills that prove you are facing additional costs during a certain period.

Coverage E – Personal Liability

In case you or your family members are found legally responsible for a bodily injury or property damage to someone else, personal liability coverage will protect you.

Personal liability pays out for attorney and other defense costs and medical fees for injuries you cause.

And if that is not enough for your needs, you can get personal coverage against libel and slender, too, as an add-on.

Coverage F – Medical Payments

Coverage F is similar to Coverage E in terms of protecting you and your family if an accident happens on your insured property.

However, unlike with personal liability coverage, you don’t have to be found guilty of an accident.

Simply put – if any of your guests gets injured while on your property, this part of your policy will cover the medical bills.

What Isn’t Included in Your Home Policy?

Albeit homeowners insurance is absolutely necessary to protect your home, sometimes it won’t encompass all the nuances of insurance you need.

Here are some other insurance products you could consider. Our experience has shown that the following have proven to be the most useful to our customers in addition to homeowners insurance:

  • Life insurance

Our carriers have excellent term and whole life policies, and the process of getting a policy is easier than ever if you use our life insurance quote tool.

  • Car insurance (auto insurance)

Car insurance (also called auto insurance) is another policy we would recommend to any vehicle owner. Above all, having car insurance means that you and your passengers are protected on the road, but it also protects your car while it’s parked outside of your home or in the garage. Our carriers also have great auto insurance options, and you can use our calculator to generate cheap quotes for car insurance.

  • Identity theft coverage

With cybercrime on the rise, there’s another type of coverage that is becoming more and more popular: identity theft coverage. It makes identity restoration much easier in case your personal info gets stolen. You can also get coverage for your credit cards and protect yourself against unauthorized transactions.

  • Flood insurance

Your homeowners policy will not feature flood insurance, as it is a product that has to be purchased separately. However, not having flood insurance doesn’t mean that you can’t protect yourself from water-related damages. Both of our carriers for home insurance in Missouri, Nationwide and Safeco, a Liberty Mutual company, have endorsements you can add for water backup damage and sump pump failure.

Home Insurance in Missouri: FAQ

Q: What are the best insurance companies in Missouri?

A: You can get the cheapest homeowners insurance in Missouri from Nationwide and Safeco. The fact that they are the best stems from much more than the affordable rates. These two companies have various high-quality insurance products available in all states, and they have been in the business for a long time. What made us partner with them is their experience, customer satisfaction, successful claims, and cheap quotes.

Q: How much is home insurance in Missouri?

A: The average cost of home insurance in Missouri is $1,424, which is slightly above the national average in the U.S. However, the homeowners insurance rate depends on more than one criteria, including the value of the property, previous claims, your credit score, coverage limits, etc. You can generate quotes if you use our quote tool and get an estimate of how much you would pay for homeowners insurance in Missouri.

Final Words

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We hope that our guide helped you learn all that you needed to know before you get your insurance.

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