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We’re big fans of Mississippi, and who wouldn’t be? From Gulfport to the northern part of the state, there’s plenty to explore and plenty to do.

It may be a tough word to spell, but it’s a fantastic place to work, grow up, and raise kids. It’s quiet, relatively low-crime, and just an overall easy place to live in.

To ensure that your property is protected, a homeowners insurance policy at an affordable insurance rate will save you a lot of time and money.

Wherever your ZIP code puts you in Mississippi, we’ll make sure that you get the best homeowners insurance there is.

Mississippi Home Insurance: The Basics

Nested in the Deep South of the United States, Mississippi is the brimming spot of history, literature, music, and rich national heritage.

The Magnolia State is known far and wide for its hospitality as well as the traditional southern cuisine that is bound to blow your mind.

Today, the Mississippi River singlehandedly carries a large part of the Midwest’s economy, in addition to being a potent historical landmark.

Besides its rich and vivid historically significant heritage, Mississippi is beloved among outdoor lovers precisely for its abundance of forests, beaches, and swamps.

However, along with Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, Mississippi falls under the small-area tornado alley.

Research shows that the overall crime rate in Mississippi is below the national average. However, it’s the capital city, Jackson, that has one of the highest crime rates nationally.

With all of this information affecting home insurance quotes and rates, our team will do whatever it takes to obtain the most affordable home insurance policy for you!


It’s always useful to know a term or two while browsing for adequate home insurance.

A “peril” signifies a potential risk that should be included in your homeowners insurance policy.

You may be wondering – why? Well, you can file claims for the included perils of your home insurance, and the insurance company will reimburse you for any losses that you may experience.

Amongst the most important documents, it’s vital to single out the declarations page of your policy, as it will contain all the necessary info on perils.

It’s important to keep in mind that Mississippi is no stranger to inclement weather.

Devastating hurricanes and inland tornadoes can cause a ton of damage to property, as well as putting life and limb at peril.

Most of us remember Hurricane Katrina. As a coastal state, Mississippi residents also face hurricanes and other violent storm issues.

Along with the natural disasters, perils that you should think about including in your homeowners policy are:

  • Water damage, since Mississippi is a low-lying state, thus prone to frequent water damages
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Wind damage

Now that you are armed with the necessary information about perils, you’re ready for the next knowledge boost.

What Kind of Home Insurance Do I Need in Mississippi?

The first step while shopping for homeowners insurance policy is taking into account all the coverages that you will need to fully protect – not only your property but also your household.

The two types of insurance policies are a named policy and an all peril policy.

From these two coverage options, the latter is always your safest bet. As customer satisfaction is always in our top priorities, we want to ensure that our customers are properly taken care of.

Let’s break the two down for easier understanding:

A NAMED Policy

Homeowners in Mississippi should know that a named policy covers the costs of only the clearly stated and included perils. Home insurance companies offer a diverse range of named policies, from which you can pick and choose.

The most common usage of named policies is that homeowners ask for them as fillers in their existing insurance or if they want to cover something additionally.


If you decide to get what’s known as ALL PERIL coverage, you can rest assured you’re covered from devastating property loss.

In Mississippi, perils can include anything from tornadoes to wind to hail and internal issues due to sewer and drain backups.

All peril coverage is important for our customers’ peace of mind, so we always make sure to discuss it when relevant.

Even if the most devastating scenario befalls you – tornadoes, hailstorms, wind storms, or any natural disaster imaginable – an all peril policy will protect you.

As it was previously mentioned, Mississippi is a low-lying state, which means that indoor catastrophes fall into the equation as well.

Both sewer leakage or drains backing up are common occurrences that cost a lot to cover singlehandedly – which is why an all peril policy is worth considering.

How are Premiums Determined in Mississippi?

The cost of Mississippi homeowners insurance is higher than in other areas of the country due to its coastal location.

If insurance in Mississippi seems a bit overpriced, bear in mind that it is close to the national average and that as a homeowner, you won’t be spending a small fortune like you would in Texas.

You’ll find that the crime rate may contribute to higher insurance rates in the larger metro areas like Jackson and Biloxi.

But location is not the only factor that determines your premium. There are much more.

So, let’s dissect what it takes to determine a premium from the point of insurance companies in Mississippi:

Credit Score

Your credit score reflects your relationship with money, which is something homeowners insurance companies want to inspect.

Having a positive credit score means that you have been on time with covering your expenses and that you have a stable financial background. Therefore, insurance companies are likely to provide you a lower premium rate.

Homeowners who want to boost their credit score can be more punctual with paying their bills as well as paying down credit cards’ balance to keep them in order.

Remember that your credit score can always be improved, and don’t despair if it needs a little boost!

The Value of Your Home

The value of your home isn’t the same as the market value.

Your insurance company will determine the value of your home judging by its current state, including the construction costs, materials, and age. This is the replacement cost value of your home.

Well-maintained property can also help score a lower premium.

Claims Filed Before

Previously filed claims indicate all of the damages you’ve reported over the years. An insurance agent will look through them and assess the risk that your home carries, so the company will determine your premium based on that fact, too.


To obtain lower insurance rates, you can use the advantage of discounts!

Homeowners insurance companies have a number of ways to allow their customers to score on discounts.

Combining two or more insurance products (like home insurance and life or auto insurance) with the same insurance company will lower the overall price.

Check out our free quote tool on this page, and let us connect you with a solution that you can afford!

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Can I Get Discounts?

The sky’s the limit here – bundling can help you save and is a great way to have all your insurance needs taken care of.

Carriers want your business, so buying different types of policies through them can always help you save.

There are also new home and claim-free discounts. The more you’re able to prove to your insurance company that you can take care of personal obligations such as maintenance required by HOA or a mortgage, the less of a risk you’ll be.

Like any other company, homeowners insurance coverage companies don’t want to take the risk of insuring you if they feel you may not be able to pay your premiums in the future.

Who Should Get Homeowners Insurance in Mississippi?

Homeowners statewide, no matter their ZIP code, should get homeowners insurance in Mississippi.

Even if you’re capable of making it through tornado season, you shouldn’t be putting yourself through any amount of stress.

Whether you’re looking for completely new homeowners insurance, or you want to renew, extend, or even add more to your existing one, we’re here to lend you an ear for all of your concerns.

Homeowners insurance means that you’re covered in the event of a major disaster, no matter where you’re located in the state.

Also, you won’t be able to apply for a mortgage without home insurance.

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Mississippi for Homeowners

With the mighty river flowing through the state, the picturesque cities of Mississippi offer the urban experience as well as affordable homeowners insurance.


Our customers come from all around the state, including:

  • Jackson
  • Biloxi
  • Tupelo
  • Southaven
  • Hattiesburg
  • Gulfport
  • Ocean Springs
  • Meridian
  • Olive Branch
  • Greenville
  • Horn Lake
  • Oxford


Many of our customers are looking to settle down in the suburbs, where everything is generally cheaper – including the cost of housing and homeowners insurance.

You can find some of the cheapest homeowners insurance rates in the suburbs.

Here are some of the top suburbs in Mississippi:

  • Madison
  • Ridgeland
  • Flowood
  • Clinton
  • Brandon
  • Pearl
  • Florence
  • Richland
  • Raymond

What Does Home Insurance Coverage Include?

For a comfortable life in your Mississippi home, talk to your insurance providers to secure the best insurance policies for you.

To tailor it specifically to your needs, you should get acquainted with different coverages.

Standard policy structure includes homeowners coverage listings such as:

Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

Perhaps the most important part of your home insurance policy is the dwelling coverage.

This part of your homeowners insurance accounts for the rebuilding costs of the physical parts of your home.

Therefore, dwelling coverage should be founded on the replacement cost of your home.

To put it plainly, replacement cost translates into the funds necessary to rebuild your home, corresponding to its present state value, and not its market value or actual cash value.

Coverage B – Separate Structures

Another one of your coverage options includes the possibility to insure separate or detached structures.

You might wonder how important this section of your homeowners insurance is at all. But our clients often want to add a thicker layer of security onto their property after one of the structures has been damaged, and it’s a wise move.

Gazebos, swimming pools, garages, and mailboxes are all considered separate structures which aren’t easy to replace or repair once damaged.

Coverage C – Personal Property

Your standard policy includes personal property damage coverage – a necessity for your homeowners, mobile home, or renters insurance, as it secures your personal items.

Most commonly, perils that are known to affect your house can affect your personal property, too.

Items that you can insure under this coverage include furniture, appliances, clothing, and many more.

However, you should be conscious of the fact that this insurance doesn’t cover misplaced or lost property.

Also, for securing your precious jewelry or antiques, our insurance providers have different products that offer higher limits for personal belongings.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage protects you in unimaginable scenarios.

Say that your premises are currently uninhabitable due to renovations, or you had to vacate it and cannot use it over a period of time because a fire happened.

The good news in all of this is that you can file for loss of use coverage.

Your additional living expenses (grocery store bills, utilities, restaurant bills, rental) can be paid and encompassed by this part of your standard insurance.

Coverage E – Personal Liability Coverage

Home insurance companies offer this type of coverage in the event that you have a claim made against you.

Personal liability coverage will cover you or your family members in case you cause a bodily injury or personal property damage to someone. This part of your insurance coverage will cover legal expenses that you might encounter.

Coverage F– Medical Payments Coverage

And, ultimately, medical payments coverage is part of homeowners insurance policies used in the event that someone gets injured on your property, regardless of the fact how the injury has happened.

What Isn’t Included?

Homeowners insurance in Mississippi offers additional coverage options. These include separate policies (or add-ons) and other types of insurance you might want to consider.

Our agents can get you various insurance products that can protect you in different scenarios:

Flood Insurance

Seeing as Mississippi is a low-lying state, flood and indoor floods are common, which is precisely what shocks most people when they find out that flood insurance isn’t encompassed. It has to be purchased separately.

However, both Safeco, a Liberty Mutual company, and Nationwide offer add-ons that protect you against water damages (drain and sewer backup, sump pump failure, etc.). We are partnered with these home insurance companies and can secure you the best rates.

Auto Insurance (Car Insurance)

Insurance companies in Mississippi offer auto insurance that you should consider getting.

Auto insurance is another opportunity to put all of your valuables on maximum security mode.

It can also cover roadside assistance should you need it and will protect your vehicle and passengers under all circumstances.

Plus, as mentioned before, auto insurance can earn you additional discounts that can save you cash with affordable home insurance rates.

Identity Theft Coverage

Identity theft protection can be obtained through our carriers, as well.

A rather cheap option for one of the most valuable insurance products, identity theft insurance makes sure that you are protected in case you fall victim to cybercrime.

There’s also an option to protect your credit cards from unauthorized and suspicious payments.

Keep in mind that our customer service is always there to give you any advice regarding additional coverage options that you might need.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

We are always ready to point out new ways in which you can obtain discounts that could lower your insurance rates and allow you to score a more affordable annual premium.

Home Insurance in Mississippi: FAQ

Q: Who has the cheapest homeowners insurance in Mississippi?

Homeowners insurance companies in Mississippi that have the cheapest home insurance rates are Nationwide and Safeco. With stellar reviews when it comes to customer service, customer satisfaction, and home insurance products, our partner carriers have made themselves prominent while keeping the established level of quality and trust.

Q: How much is the average cost or annual premium for home insurance in Mississippi?

The average cost of insurance in Mississippi is $1,550 per year. It is worth mentioning that the price of the annual premium is above the national average. However, insurance providers determine premiums based on many factors, like property value, age, and construction materials. Remember that our agents and our customer service are always there to help you navigate the world of discounts so that you can obtain the best insurance rates available in all states.

Final Words

Choosing the right home insurance in Mississippi is one of the most beneficial decisions that you can make.

Insurance Geek will help you obtain the best insurance rate.

Above all, we’ll make sure that you are well informed about your options and that the quote your get matches your standards and needs.