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Iowa Home Insurance: The Basics

Before we find the tailored home insurance policy for you, we should dive into some basic terms and information about the state.

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, Iowa could be calling! Iowans are moving back by the bustle after leaving the state for educational and family reasons, and one look at the data will show you why.

The cost of living is lower than average, and the pounding city traffic isn’t an issue here.

It’s all laid-back, solid family living, without the painful back and forth commutes that you’ll find in other cities. Even St. Louis in Missouri has that hustle and bustle Des Moines doesn’t – we truly love the smaller towns in Iowa for what they offer.

Iowa’s violent crime rates are lower than 15% of the national median- see, we really meant it when we said ‘quieter and slower.’

The type of living you’ll encounter in Iowa is slow, peaceful, and generally harmonious. Small towns like Orange City, Independence, and Norwalk have very little crime at all. You’ll find most crime, whether property or violent, occurs in metro areas.

Like other states in the midwest – such as Michigan, Nebraska, and Missouri, Iowa does see its share of harsh winter storms, hail, and tornadoes, so it’s a good idea to make sure your homeowners insurance product is right for you and protects your house against the weather damage.


The worst can always happen, whether we plan for it or not.

PERILS are damages that could occur within your home due to weather issues or other internal damages.

For example, we often see storm or drainage systems backing up into homes in a way that causes significant damage.

These are the types of incidents homeowners experience but never plan on, so it’s important to make sure you’re covered no matter what.

The most common perils for the state of Iowa include:

  • Wind damage
  • Hail
  • Winter storms
  • Tornadoes
  • Fire
  • Water backup

You can file a claim for the perils included in your insurance policy, and the insurance company will assess whether you have suffered a loss due to a covered peril. If so, you will receive the reimbursement.

How are Premiums Determined in Iowa?

As mentioned, the homeowners insurance rate may vary by the state you live in, but there are many other things that will affect the price.

Your homeowners coverage can be different from the next person’s. Credit score, previously reported losses – all these things factor into what you will pay.

Here are some main factors that may affect the cost of your premium:

Value of your house;

This factor encompasses materials your home is made from, the home age, and the general condition of it.

It serves to determine the replacement cost value (RCV), i.e., the money needed to rebuild or repair your home in the event of an accident.

Your credit score;

Your financial history will also affect the premium. The reason is simple – homeowners insurance providers want to ensure that you are a reliable customer who will be able to pay out the policy obligations, such as the deductible.

Potential for damage;

Where you live in Iowa will determine the potential for damage.

Also, the cost of premiums depends on a variety of factors, but fire risk is one of the most common.

Your proximity to a business (due to the possibility of theft), to fireplugs, a firehouse, and other fire safety factors, whether or not the weather is a significant risk in your area – all these things factor into premiums.

But another thing that the insurance company will consider here is whether any claims have been already filed for a property. If your house frequently gets damaged due to perils, it might drIve the rate of your home insurance product up.


With a good insurance company, there’s always a possibility to qualify for discounts.

So, if you decide to bundle up policies and get more coverages at once (e.g., life + home insurance), you will earn discounts.

Our services include finding you the best price for the product you need, so we’ll make sure to try and find you discounts.

What is the Best Option for Home Insurance in Iowa?

Your Iowa home insurance should, above all, protect you against all perils that present a potential threat to your house and family.

But with so many different products and homeowners insurance companies, how do you choose what kind of policy do you need?

Let’s see.

The most common kinds of homeowners policies are named and all peril coverages.

NAMED Policy

NAMED policies account only for those perils that are explicitly listed on the declarations page.

Homeowners usually get these products to fill in gaps in their existing home policy.

That said, Insurance Geek can assess your policy if you share it with us, and our agents can help you determine whether you need additional coverage (or if we can find you lower rates).


ALL PERIL policies, on the other hand, offer coverage for ALL perils except those that are explicitly omitted.

No matter whether we’re talking about thunderstorms, tornadoes, wind or hail damage, or winter storms that wreck the local landscape AND your property, being covered is just the smart thing to do.

ALL PERIL coverage can protect you by covering loss in many of the abovementioned situations that may happen in Iowa.

Get Home Insurance Quotes Today

It’s a lot of information to take in – isn’t it? Plus, there is a myriad of homeowners insurance companies to choose from.

We know that shopping for home insurance can get overwhelming, so we’ve decided to make it easy for our customers:

We are licensed insurance agents working with top homeowners insurance carriers, and we can get you free instant quotes for your homeowners insurance policy in Iowa.

To get a quote, all you need to do is use our quote tool and give us some basic info about you, such as your ZIP code, address, and what insurance products you are looking for.

It will take around a minute to fill it in, and then we will generate the quotes from multiple home insurance companies for you.

Our customer service can help you with further navigation and any questions you may have regarding your future policy.

What Discounts are Available?

Saving on your Iowa homeowners insurance is easy when you bundle.

Finding several different types of insurance and bundling them together in one monthly payment can help you save overall. You can also earn discounts when you pay in full.

Check out our quote tool on this page and find even more ways to save with our services!

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Iowa for Homeowners

Iowa home insurance quotes

Our experience tells us that our customers come from all around the state of Iowa, regardless of the ZIP code.

Here are some of the largest cities they come from:

  • Des Moines
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Sioux City
  • Davenport
  • Iowa City
  • Ankeny
  • Ames

You should know that prices for homeowners insurance are lower in the suburbs.

Here are some of the top suburbs in Iowa:

  • University Heights
  • Mt Vernon
  • Bettendorf
  • Waukee
  • Mount Vernon
  • Urbandale
  • Johnston
  • North Liberty
  • Marion
  • Bondurant
  • Grimes
  • Norwalk
  • Indianola
  • West Des Moines
  • Clive
  • Coralville

We offer Iowa homeowners through our relationships with our carriers: Nationwide and Safeco. We find these carriers to be the best in class for our customers.

Insurance Geek works with your budget and needs to create the best possible premium situation for you!

Who Should Get Iowa Homeowners Insurance?

ANY homeowner should have insurance coverage – whether you have just both your house or you own it for some time.

Although the state laws do not oblige you to have homeowners insurance, your mortgage lender will.

But above all, having that peace of mind that you are prepared for any situation and that you and your family cannot be set back financially is irreplaceable.

What Does Home Insurance Coverage Include? 

Home insurance coverage options may vary with the particular policy that you get and with your insurance company.

Most likely, your policy features:

  • Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

The dwelling amount covers the physical structure of the home, and it includes everything, from roof to flooring. It’s best to base your dwelling coverage on the replacement cost of your home.

  • Coverage B – Separate Structures

Separate structures coverage is the amount of your policy allocated to structures that are physically separated from the house. These include mailboxes, attached garages, fences, sheds, pools, gazebos, etc.

  • Coverage C – Personal Property

Personal property insurance accounts for your personal belongings inside the house – this like your furniture, clothes, and appliances.

Also, if the value of your belongings exceeds your personal property coverage limits, you can get optional add-on policies for jewelry, antiques, and other valuables from both Safeco and Nationwide.

  • Coverage D – Loss of Use

Loss of use covers costs incurred if you’re unable to use your home for a period of time. Most common claims for loss of use include rental and utility assistance, as well as excessive restaurant and grocery bills.

  • Coverage E – Personal Liability

Personal liability insurance kicks in if you’re found liable for damages or a suit is brought against you due to a covered occurrence. So, personal liability coverage can be used to cover things like attorney and court costs.

  • Coverage F – Medical Payment

This portion of your policy accounts for the payment of medical bills for anyone injured on your property.

What Isn’t Included in Your Home Policy?

In addition to protecting your home with a policy, you might want some other kinds of insurance.

In our experience, these are the most frequently purchased insurance policies alongside home insurance:

Flood Insurance

While the standard home insurance policy does not include flood insurance, you can get water damages coverage from both Nationwide and Safeco.

It includes things like sewer backup or water backup, overflow, and sump pump failure.

Auto Insurance (Car Insurance)

Car insurance or auto insurance is a must if you are a vehicle owner, as it will not only protect your car but also your passengers. Our carriers offer excellent policies, and we can also generate instant auto insurance quotes for you.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is another insurance product we would recommend to everyone. Our carriers have a wide assortment of products, and you can get their life insurance quotes here.


It’s also recommended that you get identity theft coverage that reimburses expenses you may encounter in the case of identity theft.

Credit cards insurance protects insured cards against unauthorized payments, and equipment breakdown coverage offers an additional layer of protection on your heating and air conditioning systems and other appliances.

Home Insurance in Iowa: FAQ

Q: How much is homeowners insurance in Iowa?

A: The average cost of home insurance in the state of Iowa is around $1,421, which is above the national average cost. However, your price will depend on the insurance company that you choose as well as multiple individual factors. If you use our quote tool, you can get an approximate estimate of the price you would pay for home insurance in Iowa.

Q: What are the best insurance companies in Iowa?

A: Nationwide and Safeco, a Liberty Mutual company, are the best home insurance companies in Iowa. Besides their great customer service, their affordable rates, and a diversity of insurance options vaulted them past other companies.

Final Words

Getting the best home insurance policy for your property in Iowa need not be complicated if you use our services.

At Insurance Geek, your insurance agent will connect you with the right homeowners insurance provider and products for your needs, regardless of your ZIP code in Iowa.