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We match homeowners with the most effective quotes by taking ALL the numerous elements of your needs into consideration, from the building materials to the type of home you reside in, to crime rates, to any natural calamities that could happen in your location.

Buckle up, Arizona homeowners – here’s a chance to get all the details about your home insurance policy and its terms, conditions, and exclusions, no matter where your ZIP code locates you in your state.

Home Insurance Arizona: The Basics

Arizona homeowners insurance

With its fortunate geographical placement that grants hot summers and mild winters, Arizona’s neighborhood comprises California, Utah, and Nevada.

The dry, temperate climate of Arizona makes it an excellent place to move for the winter – or year-round. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of A/C in the summer, and a cool dip in the Salt River with friends and family can take an edge off the summer heat.

Whether you decide to settle down in Phoenix, Tucson, or one of Arizona’s beautiful suburbs, the unbelievably beautiful desert landscapes, major highways, and mountain scenes make Arizona an incredible place to live. Just one visit will show you all you need to know!

Though violent crime has decreased in Arizona over the past few years, the rate of incidence since 1985 has increased from 602 to over 713, which may impact the average annual premium. This is generally typical for most states – and the incidents of crime in the suburbs remain relatively low.

Though Arizona doesn’t deal with many tornadoes, winter can be fairly treacherous in the northern parts of the staff, especially near Flagstaff and more mountainous areas. In the desert, flash floods and dust storms are a major problem to watch out for.


In the homeowners insurance policy world, a PERIL describes anything that can damage your home.

Some hazards to know in Arizona are:

Drainpipe, as well as water backup – most bathroom flooding situations, result from drain pipes as well as sewer system back-ups.

  • All-natural disasters
  • Wind
  • Lightning.
  • Hail storm.
  • Fires
  • Break-ins
  • Snowstorms, especially in the northern part of Arizona.

To be more informed about the types of perils included in your home insurance policy and its terms & conditions, make sure to consult its declarations page, as it contains all the important details set forth in your coverage because some perils may not be available in it.

How are Premiums Determined in Arizona?

Naturally, what you’ll pay may vary based on where you live in Arizona, your type of dwelling, insurance credit score, and other factors.

Besides your ZIP code and your home address, there are a couple of noteworthy factors that should be better explained.

Therefore, protection can be impacted by a variety of facets, including:

Credit Score

Home insurance companies in Arizona and other states will take into account the shape of your credit record when calculating your home insurance rate.

While this is not the single deciding factor, your credit score does have a great impact on the price that you will pay for your premium.

Based on this information alone, homeowners insurance companies can infer what kind of financial habits and decisions you have made thus far. This type of research tells them whether you are punctual with your payments (credit cards, loans, debts, bills).

Should your credit score necessitate a boost, you can always do that by making sure that you pay all of your upcoming bills on time.

Value of Your Home

Home insurance companies also need to determine the overall value of your home in order to appoint a replacement cost value. The replacement cost is the allocated amount of money necessary to repair or completely rebuild your home.

Replacement cost is different from the actual cash (or market value) of your home. You can find more information on that in our replacement cost vs. actual cash value article.

The factors that make up the assessment of the value of your home are its current state, the construction materials, and the age of your property.

Insurance Company

With the rising number of insurance companies on the market, the types of products they offer greatly differ. Not all of them have the same range of products, nor do their insurance products cost the same.

Insurance Geek agents created many useful tools like our quote engine to help you use our comparison service to generate and compare quotes from different home insurance companies. We are committed to making sure that our clients get the best Arizona home insurance possible.

All of our carriers have an excellent J D Power strength rating, a reputation for successful claims, and beneficial customer reviews and experience.

Previous Claims

Previous claims will again point to the condition of your house. If multiple insurance claims have already been filed on the property, the chances are that more frequent claims will occur again, which means that insurance companies may increase the home insurance rates for your homeowners insurance policy.

The insurance company will investigate whether any previous claims have been made for your property. A previous home insurance claim is a signal that your property has been exposed to risks before and that there will be an increased chance that the same thing will occur again.

This, in turn, may affect the homeowners insurance rate for your home insurance policy.

Of course, the claims-free property will work to your benefit, and you can get a lower premium.


There are numerous homeowners insurance discounts that may help you score more affordable home insurance rates.

In our experience, purchasing two or more different insurance policies from the same insurance company or paying your homeowners insurance policy from the get-go are two of our customers’ favorite ways to score discounts.

What is the Best Option for Homeowners Insurance in Arizona?

Considering the fact that the market is filled with different companies, it is only logical that there are many different home insurance policies.

To begin with, it is important to distinguish between two types of home insurance policies: a NAMED policy and an ALL PERIL policy.

NAMED Policy

A NAMED policy is there to protect you against a peril that is explicitly stated.

With that in mind, it may not be the most effective type of coverage, but it is useful when it comes to coverage gaps in your existing policy.

Make sure to share your policy with licensed insurance agents at Insurance Geeks so that they can help you assess whether you are completely protected.

ALL Peril Policy

As an Arizona resident, an ALL PERIL policy is your go-to option because it protects you from all the perils that we mentioned beforehand in Arizona.

A peril can be excluded in the event that it is specifically disclosed in your policy. An ALL PERIL option is the most efficient way to protect yourself and your property.

Get Home Insurance Quotes Today

The multitude of options with the added factor of varying insurance rates can be a mind-boggling amount of information to juggle.

To ensure that you get the cheapest home insurance quotes, we’ve created the tools to make the entire process easier for you!

In order to get a quote, you’ll need to do the following: fill in the necessary information (ZIP code, address, and the state of your home) and voilà – in no more than a minute, you’ll have your quotes.

But we do not stop there. In addition to that, we’ll show you the quotes from multiple insurance companies that we vouch for. From then on, our customer service will aid you should you have any more questions.

Our positive customer reviews testify that we will make shopping for Arizona home insurance as seamless a process as it can be!

Arizona Home Insurance Discounts

Wondering what qualifies you for Arizona home insurance discounts?

Our insurance carriers appreciate and reward their loyal customers. By combining multiple policies (e.g., homeowners insurance with auto insurance and life insurance), you can qualify for a discount!

Insurance Geek would love to talk more with you about your homeowners insurance needs so that we can match you with the best possible policy!

Fill out our simple quote form, and we’ll get you several quotes from different carriers, all competing for your business!

Top Cities & Metro Suburbs in Arizona for Homeowners

ZIP code Arizona

Considering the fact that the average cost of homeowners insurance is more expensive in the city, our experience shows that loyal customers come from all over the state.

The biggest Arizona cities are:

  • Phoenix
  • Tucson
  • Mesa
  • Chandler
  • Scottsdale
  • Glendale
  • Gilbert
  • Tempe
  • Peoria

Insurance users come from beautiful Arizona suburbs, too. The annual premium price of homeowners insurance is lower in the suburbs, as well.

The top Arizona suburbs are:

  • Catalina Foothills
  • Paradise Valley
  • Litchfield Park
  • Oro Valley
  • Marana
  • Casas Adobes
  • Tanque Verde
  • Queen Creek
  • Fountain Hills

If you’re trying to find homeowners insurance coverage, we provide it via Nationwide and Safeco.  Your Insurance Geek is there for you no matter what your location is.

Who Should Get Arizona Homeowners Insurance?

ALL homeowners should get homeowners coverage in Arizona.

Both new and existing homeowners should equip themselves with a homeowners policy promptly.

Nothing compares to the peace of mind that home insurance can provide. You will be protected no matter the situation you and your family may find yourself in.

Not to mention that your mortgage company will demand homeowners insurance when approving a mortgage. They need to make sure that your home can be rebuilt should any unfortunate circumstances arise.

What Does Home Insurance Coverage Include?

There are various coverage options. Generally, all coverage options follow the prescribed structures for insurance policies.

Policy coverage listings include:

  • Coverage A – Dwelling Amount

Dwelling coverage (commonly listed as the dwelling amount, too) is the part of your coverage that kicks in when damage is caused to the actual structure of your home as a result of perils covered by your policy.

It is important to mention that the dwelling coverage is determined based on the current state of your property.

  • Coverage B – Separate Structures

Coverage B is there to account for the damages caused by the policy-included perils on structures physically detached from the physical structure of your home.

Separate structures are pools, gazebos, fences, mailboxes, and similar structures separate from your house.

  • Coverage C – Personal Property

This part of coverage deals with what is inside of your home. This means that your appliances, clothes, and furniture can be safe from harm, too.

If you wish to protect personal property that is of high value, such as jewelry, heirloom, and antiques, the existing limit may not be high enough.

The good news is that both Nationwide and Safeco created specially curated personal property add-on policies. The Valuables Plus is an add-on option available with Nationwide, while Safeco has the Valuables Articles Coverage.

  • Coverage D – Loss of Use

If your house needs to be repaired and the repair spans over a lengthy period of time, you will most definitely have additional living expenses. Your home insurance can cover them.

The loss of use coverage kicks in when you are unable to utilize your premises. Make sure to collect bills so that you can submit them when you file an insurance claim.

  • Coverage E – Personal Liability

Personal liability kicks in in the following circumstances: should any damage be caused (in the form of property damage or personal injury) by you or your family members, and you are consequently found legally responsible, you will be able to utilize this coverage.

You can circumvent the eventual financial loss concerning court and defense bills.

  • Coverage F – Medical Payments

MedPay helps you pay the medical expenses that come out as a result of an accident that occurred on the insured property.

The difference from personal liability coverage lies in the fact that you do not have to be found legally obliged to be able to file a claim.

What Isn’t Included in Your Home Policy?

Homeowners insurance in Arizona is an absolute must if you want to have peace of mind and enjoy yourself without any fear of any unfavorable situations. Insurance provides you with the necessary support that you may need in should difficult situations present themselves in your life.

Some insurance products are not included in your home policy, but you are able to purchase them additionally as they are available in all states.

Therefore, there are additional insurance products offered by your insurance company of choice for optimal protection.

Let’s explore the additional coverage options:

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance in its entirety and basic form is available for purchase through the National Flood Insurance Program. On the other hand, water damage is something that you can protect your household from with our insurance carriers.

Nationwide, Safeco, and Progressive all offer a wide assortment of policies that protect you from the sewer, drain, and water backup as well as sump up failure.

Auto Insurance (Car Insurance)

When it comes to priorities, your car is also a valuable asset that you cannot imagine a day without. Equally susceptible to damage due to the perils as your home is, your car can be damaged on the road too.

Auto insurance can protect your vehicle from that – and then more.

Our insurance carriers offer the best auto insurance quotes. To always stay safe on the road, make sure you equip yourself with auto insurance that suits your needs.

You can also combine car insurance with other types of insurance to score some great discounts and get better insurance rates.


In addition to car insurance and water backup insurance, you can get other types of insurance policies as well.

Life insurance is available in all states, and it isn’t only limited to Arizona. Ourquote tool can be used to compare and contrast quotes concerning life insurance as well.

With the violently ascending cyber risks, you should consider credit card insurance to protect you against unauthorized utilization of your money, as well as identity theft coverage.

Home Insurance in Arizona: FAQ

Q: What is the cost of home insurance in Arizona?

A: Your homeowners insurance protection will possibly be affected by the average annual rate, your credit ranking, home value, prior claims, family members bundles, and other savings bundles. The average cost is $847 per year, which is lower than the national average annual premium price in the states. Your insurance company will give you more information about your policy features and price.

Q: What are the best insurance companies in Arizona?

A: We can safely confirm that the best homeowners insurance companies in Arizona are Nationwide, Progressive and Safeco. It is hard to single out one insurance company when three of them showcase outstanding customer devotion and satisfaction, as well as an unmatched range of products in addition to being affordable and responsive to the needs of their loyal customers.

Final Words

Now that you are well-equipped with all the necessary information, let us do the rest of the work!

Insurance Geek employees are eager to connect you to the best insurance company so that you can invest your money in your security and protection property.