Best Oklahoma Car Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car Insurance in the Sooner State

2.4 million drivers in Oklahoma are hopefully insured out there – like every other state, Oklahoma has a legally mandated car insurance minimum drivers must meet before getting out on the road legally. With this many drivers, it’s super important to avoid serious injury or an accident by getting the right coverage in Oklahoma.

You don’t want to be out of pocket for major expenses because you didn’t have the right coverage – or not enough full coverage. This type of thing happens all the time to drivers who let their coverage lapse or can’t meet the minimums. It’s important to make the right decision to protect you, your family, and your property by getting the Oklahoma auto insurance coverage that can protect you.

Of course, you also don’t want to pay through the nose when getting your auto policy. To help Oklahoma drivers find the cheapest car insurance in Oklahoma, we allow them to compare quotes from the best car insurance companies – for free – on this page and get an estimate on their coverage rates.

Before you compare the quotes, find the cheapest insurance option and the right insurance company for you, you might want to check out the basic terms that apply to car insurance policies. That’s why we’ve prepared a handy guide with the insurance lingo explained in plain terms, as well as a piece of advice on the amount of coverage in Oklahoma you’ll need.

Oklahoma Car Insurance Minimum Required Coverage

Every state requires some type of minimum coverage. Oklahoma’s minimums are fairly on par with the rest of the country. At around $820 a month, you’re paying less than the national average rates for car insurance in Oklahoma. Unlike other types of property insurance in the state (homeowners or renter’s, for instance), average rates are lower. Extreme tornado seasons can present difficulty in paying national average rates and interest rates for insurance, but auto coverage in Oklahoma is pretty much right on par.

When you get your Oklahoma car insurance policy, you’ll see these minimum coverage types listed. It’s good to be somewhat familiar with the terminology so that you know what you’re working with in terms of coverage.

Bear in mind that what you see below is proposed by Oklahoma law to get you legally on the road. Your full coverage car insurance might have some other parts as well, and you may seek higher limits – we’ll discuss that a bit later. First, get acquainted with the minimum coverage in Oklahoma:

Bodily Injury Protection (BI): $25,000 minimum coverage

Oklahomans need $25,000 in Bodily Injury protection. This coverage will protect you if you or a car driver hurts someone in an auto accident or if you can’t pay for the medical expenses of that person. This covers pedestrian injuries as well. However, it doesn’t encapsulate your or your passengers’ injuries, so for full coverage, you’ll need to get PIP (Personal Injury Protection), which isn’t obligatory in the state, but it is highly recommended. We will discuss this type of coverage in more detail below.

Property damage protection: $25,000 minimum coverage

Drivers in Oklahoma need to have $25,000 in personal property protection. If you’re in an accident and you damage someone else’s car or property, you’ll be covered. The maximum accident coverage required in Oklahoma is $50,000 – meaning, insurance will pay out $50k per accident.

Uninsured/underinsured coverage: $25,000 minimum coverage, $50,000 max per accident

Some states require you to have uninsured insurance coverage, and Oklahoma is one. You’ll need $25,000 in protection, with $50,000 maximum coverage per accident. This type of insurance kicks in when you find yourself in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for your expenses.

How Much Will I Pay for Auto Insurance in Oklahoma?

Drivers in Oklahoma can expect to pay from $820 to $1,542 per year, which is higher than the average rates in the states. BUT, there are plenty of ways in which you can get lower auto insurance rates.

In fact, car insurance companies in Oklahoma will assess a great number of factors before they calculate your auto insurance premiums.

We will explain below all the factors that are important to calculate approximately how much your car insurance costs.

Age Groups

Teen drivers will usually get higher insurance rates for car coverage in Oklahoma than other drivers in Oklahoma because they are considered to be inexperienced. While this does not necessarily mean that they are bad drivers, a car insurance company does not have enough “material” in young drivers’ driving records to assess how safe they are on the road. Therefore, this rule also applies to other inexperienced drivers – such as those who obtained their driver’s license recently – regardless of their age.

Driving Records

Oklahoma drivers with a clean driving record will arguably get the cheapest auto insurance. What do we precisely mean by having a “clean driving record”? Well, mostly showing that they account for the public safety on the road by respecting all the rules, having no recent citations, such as a speeding ticket, and having a clean accident history, with no recent at-fault accident or something like that. Some insurance companies will “forgive you” speeding tickets or an accident, but generally, you are more likely to get the cheapest car insurance if you haven’t had them for a while.

Financial Responsibility

You may not know this, but your insurance rates will also depend on your financial history that is reflected in your credit score. This is because your credit rating depicts how trustworthy you are with your payments and basically your financial strength. An insurance company is interested in this because you will be paying your insurance premiums regularly, as well as the deductible if needed. They want to ensure that you will be punctual with the payments.

Therefore, drivers in Oklahoma with a good credit score are likely to score cheap car insurance in Oklahoma – and vice versa, those with a poor credit score will get higher average rates. Still, even if you have a poor credit rating, we allow you to find the cheapest car insurance for you. When you compare quotes from multiple insurance companies by using our quote tool calculator on this page, you’ll get more deals and then decide on the best one for your particular needs.


Your ZIP code in Oklahoma will also dictate your auto insurance rates. If you live in a metro area, it’s likely that you’ll get slightly higher insurance rates because there are more vehicles, and the density of the traffic is higher. Therefore, accidents are more frequent and more likely to happen.

With that being said, here are some of the biggest cities in Oklahoma we write auto insurance policies for:

  • Oklahoma City
  • Norman
  • Tulsa
  • Broken Arrow
  • Moore
  • Lawton
  • Edmond
  • Midwest City

Regardless of where you reside in Oklahoma, we can find the car insurance option that suits your needs. You just need to enter your info into our quote tool calculator and see the offers from multiple carriers!

Car Insurance Company

Different car insurance companies in Oklahoma will inevitably have different insurance rates. Some auto insurance companies are just more affordable than the others, and some have better discount options, as most of our carriers do. To find affordable car insurance and the best car insurance policy for you, you can compare quotes from a number of different insurance providers on this page and then check what car insurance company has the best offer for you.

Your Vehicle

So many things about your vehicle will dictate the insurance premium. It matters when it was made, as well as what model it is, and how powerful it is. But the list doesn’t end there. Even the color and the mileage matter. For example, owners of sports cars will usually get higher rates because this type of car is associated with faster driving and, therefore, a higher risk on the road – even though it is precisely these vehicles that oftentimes have the best security features.


When getting car insurance, there’s always a chance to qualify for discounts, no matter if you have a poor credit or a good credit score and what the model of your vehicle is. For instance, if you have no recent accidents or speeding tickets in your driving record, you’ll get cheaper average rates. Military members and students can also get a discount.

Still, bundling multiple insurance products with the same insurance provider remains one of the most popular ways to save. For example, you can combine home and life insurance with your auto insurance and save a lot in the long run. Or – if you own multiple vehicles in the same household, you can insure them all with the same company. Carriers value loyalty.

Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Oklahoma

As you can see above, there are so many factors you need to take into account to calculate how much you will pay for your premium.

At Insurance Geek, we know this, and we wanted to make it easier for our customers to find the cheapest auto insurance policy for them. Basically, we’ve designed an insurance rate calculator that generates instant quotes from multiple insurers for our Oklahoma drivers.

How does the quote calculator work?

You only need to enter some basic info about yourself into our fill-in form, e.g., the type of insurance you need, your ZIP code in Oklahoma, etc. It won’t take longer than a minute to fill it in.

Then, we will reach out to our carriers, who are the best car insurance companies approved by the Oklahoma Department of insurance. They include over 20 companies, with Nationwide and Safeco being the largest insurance companies that offer the most affordable car insurance. In addition to low average rates, all of our carriers have an excellent Financial Strength rating and customer service.

After the car insurance companies calculate the price of your premium, you can compare quotes and see which company has the cheapest car insurance coverage for you.

Even if there are factors such as a poor credit rating, you’ll definitely find a cheap policy if you compare the prices with our calculator.

Next, you decide whether you want to continue your insurance shopping with us – no obligations! We only collect your info for the purpose of contacting the insurance companies and calculating the premium. There will be no follow-up calls or spam emails.

If you do wish to obtain your insurance policy through us, an Insurance Geek agent will gladly assist you with any inquiries you may have and guide you through the shopping process! We won’t settle for less than your ideal tailored auto insurance policy.

Can I Get a Discount?

You absolutely can. Signing up for E-Bills is one easy way to get a discount. Some carriers will also allow you to install an app or plug a device into your car that will monitor your driving habits. You can save if you can prove during the time period you have the device or app that you’re a good driver. Or, you can take a defensive driving course.

Seniors, students, vets, and active military members are also eligible for discounts. If your car has little or low mileage, you’ll also be able to get a discount. You’re also eligible for discounts if you get different types of insurance under the same carrier, including auto, life home, etc.

What Does Car Insurance in Oklahoma Include?

Oklahoma City parked cars and streets downtown

Car insurance policies will have different structures. In addition to the state minimums (bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage), you should definitely consider more types of coverage to get full protection.

Here are some other types of coverage you may be able to get that will help you as well:

Medical liability or PIP, personal injury protection

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or medical liability will cover your injuries if you or a passenger are hurt in your vehicle. PIP may also help replace lost wages due to these injuries. It differs from the obligatory BI protection in that this coverage accounts for you and your passengers, similarly to your health insurance, while BI doesn’t. It only pays for the other party’s medical bills.

Collision coverage

Collision will protect you if you hit a moving or stationary car or object with your vehicle. Anything you “collide” with generally on the road is covered, with a few exceptions that are covered under your comprehensive vehicle protection. It is highly recommended to include collision in your full coverage because – along with comprehensive – these are some of the most frequent insurance claims we see.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage can assist if you have dents, have been hit by another driver’s door, cracks in windows or windshields, or even full glass replacement. If someone breaks into your car and steals your belongings, comprehensive can help you replace them. Even though it’s not obligatory, it’s good to include comprehensive in your full coverage and get protected against these things that happen all the time.

Uninsured or underinsured drivers

In Oklahoma, this type of insurance is obligatory, and it protects you when you get into an accident with underinsured and uninsured drivers. An uninsured driver does not have insurance at all, while an underinsured person does not have enough limits to cover your expenses.

Bodily injury liability

Bodily injury liability insurance kicks in when you injure a driver or their passengers in an at-fault accident. Oklahoma drivers should go above the state minimum liability coverage if they can to make sure they are fully protected.

Property damage liability insurance

Property damage is part of the state minimums in Oklahoma, and it pays for any damage you cause to another person’s property. These repairs can get quite expensive, so you should get higher limits than the minimum required limit if you can.

How much Coverage Car Insurance Should I Get in Oklahoma?

Drivers in Oklahoma who want full coverage that will protect them under any circumstances should get higher coverage limits than the state minimums.

Generally, our clients tend to have enough coverage if they stick to the 100/300/100 equation. That’s $100,000 in coverage for personal property, $100,000 in coverage for bodily injury liability, and $300,000 total per accident.

It’s understandable that anyone should want to pay less for their auto insurance. We all want to save. The problem with saving is, if you’re only getting the minimum required legal coverage, you’ll run into possibly paying significant costs out of pocket if you’re in a major accident and you’re responsible. The cost of increasing your minimum coverage is typically only a few dollars more a month, and it’s well worth the cost.

Another thing we recommend to customers who need auto insurance and don’t want to pay higher monthly premiums is to increase their deductible. This is something we can work with you on a case-by-case basis.

FAQ: Oklahoma Car Insurance

Q: What car insurance companies have the best cheap auto insurance in Oklahoma?

A: Insurance companies in Oklahoma that have the cheapest insurance prices in the state of Oklahoma are Nationwide and Safeco. In addition to affordable rates, these two companies have excellent Financial Strength ratings. That said, some other insurance companies may have a better deal for you. If you use our quote calculator, you’ll get to compare free quotes from multiple carriers and then decide which one you’d like to choose.

Q: What is the average cost of car insurance in Oklahoma?

A: The average annual premium in Oklahoma is around $1,542 per year. However, it’s difficult to calculate precisely what your insurance premium will be. From your driving record to your age to the overall health of your vehicle, many things go into how carriers actually calculate how much you should pay. All things being equal, a 47-year-old driver – one with a safety-rated family car and one with a red muscle car – will be paying different rates. The better your driving record, including little to no citations or accidents on your prior driving record, will help you get lower rates. As you can see, you need to consider a bunch of factors to calculate your insurance rate. We created a calculator that allows you to compare the offer from multiple companies on this page and make the whole matter much easier for you.

Oklahoma Auto Insurance Rates Calculator

Mount Scott, Oklahoma, road

We love our Oklahoma drivers, and our favorite part of the process is connecting with our customers to give them the best possible rates we can find. No matter your budget, we can find a premium that will work for you and your family. In most cases, we can get you rates for above the recommended auto coverage necessary without breaking the bank.

All you have to do to work with us and start getting your quotes is to fill out one easy form. You won’t need to do this multiple times, and we use this information to get competitive quotes from different carriers on your behalf. This allows us to find the best deal for you without you needing to do the heavy lifting or the research.

Therefore, our quote calculator allows you to compare quotes from multiple carriers in order to find the best car insurance for you.

If you’re in the market for car insurance in Oklahoma, let us help you get the most affordable rates with the best service out there! We’d love to help.  Insurance Geek is here for all your insurance needs!