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Nebraska has 1.3 million drivers on the road, meaning there’s so much potential to get into an accident or experience some type of injury. No matter how long you have been driving, tragedy in a vehicle can strike at any minute – so it’s essential to be prepared with the right kind of auto insurance for you and your family.

The Insurance Geek team loves working with Nebraska drivers to find the best possible auto insurance in the state. We’re ready to get you the cheapest, most reasonable rates we can find alongside the best coverage. Those two don’t have to be mutually exclusive – we can find you something that works for you.

Scroll down and learn more about the cheapest car insurance in Nebraska, auto insurance policies, minimum required coverage and much more!

Minimum auto insurance requirements – Nebraska

In Nebraska, you will need at least $25,000 in protection to drive legally on the road. This is pretty on par with most states – and you may also want to have uninsured or underinsured insurance for you and your family as well.

Would you please take a look at the following auto insurance minimums in Nebraska so we can work with a policy that benefits you?

BI or bodily injury liability – $25,000/ $50,000

BI applies to causing bodily injury to someone else as a result of an accident during your driving session. This also applies to giving someone else permission to drive your car or an authorized person under the policy in your name driving the car.

Property damage liability

Nebraska state law requires at least $25,000 in property damage liability. We’ll talk a little more about why you want to get more property damage liability coverage below.

How much does auto insurance cost in Nebraska?

Auto insurance minimums in Nebraska typically run right around $700 a year. Without question, it’s evident that this price range is among the lowest rates you can find across the States.

Although the price might be small, you should still take your time to read the article thoroughly.

Several factors define exactly why Nebraska has cheap insurance, the first one being:


When carriers are determining premiums, they look at several different factors. One of the first things they may look at is the driver’s age. As you know, younger drivers don’t have the experience and are more likely to get into an auto accident or cause some type of injury.

Driving History

Driver profiles are another factor that insurance companies will assess. When it comes right down to it, your carrier is going to give you lower rates if you have proven that you are a safe driver with a clean driving record.

The more citations or accidents you’ve had over the years, the higher the premium.

Nebraska drivers have a good chance of getting cheap rates if they don’t have recent speeding tickets and if they have good driving records. Remember this if you want to obtain affordable car insurance!

Credit Score

A poor credit score will, undeniably, lead to a higher premium.

This might not be a crucial factor, but insurance companies will search for your overall credit score, and having a poor credit score could affect your auto insurance rates.

Having a bad driving record will also affect your overall credit score.

Don’t fear – getting the cheapest auto insurance in Nebraska is still possible if you regularly take care of your credit score and pay your bills and debts.

Your Vehicle

Second, carriers want to know about the car. How old is the car? Does it have high mileage? What are the color, the make, and the model? Car insurance companies will look into all of that as well, so stay on your toes!

Most drivers in Nebraska don’t pay close attention to this stuff, but for getting good coverage in Nebraska, you need to ensure that your vehicle as clean as possible.

When we compare rates, cars with fewer miles are more likely to have better coverage rates. Owning a sports car with a powerful engine will, regrettably, force you to pay more for car insurance, so watch out for that!


The premiums could be a little higher if you live in one of Nebraska’s larger cities like Omaha. Fortunately, insurance rates aren’t significantly more costly; at worst, expect a few dollars’ difference if you live in the following cities:

  • Omaha
  • Lincoln
  • Bellevue
  • Grand Island
  • Kearney
  • Fremont
  • Hastings

Average rates aren’t that higher, but keep in mind that they might be!

Insurance Company

Depending on the insurance company you choose, you might land yourself the cheapest auto insurance in Nebraska. Don’t worry; we at Insurance Geek operate daily with some of the best carriers that will offer you, for starters, some free quotes with our calculator!

Our carriers will advise you on insurance coverage; just give them a call; you won’t regret it!


Before you get car insurance, you might qualify for some discounts that might interest you. Your auto policy can combine with both home and life insurance, so think about buying multiple insurance products from the same insurance company.

Good drivers with a clean driving record could land themselves a discount too. Additional savings could happen if you own a multi-car company, but in order to do that, you will need to go to the same insurer.

Get Cheap Nebraska Car Insurance Quotes

Searching for cheap Nebraska car insurance?

We got you covered! In this article, you will calculate free quotes for your car insurance.

Just by filling in some basic information, you will get free quotes from multiple insurers.

Our carriers proudly cover over 20 insurance companies, and among those companies, Nationwide and Safeco are the best ones.

You can get a policy anytime you’d like after finding out what the insurers offer.

Do you want an expert in the car insurance industry with a master’s degree that will advise you on stuff like teen drivers and the average cost of insurance in Nebraska? Stay tuned as you will get access to all information that might interest you regarding the average insurance coverage!

Are Discounts Available?

Loyal customers will always receive a discount from their trusted carriers. Drivers in Nebraska can expect a discount to a certain degree as long as they sign up for paperless billing with a family member.

Insurers love to give discounts when you combine multiple lines of insurance, such as home, auto, and life insurance.

What Does Car Insurance In Nebraska Include?

Omaha, Nebraska landscape

Other examples of coverage you may need to know about:

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or medical liability insurance

PIP stands for personal injury protection. This would cover you or a passenger in your car if you were injured as a result of an accident.

Uninsured or underinsured drivers

If someone who has no insurance or is underinsured hits you, this type of insurance can kick in and protect you across the board.

Collision coverage

Anything that you hit will create a collision. This could include a car that is moving, a parked car, or you running into another inanimate object like a pole, a pothole, or running up on a curb. Pretty much anything that you can hit your car with could cause damage, and in this case, collision will protect you.

Comprehensive insurance

Let’s say that you need a new windshield because of a dent, a crack/, or you need bodywork due to dents or dings. This is where comprehensive coverage comes in. Also, if you hit an animal or some type of object in the road and it isn’t covered by your collision, comprehensive will help you here. Insurance companies typically give you a $500 deductible for the average policy.

Bodily injury liability

We can all agree that the most required coverage in Nebraska is bodily injury liability coverage.

It’s an excellent choice to have, as it aids you in an at-fault accident where the other person is injured (applying both to passengers and drivers).

We recommend getting more than the average of $25,000 person/$50,000 incident, as keeping it at the bare minimum won’t get you fully protected.

What is covered in Nebraska?

If you live near Omaha or one of the larger cities in Nebraska, you may find that your premiums are a little bit higher – but yes, even with higher premiums, you will be covered as long as you have the minimum required state coverage.

However, we think that having a little bit more coverage makes sense for most of our customers, especially since it is so affordable. We go by the 100 300 100 rule, meaning our customer should have $100,000 in BI, $100,000 in property damage protection, and $300,000 max payout per accident.

This should be more than enough for any serious accident or injury that may happen while you’re behind the wheel.

Are discounts available for my family and me?

Yes, absolutely. Carriers love giving you discounts for a variety of different scenarios. It could be something as simple as signing up for paperless billing to taking a defensive driving course.

Carriers love it most when you bundle several coverages and when you’re a loyal customer. This means being with your carrier for a long period of time, and it can also mean getting different lines of insurance from the same carrier.

For instance, if you are in the market for life, health, boat, motorcycle, or other types of insurance, you can work with your carrier to get insured under all these and can then get what is sometimes a steep discount across policies.

If I get a ticket or into an accident, can I get cheap car insurance?

Safe driving will, on top of how safe your vehicle is, ultimately determine if you are eligible for cheap car insurance.

One accident is fine, but if you experienced multiple accidents in a short period, your insurers might not consider offering you decent coverage in Nebraska, not to mention full coverage.

Expect to pay a higher premium if you have some citations or accidents under your name.

FAQ: Car Insurance in Nebraska

Q: What car insurance companies have the cheapest car insurance in Nebraska?

A: Safeco and Nationwide are the best car insurance companies in Nebraska. They offer a great variety of services and insurance products with a sprinkle of the cheapest rates in the state.

Q: How much is car insurance in Nebraska?

A: As of this moment, insurance in Nebraska shouldn’t be more than $700 per year: just remember that this rate is never fixed. Depending on the recent accidents and citations, your vehicle’s age, make, model, and on top of all things, your age and credit score – you can expect higher or lower insurance rates.

Calculate Nebraska Auto Insurance Rates

If you’re looking for auto insurance in Nebraska, we would love to help you. At Insurance Geek, we try to make it easy by having you fill out one simple form in order to get a variety of the best quotes from different carriers.

We let the carriers compete for you, then we explain the different policy options to you, go over potential premiums and cut through the red tape so you can have the best experience possible for you and your family.

We want our Nebraska drivers to feel like they’re in control, and the best peace of mind you can get comes from knowing you have enough protection to keep you and your family safe when one of you is behind the wheel.

When you work with us, we make all that possible by giving you options that are both affordable and would give you all the coverage you need. We’ve done this before for so many Nebraska residents – talk to us about your preferred policy today and let us get you set up with something that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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