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Cheap Car Insurance in the North Star State

If you are wondering just how incredibly challenging it is to find cheap car insurance in Minnesota, you are in the right place – we’re here to settle the qualms. While overall Minnesota is a reasonably safe state to live in, the weather conditions are not always ideal – especially the icy cold winters. However, a great car insurance company goes a long way when you are searching for car insurance, and we are here to help you out!

Minnesota has 3.3 million drivers on the road, and with that many people behind the wheel of a car, that means you need coverage! Like every other state in the union, Minnesota has a minimum required amount of coverage – read on to learn more about those amounts and whether they’ll be enough for your situation.

Our Insurance Geek customers are the best, and we love working with our customers in Minnesota to provide them the best possible auto insurance policies money can buy. After all, there is no amount of money that can replace the peace of mind that you have known that you have enough auto insurance to help protect you in the event of a major accident.

Minnesota Auto Insurance Minimum Required Coverage

In Minnesota, you’re expected to have a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage that’s pretty much on par with other states in the union. According to the Minnesota state law, you will be expected to have the following minimum coverages:

BI body injury liability – $30,000 minimum coverage per person, $60,000 maximum

If another driver and the passengers of their vehicle are injured as a result of you or another person driving your car, your bodily injury liability insurance will protect you. This can also protect you in the event that you hit a pedestrian.

Property damage liability – $10,000 minimum coverage per accident

If you damage another car in the event of a collision, you may be responsible for paying for the other person’s property. In this event, property damage liability coverage will protect you.

Underinsured/Uninsured Insurance

Drivers in Minnesota are obliged by Minnesota law to obtain uninsured or underinsured insurance. All good drivers know that having underinsured/uninsured insurance comes in when a driver without insurance damages your vehicle. You can cover many areas with the benefits of this type of insurance, so it is always good to obtain it.

How Much Will I Pay for Car Insurance in Minnesota?

Minnesota residents can expect to pay average premiums of around $1187 per year for the cheapest minimum coverage, which is around the national average rates. You do need to also carry uninsured motorist insurance.

Aside from needing the mandatory uninsured motorist coverage, there are more factors that come into play when car insurance rates are calculated and examined. Each person pays according to their individually designed premium, and different companies and different vehicles all affect the overall price.

Let’s examine overall factors that drivers in Minnesota need to pay attention to once car insurance rates are talked about:

Age Groups

An insurance company will dedicate higher average rates to drivers who have recently obtained their driver’s license, such as young drivers or teen drivers in comparison to other experienced Minnesota drivers.

If you are wondering why young drivers are particularly singled out, the answer is simple: insurance companies consider them more prone to causing an accident or getting a speeding ticket while operating a vehicle; therefore, they are considered inexperienced drivers.

Driving Record

Average rates for drivers in Minnesota are in close connection to their driving record. Good drivers that have no recent speeding tickets or an at-fault accident in their records are more likely to score a lower average cost simply for having a clean driving record.

Being a responsible driver, having no speeding tickets results in clean driving records that can score you the cheapest car insurance available.

Credit Score

Auto insurance rates will definitely be affected by the state of your credit rating. Car insurance companies are going to be able to deduce whether auto owners are punctual with their payments, and a poor credit score will reflect your financial habits badly. Bear in mind that this is not the sole deciding factor and that we are able to still fetch cheap auto insurance quotes, even if you are among Minnesota drivers with a poor credit score. What you need to do is compare car insurance quotes using our calculator on this page!

Your Vehicle

Your auto insurance in Minnesota will definitely be influenced by your vehicle. Sports cars carry higher risk and therefore sport car owners and drivers are expected to pay a higher premium because of the said association. However, be aware that the model, color, or the make of your vehicle all go under insurance company scrutiny.


In the metro areas of the Twin Cities, you may find you end up paying a little bit more for insurance. The closer you are to a dense population center, the more likely the event of an accident or injury behind the wheel, so it just makes sense that your average rates might be a little bit higher.

Some of the top Minnesota cities include:

  • Minneapolis
  • St. Paul
  • Duluth
  • Plymouth
  • Rochester

Insurance Company

Minnesota car insurance companies offer different auto insurance rates and quotes. For our Minnesota drivers’ optimum convenience, we’ve created a quote engine calculator that they can use to get free quotes from different insurance companies that are approved by the Minnesota Department of Insurance.


The most important thing you need to know is that there is always a viable way to score a discount on your car insurance and save money, even if you have a poor credit rating. To score the cheapest car insurance rates, here is what you can do: clean driving records in your driver’s license are always a good option, in addition to opting out for one insurance company.

Purchasing multiple insurance products from the same insurance company – be it home or life insurance, whatever suits your needs – is a great way to score car insurance discounts.

Get Cheapest Minnesota Car Insurance Quotes

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Can I Get a Discount?

Yes, you can get discounts. An insurance company loves when you bundle, taking out different types of insurance lines from auto to health to life and more so that all your insurance needs are covered under one roof.

Carriers also love it when you are in a multicar household with multiple auto owners, ensuring all your cars in the same policy. If you pay in full, you may receive a discount, and the fewer accidents or citations you have, you may find yourself rewarded by the insurance company for your good behavior by lower premiums.

What Does Auto Insurance Coverage in Minnesota Include?

Minnesota traffic

There are many car insurance coverage policies when it comes to Minnesota car insurance. The most popular coverage types include:

Medical liability, or personal injury protection PIP coverage

If you or your passengers are injured while driving, PIP covers you. You can use personal injury protection (PIP) in addition to your current health insurance policy, and so can your passengers.

Personal injury protection (or medical liability coverage) is the type of coverage that enables you to pay for the injuries to other people and yourself in your vehicle in an at-fault accident; therefore, personal injury protection is always a good idea to have as it covers all the unforeseen medical expenses. It can even pay for lost wages if you are unable to work for some time.

Underinsured or uninsured passengers

In Minnesota, you must have underinsured or uninsured insurance, this will protect you if someone without insurance, or without enough insurance to pay for the damages and replacement services hit your car.

Collision protection

Fundamentally, collision is somewhat similar to PIP. If you hit something – whether that’s another car, a pole, a pothole, or pretty much anything else you can think of, collision insurance can help you pay for the cost of repairs to your own vehicle. Collision coverage is necessary for all the good drivers in Minnesota.

Comprehensive coverage

Let’s say that you hit an animal, crack your windshield, or someone steals something out of your vehicle. Comprehensive is everything else insurance that covers all the other things different car accident coverages may not. For example, if your car is stuck out in a hailstorm, comprehensive insurance coverage can replace it.

Bodily injury (BI) liability insurance

This part of your auto policy, called bodily injury is there to shoulder the cost of the medical bills of the passengers in a car accident that is considered an at-fault crash. You’ll have to ensure that you cover the established Minnesota bodily injury minimum coverage (and even go above it) in order to be safe.

Property damage liability insurance

This part of your car insurance policy will liquidate all of the costs of damage that you caused to another person’s property in an accident that is considered an at-fault crash.

How Much Coverage in Minnesota Should I Get?

Many of our customers come to us expecting to pay the minimum state-required amounts, however, you may find that if you injure another driver or damage auto owners’ property, the minimum state-required amount simply won’t cover the cost.

This is why we typically recommend the 100 300/100/formula. That means $100,000 in bodily injury protection, $300,000 per accident limit, and $100,000 in personal property protection. This will allow you to cover the cost of any damages that might be incurred without paying out-of-pocket, aside from your deductible for liability.

FAQ: Car Insurance in Minnesota

Q: What car insurance companies have the best cheap car insurance in Minnesota?

A: The best companies with impeccable service and the cheapest car insurance quotes in Minnesota are Nationwide and Safeco. We can help all of the Minnesota drivers get the car insurance coverage they deserve. We can connect them to other insurance providers that are our licensed partners, as well.

Q: How much does car insurance cost in Minnesota?

A: The national average for auto insurance in Minnesota is $1187 per year, but there are so many different things that decide what you will end up paying for auto insurance. One of the first is age. The younger you are and the more inexperienced a driver you are, the higher your premiums may be. Your car also matters – low mileage will save you on premiums, and the make model and even the color of your car also matter. Having a long, safe driving record without any accidents or citations can also positively affect your premiums. Making sure antitheft devices, restraints or other types of driving features are available that add to the safety of your car can also help lower your premiums.

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Our free quote tool is designed to give auto owners the best possible experience when you’re looking for auto insurance in the state of Minnesota. We go to several different carriers to try to find you the best possible rate, and we love matching drivers just like you with the best possible auto insurance based on their specific situations. Talk to us about you and your family’s needs, and let us connect you with the Minnesota auto insurance policy that works for you and your entire family.

We love our Minnesota customers, and we have multiple ways that you can save or lower your premiums that we haven’t even discussed in this article. When you work with us, and you get everyone under your roof insured through us, you can sleep better at night knowing your family is protected with the top Minnesota auto insurance that will keep you and your family covered when the worst happens.

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