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With over 7 million licensed drivers on the road in Michigan, you and your family can’t take chances. Making sure you have the recommended state-required insurance – and then some more – protects you when you need it the most. At Insurance Geek, we specialize in connecting you with the best Michigan auto insurance quotes at reasonable rates you can afford.

There are many auto policies on the table that Michigan drivers can choose from and car insurance companies. At Insurance Geek, we can help you find the right car insurance coverage, insurance company, and any other piece of information you may seek, regardless of your ZIP code.

Let’s discover Michigan’s minimum coverage requirements, find the best policy for drivers in Michigan, and how Insurance Geek’s easy quote calculator can connect you with a protective auto policy that you can afford.

Michigan Car Insurance Minimum Required Coverage

Michigan state law minimums are included below, as well as the protection that can be expected from the different types of coverage in your policy. All states require some type of minimum auto insurance. Bear in mind that insurance requirements may vary by state.

Bodily injury liability – $20,000 per person per accident; $40,000 all persons minimum coverage

If drivers in Michigan hurt someone else in an accident, this coverage in their auto policy will pay for their liability. This type of coverage will give you protection regardless of whether or not the injured person is in a different car, a pedestrian, or any other situation where you’re liable for bodily injury.

However, it’s recommended to go over the limit per person and per accident to ensure drivers have enough coverage in every situation. We’ll discuss the recommended Michigan auto insurance below.

Property damage liability – $10,000 per accident minimum coverage

Though the Michigan property damage minimum is $10,000, we find this is not nearly enough to replace or repair major damage. We recommend at least $100,000 in property protection for drivers in Michigan.

You don’t want to be left out in the cold when it comes to replacing someone else’s totaled vehicle.

We’ve certainly seen situations where drivers didn’t have enough property damage liability coverage. Think about it – if you run into someone who drives a Tesla and you totaled their car, would you have enough money covered in your policy to replace the car? You shouldn’t just rely on the other person’s insurance to get things fixed. Liability can happen at any time, and you don’t want to be taken to court because you can’t cover the expenses.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury – $20,000/$40,000 per accident minimum coverage

This type of car insurance coverage assists if you’re the victim of a hit and run, if you’re hit as a pedestrian by an uninsured or underinsured driver or if someone without insurance or not enough insurance to cover the expenses hits your car.

How Much Will I Pay for Auto Insurance in Michigan?

In 99% of the cases, car insurance rates may vary by state, but there are more rating factors than the location.

Drivers in Michigan can see the information on the price of their auto insurance policy premium below, along with the overview of the most important factors:

Age Groups

Teen drivers are likely to get higher car insurance rates than other Michigan drivers because insurance companies hold that they are less experienced on the road.

Driving Records

Auto insurers also pay attention to drivers’ driving records. Those of you with no recent citations or accidents, no trace of DUI, or a speeding ticket, will get a lower rate in the state of Michigan.

Credit Score

Your credit score will be considered by car insurance companies, too. While it is not the most prominent factor influencing the price of car insurance in Michigan, having a poor credit score will negatively affect it. This is just to ensure that you, as a customer, can and will pay for your auto coverage in Michigan regularly.

Your Vehicle

The age, make, model, and color of your car all matter for the price of car insurance in Michigan.


If you are located in a bigger city, you can expect slightly higher rates for coverage in the state of Michigan.

Here are some of the largest cities we cover in Michigan:

  • Detroit
  • Ann Arbor
  • Flint
  • Grand Rapids
  • Kalamazoo

Auto Insurance Company

Not all auto insurance companies are equally affordable. We’ve created a quote engine tool to help you calculate the prices and find the best deal for your policy!


When shopping for Michigan auto insurance, it is always a good idea to be on the lookout for a discount! A discount can be obtained in many ways because carriers love giving discounts. Whether we’re talking about bundling, safe driving, paying upfront and in full, or student, military, or senior discounts, we can work with your carrier to get you the best possible discount based on your situation.

Steer clear of a speeding ticket, possible DUI, and an accident, and you can expect your car insurance policy to come at a lower price.

If your car is new, and you have the right antitheft devices or restraints, as well as daytime running lights, you could also save based on the safety of your car.

Make sure to get more information from our dedicated agents at Insurance Geek!

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Insurance Geek works with top insurance companies to find the cheapest auto coverage in Michigan, so make sure to enter your ZIP code on our site to get the best possible quotes.

Our agents will not bore you with needles information and ask for an infinite amount of unnecessary documents – all you have to do is fill out a simple form, which takes no longer than a minute, and then you get to compare quotes from 20 different registered carriers.

Our carriers include Nationwide and Safeco and will help you secure the best policy available.

So, enter your ZIP code, get the quotes and make sure to stay in contact with an Insurance Geek agent for any questions that you might have!

Can I Get a Discount?

Absolutely. Some carriers tout the concept of accident forgiveness, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to every policy, and we’re talking about something like one incident within a period of several years.

How many accidents you have over time has an influence on what you’re billed, and the number of citations you’ve received previously matters as well. The best thing you can do to ensure lower rates over time is to drive responsibly, including avoiding accidents if possible, not calling in claims unless you really need to, and avoiding citations. DUI or drunk driving is also not an option if you are opting for discounts. Anything that can leave a permanent mark on your otherwise impeccable record lowers your chances for a discount significantly.

What Does Car Insurance in Michigan Include?

Michigan, Lansing, downtown

Coverage examples and options for Michigan auto insurance include:

Medical Liability/PIP coverage (Personal Injury Protection)

If you or passengers in your own car are injured, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) has you covered. It can also cover lost wages. Personal Injury Protection helps drivers in Michigan pay for any injuries caused to other people and the driver.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury

Although optional in coverage in Michigan, we recommend this type. Suppose an underinsured motorist hits you and drives away. Whether or not you’re in a car or a pedestrian, uninsured and underinsured coverage can help you pay for medical costs and replace your property.

Collision coverage

Collisions happen! Whether we’re talking about potholes, street signs, or other obstructions, collision can cover you. We’ve all had that moment where we hit an inanimate object – this part of your coverage helps pay for the damages that were caused.

Comprehensive coverage

Whether it’s a crack, a ding, a broken windshield, or items stolen from your car, comprehensive covers “everything else” that can go wrong.

In the vast majority of cases, comprehensive has a $500 deductible. There is an option to choose between higher deductibles and lower monthly premiums, or vice versa. Each policy is different.

Bodily injury liability insurance

Bodily injury pays for the injuries of the other party in an accident. To make sure that you are completely covered in all imaginable cases, it’s highly recommended you go over the Michigan bodily injury minimum coverage amount and get $40,000 per accident.

Property damage liability insurance

Per accident, coverage limits of property damage for drivers are a minimum of $10,000. The funds for replacing or repairing another person’s vehicle come from this policy. Therefore, Michigan drivers are advised to have above-average coverage per person. Property protection and PIP are some of the most useful parts of your policy.

How much Coverage Should I Get in Michigan?

Even though your state minimum coverages may be surprisingly low, you don’t want to settle for just the state minimums. If you are in a serious accident and you end up injuring someone else, yourself, or there is major property damage and cars are totaled, you may be responsible for those bills without the right auto insurance coverage.

We recommend sticking to our baselines and letting us find the best possible premium for you so you can get the coverage you need within your budget constraints.

FAQ: Michigan Car Insurance

Q: What car insurance companies have the best cheap car insurance in Michigan?

A: Insurance companies that offer the cheapest car insurance in Michigan are Nationwide and Safeco. In addition to affordable car insurance rates, they have stellar customer service, a wide variety of insurance products, with many possibilities for a discount. For any additional information, you can contact your chosen Insurance Geek agent!

Q: How much does car insurance cost in Michigan?

A: In Michigan, insurance costs around $2200 a year, one of the highest averages in the country. Your Michigan car insurance premiums are determined by various factors, including driver’s age, any recent accidents, or citations. The age, make, and model of your vehicle – even the color influence it! Antitheft devices or deterrents like etched glass, safety rating, your safe driving record over time result in lowering the cost of your premium. You can also make use of bundle offerings, as combining multiple insurance products within the same company (e.g., homelife ) gives you the cheapest possible option, regardless of where your ZIP code puts you.

Michigan Auto Insurance Rates Calculator

With no fuss, Insurance Geek makes the most out of the information you provide us with, like your ZIP code and your Michigan address, in order to connect you to the best Michigan car insurance!

We are proud to give you quotes from many different types of carriers, and we’re excited to connect you with the top Michigan car insurance policies for yourself and your loved ones. Work with us by filling out our free quote form, and we will set you up with the best possible policy we can find based on your situation and your family’s specific needs in Michigan. information agents

We have experience on the Michigan roads, and we can help you and your family get the right policy regardless of how many drivers are in your household or what you’re facing. We offer a variety of plans across carriers that benefit both budget and personal needs. Let’s talk about how we can save you money today and get you the right policy for your family.