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Car insurance in the Bluegrass State

With 3 million drivers on the road in the state of Kentucky, the possibility of an accident or injury while you’re behind the wheel of the car can be monumental. Your best bet is to have the best possible car accident insurance you can find in the state of Kentucky and to make sure you and your family are protected.

At Insurance Geek, we love getting our Kentucky drivers set up with the best auto insurance we can find at the most affordable rates. In the sea of car insurance companies, it’s crucial to have someone to guide you to cheap auto insurance quotes. And we’re there for you!

Let’s talk a little bit more about state minimum coverages and everything you will need to have in the policy to protect you and your entire family when you’re behind the wheel.

Kentucky Car Insurance Minimum Required Coverage

Every state in the union has some type of insurance minimum for you to be on the road legally. For car insurance in Kentucky, you may also need to have underinsured or uninsured automotive protection just in case someone without car insurance hits you. That said, minimum coverage in Kentucky is only the amount that will get you on the road legally, and you may want to ensure to have more for adequate protection. We will discuss that a bit later in the article and with you when you decide to get your policy.

The minimum coverages you’ll need in Kentucky are below:

Bodily injury liability: $25,000; 50,000 max per accident

Although in the state of Kentucky you are required to have only $25,000 in bodily injury protection, we often recommend more. Bodily injury means you injure someone else or injure a pedestrian while you’re driving your car, or someone you’ve given authorization to or who is on your policy injures someone while they are driving.

Property damage liability insurance – $10,000 minimum coverage

If you damage someone else’s property, including their car, home, or another structure on their property, your property damage liability will cover this in the state of Kentucky.

Note you must also have insurance to cover yourself if an uninsured driver hits you in the state of Kentucky.

How Much Will I Pay for Auto Insurance in Kentucky?

Kentucky residents can expect to pay for auto insurance in Kentucky around $2050 a year, which is slightly higher than the national average. However, car insurance premiums are much more complicated than average rates.

You can find affordable rates by working with us, and we can help explain the different factors that will go into what drivers in Kentucky will pay for car insurance monthly. Some of these factors include:

Age Groups

Young drivers will probably pay higher auto insurance rates compared to the average driver. Also, bear in mind that “young drivers” doesn’t necessarily mean just teen drivers. Other inexperienced drivers – for example, those who have obtained their driver’s license recently – regardless of their age may also get more substantial insurance rates. It’s presumed that they are a higher risk for other drivers until they gain more experience on the road and can provide proof of a clean driving record after having a driver’s license for some time.

Driving Record

An insurance company will consider driver profiles when determining car insurance rates. What will earn you cheap car insurance is positive driving history, with no DUI or serious moving violation, a recent accident, or speeding tickets. In other words, responsible drivers will get rewarded by the insurance company.

Credit Score

In addition to your driving record, the insurance company will consider your financial history. A good credit rating is a signal to them that you are punctual with your payments, and they are more likely to give you cheap car insurance. On the other hand, a poor score may result in slightly higher rates.

Your Vehicle

How much you’ll pay for car insurance in Kentucky will also vary depending on your vehicle. The number of miles traveled, its model and make year, as well as color, will all go into the equation. Sports and powerful cars generally pose more risk because of fast driving, so the insurance policy will be slightly more expensive, too.


Where you are located in the Bluegrass state will also affect the price. Metro areas are characterized by increased traffic, so insurance tends to be more costly.

The biggest cities we write Kentucky auto insurance for include:

  • Louisville
  • Lexington
  • Bowling Green
  • Richmond
  • Owensboro
  • Covington
  • Florence
  • Georgetown

Insurance Company

Car insurance in Kentucky also varies from one company to another, as not all of them are equally affordable. That’s why we offer you to generate free quotes from top companies if you use the quote tool on this page and decide who has the best and cheapest car insurance for your case.


There’s always the possibility to save and get cheap car insurance with multiple sorts of discounts.

Kentucky drivers with no recent citations, such as a speeding ticket, can get the so-called “good drivers” discount. Also, bundling is always a shortcut to discounts. You can get more insurance products (like home or life insurance) with the same insurance company, or even insure multiple vehicles and receive a discount.

Get Cheapest Kentucky Car Insurance Quotes

We’ve made getting the cheapest car insurance quotes in Kentucky easy:

All you need to do to get a personalized quote from multiple insurance companies is to enter some basic data into the form you can find on this page. It will take no more than a couple of minutes until we contact our carriers and generate personalized quotes for your car insurance.

You get to compare quotes from the top-rated companies, including Safeco and Nationwide, to secure the best deal instantly.

One of our agents is there to help you with any additional requests because it’s in our interest to find you a tailored policy and cheap car insurance.

Are Discounts Available?

Yes, they are!

Drivers in Kentucky can get discounts and score the cheapest auto insurance for everything, from being a loyal customer over a period of years being a safe driver.

Paying your premium in full for the entire premium can also help you save. Bundling auto and other types of insurance with the same carrier is something that can save you tremendously over time, and we recommend this if you are in the market for or looking for under insurance.

There are so many different types of discounts you can take advantage of – talk with Insurance Geek about your specific situation, and we will try to get you connected with a discount that helps you save.

What Does Car Insurance in Kentucky Include?

Kentucky bridge traffic

In addition to the obligatory parts of your policy, you may find some other different types of coverage on your car insurance in Kentucky.

These may include coverages like:

Medical Liability or PIP/personal injury protection

Personal Injury Protection/PIP covers you if you or a driver in your car are injured as a result of an accident. PIP can be used as an extension of your existing health insurance or pays medical bills outright if you or your passengers suffer from bodily injury, even if it’s in an at-fault accident.

Underinsured or uninsured motorist

If someone hits your car and they don’t have an insurance policy, you may need supplemental insurance to cover you if you’re involved in an accident. You can’t always rely on courts for a quick payout or to help with the damage, so the insurance company can step in and help here.


Anytime you hit an object, whether it’s another car, a buggy in a parking lot, a cement pole, or even hit a pothole, collision can cover you. It is not obligatory in Kentucky, but highly recommended because situations like these arise all the time, and we see many insurance claims under collision insurance.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive can help you if you need some everything-else type of protection in Kentucky – as in, you hit an animal, there are issues with cracked glass or need to replace the windshield or any other type of thing that could happen to your car. If your property is stolen out of your vehicle, comprehensive can help you recover the cost of the property.

Bodily injury (BI) liability insurance

Bodily injury (BI) liability coverage is obligatory in Kentucky, and it pays for the medical expenses of the other party and their passengers injured in an at-fault accident.

Property damage liability insurance

Property damage liability coverage will compensate for the expenses you need to pay if you damage someone else’s vehicle or even if you need to fully replace it in certain cases. Of course, to have enough protection for the latter case, you’d need to go over the minimum amount in Kentucky.

How Much Coverage in Kentucky Should I Get?

Whether you live in Louisville, Lexington, Paducah, or Frankfurt, you’re going to need car insurance in Kentucky to cover you. More densely populated areas will require or may come with essentially higher premiums because you have more drivers on the road to contend with. Winter, ice, wet weather, and all sorts of road hazards can present problems in Kentucky, and the more potential for liability there are, the higher you may find premiums.

Insurance Geek recommends the following rule of thumb to our customers: take out $100,000 in bodily injury protection, $100,000 in property damage protection, and then take out $300,000 max per accident. This will allow you to cover significant costs or damages if you are in a very serious accident.

The state minimum coverage in Kentucky does not always take care of what your specific needs are, so it makes sense to get the right coverage for your family.

Do I have a deductible?

You should expect to pay some type of deductible when you file a claim.

For something simple like comprehensive, the deductible is an ordinary $500 a claim, although that amount can vary. Higher deductibles come with lower premium payments, but you don’t want to price yourself out of being able to afford a deductible should you get into a serious accident and truly need your coverage.

Talk to Insurance Geek about your specific situation and what you can afford, and we will work with you to give you something that will help keep the costs down while getting you the protection you need.

Do my rates go up if I’ve had a ticket or accident?

Yes, they do. Insurance companies need to know they can trust you behind the wheel and that the potential for a claim is on the lower side. If you can demonstrate you’ve been a responsible driver, the possibility of having to pay a higher premium is a little lower. The more responsible the driver, the more an insurance company is likely to reward you with a discount or lower premium over time.

FAQ: Kentucky Car Insurance

Q: What car insurance companies have the best cheap car insurance in Kentucky?

A: Insurance companies that offer the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky are Safeco and Nationwide. Wherever you are located in the Bluegrass State, we can generate free quotes from these companies and our other carriers to find affordable car insurance for you.

Q: How much does car insurance cost in Kentucky?

A: The national average for Kentucky auto insurance is about $2500 per year, but this will vary from customer to customer. The age, color, make and model of your vehicle, how many accidents you’ve gotten into or tickets you’ve received over the past few years, whether you have other auto claims, your safe driving record, the amount of mileage on the motor vehicles, the city you live in, and a variety of other factors will influence the cost. You can get an estimate of the price by filling in basic info about you on this page and receiving instant quotes.

Final Words

If you’re a Kentucky resident, getting insured and legal on the road should be the top priority. Any new or existing driver can always try to find the best auto insurance rates, and we’re glad to help with that.

By filling out just one form, you can be connected with offers from several different carriers, giving you different choices in terms of what’s most affordable.

We love getting our Kentucky drivers set with the best possible policies online, and we’re here to help cut through the red tape and answer questions you might have.

Let’s talk today about the Kentucky auto insurance quote that will work best for you and your particular needs!