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We love the Flatland of Indiana, and zooming down the highway in your car or truck gives that free feeling we’re all looking for. Major cities in the Hoosier State like Gary, Indianapolis, and even smaller burgs are home to some of the nation’s best drivers. With nearly 4.5 million motorists on the road in Indiana, it makes sense to find the best possible auto insurance coverage so you can make sure you’re protected when you’re driving your vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for a discount, a better deal, or you want to just quote up and see what’s out there, we do all the research to get you the best possible auto policy.

Let’s talk a little bit more about Indiana state minimum coverages so we can see what you need, and how close you currently are to having the maximum recommended amount of protection.

Indiana Auto Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements

Indiana auto insurance policy minimum requirements are as follows:

$25,000 per person for bodily injury protection, $50,000 per accident maximum

Bodily injury will cover you if you hurt someone else in an auto accident, or another driver who’s allowed to drive your car causes an injury. Any time someone is injured, the medical expenses can be staggering, so it’s important to make sure you have enough protection here.

Property damage protection: $10,000

Any time you cause damage to someone else’s car or property when you’re driving, or someone on your policy or a driver with permission driving your car causes damage, you will need to pay for the expense. Your auto insurance coverage in Indiana can help.

These types of coverage come with a recommended amount of $100,000 in total accident coverage in Indiana – meaning, if you get into a serious accident, your insurance coverage will pay out $100,000 maximum to cover any medical or property damage expenses that are incurred.

Underinsured/uninsured protection

Additionally, you are required to have uninsured or underinsured coverage in Indiana, though some states do not require this. We’ll talk a little more about that below.

How Much Will I pay for Auto Insurance in Indiana?

Auto insurance rates and car insurance premiums depend on many factors.

Here’s a rundown of the most important ones:


Young drivers (teen drivers and those who have recently obtained their driver’s license) are considered inexperienced and will pay more for an insurance policy. The same applies to those who have regained their driver’s license privileges after a period of suspension.

Driving History

A clean driving record will help you score cheap rates in Indiana. So, if you have no traffic violation, a recent at-fault accident, or a speeding ticket under your driver’s license, you can expect to pay less for car insurance.

Financial Responsibility

Financial responsibility means that you should keep your credit score neat in order to get cheap car insurance because insurance companies assess that, too.

Your Vehicle

The make, model, and color of your vehicle will also determine the insurance rates.

Insurance Company

Car insurance companies offer different policies, so your premium will also vary with the insurance company you choose. We can help you find cheap car insurance by comparing quotes from multiple companies!


The deductible is the amount you’d have to pay before an insurance company pays out a claim. You can balance between a lower premium and a higher deductible – whatever fits your budget best.


You can save with many kinds of discounts – for insurance, insuring multiple motor vehicles with the same company, or getting more insurance products (e.g., home and life insurance) with them.

Also, no recent speeding tickets, at-fault accidents, or license suspension in your driving history can earn you a “good driver” discount.

Get Cheap Indiana Car Insurance Quotes

Insurance Geek has come up with a way to get you the most affordable car insurance in Hoosier State.

To calculate the price and compare quotes, all you need to do is enter your basic info on this page.

Our calculator will generate multiple quotes so that you can choose the right insurance company for you.

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Are Discounts Available?

Yes, they are!

If you’re a good driver, you can get a safe driving discount in Indiana and most other states. Good driving is typically considered a low number of accidents or citations, or none. When carriers feel you’re safe on the road, they’ll be more inclined to incentivize you or give you lower rates in general.

You can also take a defensive driving class. These are optional but typically offered in just about every community in Indiana. If you can prove you’ve taken this class, which is normally given on a Saturday, your carrier will give you a price break.

Carriers also reward vets, seniors, and students with discounts. If you’re in any of the above classes, you’ll be able to save. Make sure you let your agent know. Finally, carriers love when you bundle, so make sure you talk with us about bundle discounts. Getting different types of insurance plans under one roof is what’s considered bundling for carriers, and that includes getting auto, home, motorcycle, boat, life, and other lines of insurance at the same time.

What Does Car Insurance in Indiana Include?

Some coverage options you can get in Indiana include:

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or medical liability insurance

If you or a passenger or injured, you may want medical liability payment/PIP (Personal injury protection). This will cover the medical expenses needed to get you and your passenger back on your feet and can include loss of wages.


Anytime you hit something in your vehicle, it’s considered a collision, unless you’re hitting a live animal like a deer. Collision coverage steps in if you hit another vehicle, animal, or inanimate object in the road, such as a pothole. Collision isn’t mandatory, but it’s highly recommended because these things happen all of the time, and they are some of the most frequent insurance claims.

Comprehensive coverage

We call comprehensive everything else insurance because it covers everything else – theft, hitting an animal, glass breakage, dings, and dents, or just about anything you can think of.

Comprehensive is also highly recommended for your insurance in Indiana, albeit it isn’t obligatory.

Bodily injury liability

Bodily injury reimburses the medical expenses of the other party and their passengers, and you have to submit proof of this kind of insurance in Indiana.

The minimum requirement for bodily injury in Indiana is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, which means that the driver insured will be subject to the limit that isn’t really enough for all of the possible things that can happen. Our auto liability insurance agent can help you find the right amount of BI liability you need.

Property damage liability coverage

Property damage defrays the cost of damage you caused to someone else’s vehicle in an at-fault accident.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury

Underinsured or uninsured motorist bodily injury protection is important if someone hits you who doesn’t have the right amount of insurance to cover your damages. If another driver is at fault, you can take a serious hit, so it makes sense to get this type of protection for you and your family.

How Much Coverage Should I Get?

You don’t just have to go with the state minimum coverages – we can recommend, and do recommend you get a higher car insurance coverage amount so you can make sure you’re protected in the event of an accident.

We tell clients to look at a minimum of $100,000 in bodily injury coverage, $100,000 in personal property damage protection, and $300,000 maximum per accident.

This will allow you to cover the damages in any type of accident, major to minor. State minimums are not often enough coverage to replace someone else’s property if it is seriously damaged in an accident, and as you know, medical bills can be very expensive. It’s important to make sure you have the right coverage in this situation.

FAQ: Car Insurance in Indiana

Q: Who has the cheapest car insurance in Indiana?

A: Nationwide and Safeco have the best and cheapest Indiana car insurance.

Q: How much is car insurance in Indiana?

A: The average cost of Indiana Insurance is around $1,300 a year, but it also depends on individual rating factors like your driver’s license history, financial responsibility, your car, and location.

Calculate Indiana Auto Insurance Rates

The best car insurance rates in Indiana are possible, even if you’ve had previous accidents or tickets! Though your premiums may be higher, we can still help you. We love working with customers in Indiana to provide the best possible rates, policies and to help you stay safe on the road. You can afford insurance that isn’t just the state minimum insurance, and we’re glad to help you save!

Make sure you talk to us about your specifics. We love insuring families, and we can help you get carrier discounts that will inevitably assist you in saving on some of your monthly costs. It’s important for us to be there for our customers – and just filling out one quote form will allow you to get the protection you need by giving us the necessary info to generate a variety of quotes from carriers. The more quotes we can generate for you, the more potential you’ll have to save on. Your insurance bill overall as carriers compete for your business.

Talk to us about any special situations or more ways we can help you save! We’re here for all your insurance needs.