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Looking for car insurance companies to get the cheapest car insurance in Arkansas?

Recently, there have been around 2 million drivers in the Natural State – which means a whole lot of traffic on I-40! Arkansas may be seen by many as mostly a rural state with the exception of Little Rock, but a LOT of freight moves through Arkansas – and it makes sense to have the best possible protection when you’re out there on the road. This is why getting Arkansas car insurance should be your priority.

Many customers find out that Arkansas state legal minimums aren’t enough coverage to truly pay for a major at-fault accident or an injury if something happens on the road – whether that coverage applies to you or other drivers. For us here at Insurance Geek, it’s important to educate our Arkansas drivers about all they’re up against on the road and get them the best protection possible by any means.

Arkansas Auto Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements

Below, we’ll review Arkansas minimum coverage.

Though all states do want their residents to have at least some minimum protections if they’re going to be out on the road, the more protection you have, the more will be available to you in the event of an emergency.

Bodily injury liability insurance – $25,000 person/$50,000 accident

Bodily injury (BI) refers to the injuries that other drivers sustain if you hit and injure them while you’re driving. Many drivers believe that Bodily Injury will protect passengers or people in their own car, but that’s not the case. BI is intended to cover at-fault accidents when you injure someone in a different car.

Property damage liability – $25,000/accident

This kicks in when you damage someone else’s property and very likely will not cover damage to your own vehicle. It can also cover fences or anything else you hit if it’s needed to make repairs.

Uninsured and underinsured

Uninsured insurance coverage is required in many states. If a motorist hits you without having the property liability protection, and they are found at fault, you could be waiting months or even years to replace or repair your items or pay medical bills without this coverage in place, and you can go through the tedious court process.

How Much Will I Pay for Auto Insurance in Arkansas?

You can expect to pay around $1200 a year if we consult the national average rates in Arkansas for an experienced driver. Note that this isn’t a solid premium across the board for everyone. However, the same criteria to determine premiums do apply to all auto insurance customers.

Here are some of them:


An insurance company will take into account driver profiles and age groups when determining the price. Basically, this factor considers how old you are and how experienced a driver you are.

“Young drivers” are new drivers, and they are considered to be inexperienced. Therefore, inexperienced drivers may get a higher insurance rate for car insurance.

Teens with a fresh driving permit who have applied for a driver’s license and drivers with regained driving privileges are also considered young drivers.

Driving History

Driving history can also lower or raise rates that you get in Arkansas. Drivers who have a clean driving record (that drive safely) are more eligible for lower premiums.

As a conscious driver, you should also be able to translate that ability into your financial sphere. Insurance companies make sure to diligently inspect your credit score. Poor credit scores, speeding tickets, and irresponsible spending will definitely rack your insurance rates up.

Your Car

The state of your vehicle also affects the premium. Low mileage, the color, and the model of your vehicle all have a say in how cheap car insurance is going to be.

Drivers need to make sure that their safety precautions are in crisp condition. This means that you should own antitheft devices and driving features that enhance the safety of both you and your car.

In this way, you can earn yourself a discount, too!


How close you are to a metro area like Little Rock matters – the higher the number of people in a given area, the greater the likelihood of an auto accident, especially on major highways or state roads. All these are different factors that help calculate your premium.

We insure Arkansas drivers all through the state, including in:

  • Little Rock
  • Malvern
  • Hope
  • Fayetteville
  • Fort Smith
  • Springdale
  • Jonesboro
  • Rogers
  • Conway

Since car insurance is pricier in metro areas because of traffic density, safe driving is more frequent in the suburbs. Therefore, you can probably get a cheaper rate with our free quotes if you live in:

  • Cave Springs
  • Bentonville
  • Johnson
  • Centerton
  • Lowell
  • Rogers
  • Bella Vista
  • Bryant

Wherever you are located in Arkansas, make sure that you have the best insurance possible!

Insurance Company

Arkansas insurance companies have a wide assortment of varying personalized quotes depending on the type of auto insurance coverage you opt for.

This is why Insurance Geek makes an effort to connect you to the best insurance companies and that you get full coverage at the best possible price.


As it has already been mentioned, a poor credit score and one speeding ticket too many can really lower your chances for a good premium price. However, there are still ways to get amazing discounts with full coverage in Arkansas.

Drivers in Arkansans have multiple ways of scoring discounts, including the optimal “good driver discount” that companies offer.

By getting other types of insurance with the same insurance company, you become eligible for many discounts that could really affect the overall price of your premium!

Thus, bundling is a shortcut to discounts that you should consider – either by insuring multiple vehicles or getting different insurance policies and products (a home or life insurance combo with auto insurance).

Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Arkansas

Have you been scouring the market for car insurance in Arkansas?

When it comes to getting cheap auto insurance quotes in the Natural State, it can be difficult to decide which insurance company to turn to.

With many factors that affect the price of your insurance, the entire process may seem both overwhelming and needlessly complex.

Insurance Geek understands how hard it can be to score the cheapest quotes for all drivers in Arkansas.

Therefore, we’ve designed a tool to make it easy for you to calculate free quotes for Arkansas car insurance!

With our quote calculator, you can easily compare quotes from different companies and select what offer suits your situation the most.

Drivers in Arkansas can get free quotes from multiple providers by filling out a simple form on this page.

Our top carriers are some of the cheapest car insurance companies on the market. They are comprised of over 20 companies, with Nationwide and Safeco being the absolute favorites among our customers for their cheapest car insurance rates.

Your Insurance Geek agent will ensure that you are connected with the most suitable policy once you decide upon your ideal insurance company.

Are Discounts Available?

Of course!

Our carriers offer a myriad of insurance products, and as we mentioned before, bundling is an efficient way to save up on insurance. Among the insurance products offered are life insurance and health insurance, but there is also motorcycle and boat insurance, all in favor of you being fully covered and protected.

If you consider yourself to be among the good drivers, a discount is tailored just for you: the safe driving one is a great option to lower the insurance rates. No driving convictions or traffic violations, and a pedantic driver profile will save you a lot of money!

What Does Car Insurance Coverage in Arkansas Include?

Arkansas highway

So, what does a full coverage auto policy mean?

You can get even more insurance than the state minimums and ensure you’ve got full coverage for just about any situation out there.

Some other types of coverage we recommend include:

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or medical liability insurance

PIP protects you if you or a passenger are injured in your own car. Your car insurance policy can be extended for additional coverage to protect you in certain cases – when you are a pedestrian or a cyclist.


Collision coverage is there for you if the nightmare scenario ever plays out. For example, if you are in an “at-fault” crash, going about the minimum required coverage with collision included will definitely help.

Collision essentially protects you if you wreck into something, including another car. This type of coverage is optional in most states, meaning you can elect to pay out of pocket for damage to your own car if you’re hit.

While an “at-fault” accident can be stressful, at least the insurance part of the entire process will be easier to handle if you have a collision.


Comprehensive is optional and protects you from anything from rock slides to dings to cracks in your windshield to theft.

“Comprehensive” is a kind of coverage that isn’t included in the categories above. We definitely recommend comprehensive – it can be very expensive to replace or repair the damage caused to your vehicle.

Property damage liability

This part of your insurance is there when you need to cover either replacement or repairing another vehicle that you’ve caused damage to.

As it was mentioned before, you are required to have $25,000 property damage in Arkansas.

Underinsured or uninsured drivers

If you think that being hit by a driver that has no insurance or little insurance is a no way out situation, we have good news. This part of your insurance policy is what will cover your medical bills in the event you need any, as well as damage to properties.

This is a useful type of insurance as it allows you to circumvent long waiting periods and courts. You get your expenses paid, and your insurance protects you at all times.

Car Insurance in Arkansas: More Things to Consider

Do I Need a Lot More than the Minimum Coverage?

Although you only may need an abbreviated amount of coverage to get on the road, we certainly recommend more. The current Arkansas minimum property and bodily injury coverage won’t be enough to pay medical expenses for you, your passenger, or another driver if you get into a significant accident, so it makes sense to get the best protection possible out of the gate.

We recommend our insured drivers in Arkansas go with $100,000 in bodily injury liability, $300,000 max payout per accident, and $100,000 in personal property damage protection. This will allow you to cover any injury or vehicle damage you do to someone else. We also recommend collision and comprehensive coverage as well. We can look at higher deductibles, for instance, if you’re unable to cover basic premiums.

What are higher deductibles? Most of our clients pay around $500 for many deductibles, especially for coverage such as collision. Opting for higher deductibles depending on coverage can help you pay lower amounts on monthly premiums, but you may really feel that difference in the pocket when you have an accident, and you need to file a claim.

Cheap Car Insurance for any ZIP Code

For comparison, shopping for car insurance coverage in Arkansas can vary depending on your ZIP code.

Drivers in Arkansas should note that busy metro areas generally experience higher than average rates.

However, it is important to know that everyone has their own specific situation when it comes to car insurance. Therefore, the cost of your insurance will be different.

We can connect you with multiple carriers if you compare quotes with our free calculator

Vehicle Registration

Since  Arkansas car insurance laws require every person who is operating a vehicle on the streets and highways to have liability coverage, this is a pre-condition for your registration.

In order to have your vehicle registered or to maintain your existing registration, your vehicle has to have car insurance.

Not having car insurance can result in suspensions, and your license can be taken away. This means that you will need to abide by a completely different set of rules in order to drive in Arkansas.

FAQ: Arkansas Car Insurance

Q: What car insurance companies have the cheapest auto insurance quotes in Arkansas?

A: The leading companies that have the cheapest car insurance in Arkansas are Nationwide and Safeco. Arkansas drivers can rest assured that these companies have a longstanding spotless reputation with the cheapest auto insurance rates. In addition, we can find you affordable car insurance tailored to your specific needs from their wide assortment. And if you choose to combine car insurance with other insurance products within the same insurance company, your insurance rates will be even cheaper!

Q: How much is car insurance in Arkansas?

A: The national average rates in Arkansas are around $1200 per year. That said, factors that go into determining what auto insurance premiums you will pay include age, good or poor credit score, the type of vehicle you’re driving, and the make/model year, as well as color. Whether you, as an average driver, have a history or record of being a safe driver matters, as well as any recent accidents/injuries or citations you may have had over time.

Quote Calculator Arkansas Auto Insurance

Insurance Geek loves working with our customers to provide Arkansas car insurance policies that will help them save.

It’s not an option to drive without the proper minimum insurance coverage protection in Arkansas as proposed by Arkansas law. As you know, the state minimums are required, but this may not be enough coverage for your situation if you’re involved in an accident where there is a significant injury. It just makes sense to get the auto insurance protection that will cover your entire family if there’s an accident or issue.

We connect with several different carriers to give you the best Arkansas auto insurance average rates possible. Let’s talk about how we can help you save based on your specific needs! We can’t wait to work with you.