Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama

With 3.8 million drivers on the road of the “Sweet Home” Alabama, it is a wide, expansive state, and the potential for any type of liability is higher in more populated areas. Every state has some type of minimum car insurance standard, and Alabama is no different.

At Insurance Geek, we want to help our Alabama customers find the best car insurance coverage and insurers without a lot of hassle.

Knowing how to calculate your premium, the minimum coverage amounts, and more about the insurance terms can help you figure out the best policy and insurance company for yourself – and we’re happy to talk to you about how to get you set up with the right plan.

All you have to do to calculate quotes is fill out one simple quote form, and we’ll be able to give you the best auto coverage protection possible.

Alabama Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

When you start driving in Alabama, you’ll probably be faced with a new set of insurance terms, especially the minimum requirements for car insurance. You should always check with your local insurance agent to see if your state has any additional requirements.

The following information will help you understand the minimum requirements in Alabama for auto insurance.

Alabama requires a minimum of $25,000 bodily injury liability protection. If you injure another driver using your car, whether they are a pedestrian or in another vehicle, you will be protected if you are at fault. Accident may result in an injury to you or another passenger in your car, but the bodily injury liability insurance does not protect you and your passengers. That’s why you’ll also need PIP (Personal Injury Protection), which will be discussed a bit later.

Alabama also requires that you have a maximum of $50,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident – meaning, there is a cap on how much a carrier will pay per accident if you get into one. This amounts to $25,000 per person.

In addition, Alabama requires a minimum of $25,000 property damage. If you hit a fence, another car, or damage any other type of property, this part of your auto insurance coverage will pay for those damages.

It does not cover damages to your car – you are not required to have collision protection, which would cover your car, in the state of Alabama.

How Much Will I Pay for Alabama Insurance Rates?

There are so many different things that decide what you will end up paying your monthly payments. Here’s some basic info on car insurance premiums that you should know before you purchase your policy.

The national average for Alabama will not affect how much your auto insurance costs as much as will some other, more personal factors.


One of the first factors that influence the costs of your car insurance is age. The younger and inexperienced drivers will get a higher premium for Alabama auto insurance. So, Alabama drivers who obtained their driver’s license recently or are younger than 40 should expect a slightly higher cost.

Driving History

Having a long, safe driving record without any accidents or citations can also positively affect your premiums.

Good drivers with a clean driving record and no speeding tickets may score a lower premium.

Your Car

Your car also matters – low mileage will save you on premiums, and the make model and even the color of your car also matter.

Making sure you have antitheft devices, restraints, or other types of driving features that can add to the safety of your car can also help lower your premiums.

Insurance Company

Insurance companies in Alabama offer different quotes depending on the auto insurance coverage you get with them. Also, if you get other kinds of insurance with the same insurance company (e.g., life or home insurance), you can get discounts.

We connect you to the cheapest car insurance quotes from our carriers.

Get Cheap Car Insurance Rates in Alabama

Alabama roads

When it comes to getting an Alabama car insurance quote, it can be hard to know which company to trust. The best way is to get a quote from multiple companies and compare them side by side.

Our Alabama customers give us a reason to provide the best service possible. You want to be sure you are doing your due diligence to compare quotes and get the best car insurance.

That’s why we’ve found a way to get you the cheapest car insurance quotes in Alabama.

Insurance Geek wants to make this super easy for you.

All you have to do to calculate quotes is fill out one simple quote form, and we’ll be able to give you the best auto coverage protection possible.

You’ll compare the cheapest rates from multiple carriers – including Nationwide, Safeco, and other carriers.

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Are Discounts Possible?

Yes, absolutely!

Carriers love rewarding customers with discounts, and most are willing to accommodate a variety of scenarios to ensure you’ll go with them for all your insurance needs.

This is how bundling comes into play – ordinarily, consumers can get total insurance protection by getting a variety of different insurance lines from the same carrier. This allows maximum savings for the customer, and the carrier wins by getting all the insurance coverage a person may need, or at least multiple lines.

Carriers also reward for good driving and may even forgive a small number of accidents.

If you want to save a little extra, you can always take a defensive driving class – carriers reward for driving education, and there are some really interesting ways to get those classes administered that aren’t dry, boring, or will cost you an entire Saturday.

What Does Car Insurance in Alabama Cover?

What do we mean when we say full coverage in Alabama auto insurance?

These different types of auto coverage might appear on your insurance policy:

Medical Liability Coverage or PIP – Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection, PIP, or “no-fault” insurance will pay for medical expenses or, in some cases, loss of income if you or a passenger in your car are injured.

It can also be extended to additional coverage for cases when you are hit by a car while you are a pedestrian or a cyclist.

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Bodily injury liability insurance policy is different from PIP in that it pays for the medical bills of the other party if you are at fault. Accident that is primarily your fault can result in different medical procedures and expenses, such as hospitalization or ongoing medical care for the passengers and drivers in the other vehicle, and this part of your car insurance will account for that.

As previously mentioned, in Alabama, the minimum requirement is $25,000 bodily injury per person. You can get a maximum of $50,000 bodily injury liability (with a limit of $25,000 per person per accident).

Property Damage Liability

This part of your car insurance kicks in to pay for the repair or replacement of another driver’s vehicle or damaged property.

As noted above, you are required to have $25,000 property damage in Alabama.

Underinsured or uninsured drivers

If you are hit by a driver that has no insurance or not enough insurance, this is part of your policy that will pay for your medical expenses and any property damage to your vehicle.

This is important because you may have a long waiting period to try to get medical expenses paid for taking someone to court who doesn’t have any type of insurance.

Collision Coverage

If you or your passengers are injured while you’re driving, chances are you’re going to need some type of auto collision protection so that you can pay for medical expenses.

If you need to repair your vehicle in the event of an accident or collision, property damage protection won’t cover you here. You’ll need to have a collision to pay for damage to your own property.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive covers all the other incidentals – from replacing glass or getting a new windshield to dings in your vehicle to anything else you can think of that isn’t covered by collision, etc.

If someone robs you and you need to replace your property, comprehensive can help here as well.

Car Insurance in Alabama: Additional Things to Consider

Cheap Car Insurance for any ZIP Code

You should also note that the costs will vary according to your ZIP code.

Metro areas generally see higher rates, and you may find that premiums vary from city to city throughout the state. There’s no best bottom line when it comes to car insurance – everyone’s situation is different, therefore what you’ll pay will be different.

We usually tell our clients to consider 100/300/100 – meaning, $100,000 in BI insurance, $100,000 in property damage insurance, and $300,000 max per accident.

This does not include the additional coverages listed above, including comprehensive, which you’ll also want to cover your own damages.

Teen Drivers

Alabama is known for its strict underage driving laws. Young drivers are held to a higher standard than the rest of the country and can face more severe consequences than an average driver.

The same applies to insurance. Alabama drivers who are teens, or inexperienced, or with a bad driving record (e.g., a recent speeding ticket, etc.) are considered “high-risk” drivers, which drives the premium up.

Vehicle Registration

The Alabama Mandatory Liability Insurance Law states that “no person shall operate, register, or maintain registration of a motor vehicle designed to be used on a public road or highway unless it is covered by a liability insurance policy.”

Basically, for vehicle registration or to maintain registration on your “motor vehicle designed to be used on a public road,” you have to obtain car insurance.

Failing to do so can result in a suspension of your driver’s license, and you’ll need to provide proof of insurance on the vehicle in question to reinstate your driver’s license.

FAQ: Alabama Car Insurance

Q: Who has the cheapest car insurance in Alabama?

A: Insurance providers that have the best rates are Nationwide and Safeco. Besides the low rates for any ZIP code, they have a wide assortment of products that will cater to different drivers’ needs, in accordance with the Alabama Department of insurance.

Q: How much is car insurance in Alabama per month?

A: State average rates in the “Sweet Home” Alabama are around $58 per month, and the annual cost amounts to around $679, which is lower than the national average. That being said, auto insurance rates will vary from ZIP code to ZIP code and depend on multiple factors. If you want to get low rates for Alabama auto insurance, we can generate cheap car insurance quotes for you.

Quote Calculator Alabama Auto Insurance

When it comes to driving safely on the roads, there’s no substitute for having the right amount of insurance coverage available. Sure, you could go with the minimums, but in the event of a serious accident or issue, you want to make sure you have car insurance that will assist with medical bills and even a new vehicle if that’s what you need.

Insurance Geek can help! We can find cheap auto insurance quotes in Alabama from multiple car insurance companies.

Reach out to an Insurance Geek today, and s/he will help connect you with an auto insurance plan that assists with all you and your family’s personal needs.