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Texas boasts over 16 million licensed drivers on the road- the second-most in the country. With all those drivers out there, it’s incredibly important to make sure you and your family are protected. That’s where Insurance Geek comes in – we want to get you connected with an auto insurance policy that benefits you when you need it the most.

We want you to sleep a little easier knowing you’re covered.

Finding the cheapest auto insurance in Texas might seem difficult with so many car insurance companies offering different policies. To help you find the best auto insurance coverage, we designed a quote tool calculator you can use to compare multiple companies quotes and offer.

We recommend more than the state minimum coverage car insurance in Texas.

Let’s take a look at our Texas insurance minimums, how to find a policy that gets you what you need, and how Insurance Geek can connect you with multiple quotes from several different carriers.

Texas State Minimum Required Car Insurance Coverage

Texas auto insurance minimum coverage requirements are listed below, including a summary of the protection you can expect. You’ll find that all states require you to have bodily and injury liability, and property damage insurance coverage.

The minimum coverage is not the same as full coverage – it’s only what you need to get on the road legally. So, you might need higher insurance limits than the minimums to insure yourself properly.

Bodily injury liability minimum coverage – $30,000 person/$60,000 accident

If you injure someone else while driving, bodily injury insurance coverage will protect you. Whether or not you hit someone in a different auto or a pedestrian, you’ll get the coverage you need. If you or a person on your policy, unfortunately, causes bodily injury during a wreck in someone else’s auto, this part of your policy also covers you, as long as the driver has been given permission to operate the vehicle.

Property damage liability minimum coverage – $25,000/accident

Though the Texas property damage minimum is $25,000, we recommend at least $100,000 in coverage. Many auto damage liability claims will cost more than $25,000 after an accident, so it’s important to make sure you get that minimum insurance coverage.

Uninsured or Uninsured

Some states require an uninsured or underinsured minimum coverage amount, but Texas isn’t one of them. Still, as you will see, it’s highly recommended that you include this type of coverage in your Texas car insurance policy, as well.

How Much Will I Pay For Auto Insurance In Texas?

The average car insurance rates in Texas costs around $1,800 a year, one of the highest of any state.

That said, your annual premium can differ greatly from the average cost in the state because so many factors determine the auto insurance premiums Texas drivers will pay.

Insurance rates will change based on multiple factors – from whether you have had a recent car accident to your financial responsibility and the type of vehicle you have.

We have singled out the most important factors affecting your car insurance rates and explained them below.

And if it all seems too complicated, worry not:

It’s important to get acknowledged with what goes into your premium to know how you can get the cheapest car insurance, but you can always use our quote tool to calculate how much you would actually pay for your coverage auto insurance.

Age Groups

The price of your car insurance in Texas will vary based on your age. Thus, young drivers – especially teen drivers – will usually get higher average rates than experienced Texas drivers. This also applies to other drivers who have obtained their driver’s license recently.

This is because insurance companies do not have enough “material” to assess how safe you are as a driver because you haven’t had your driver’s license for enough time to demonstrate your driving abilities and responsibility.

Driving Record

Insurers will also consider your driving history to calculate your car insurance rates. Those of you with a clean driving record will be able to score the cheapest auto insurance. That translates to having no recent citations – such as a speeding ticket or DUI – and not being involved in any car accidents.

Financial Responsibility

Your average rates will be determined in relation to your credit history and financial responsibility. While this isn’t the factor that will completely change the cost of your coverage car insurance, it will affect it because insurers want to ensure that you are a reliable customer and that you will pay your premium – and deductible, if needed – on time.

Hence, a good credit score will improve your chances of scoring the cheapest car insurance in Texas, while a poor credit score may mean you’ll get slightly higher average rates.

At Insurance Geek, we help you find affordable car insurance rates, even if you have a poor credit score. As we will explain soon, there are multiple ways to save up on other fronts, so you shouldn’t be concerned if your credit rating is not perfect – even though it’s always good to try and improve it.

Your Vehicle

Of course, the type of vehicle you own can also lower or raise rates compared to the annual average rates in the state of Texas. Here’s what’s primary:

  • The make and model year of your car,
  • The color of your vehicle,
  • Mileage,
  • Its current state,
  • Whether or not you have safety devices installed (like an anti-theft alarm or etched glass),
  • The power of the engine.

Generally, owners of sports cars will pay higher average rates because faster cars are linked to a greater risk on the road. But then again, these cars most often have a number of safety devices installed, which may lower the price.

It’s all individual, really, so we’d have to have a look into your particular case when calculating the price.


City areas tend to come with higher premiums due to the increased potential for an accident. Expect your auto insurance in Texas to be a little higher the closer you live to a metro area, depending on other factors.

Here are some of the largest cities our customers come from in Texas:

  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • El Paso
  • Arlington
  • Corpus Christi
  • Plano
  • Laredo

Regardless of your ZIP code in Texas, we’ll help you find the best cheap car insurance policy for you.

Car Insurance Company

With so many insurers, finding the auto insurance companies that have the cheapest car insurance in Texas might seem complex. Our calculator tool on this page is there to make it easier for you. It allows you to compare quotes from the top carriers of car insurance in Texas and then decide which insurance company has the best deal for your needs.


Just like we said, even if some of the factors don’t go in your favor – for example, you have a poor credit score, or you live in one of the major cities where car insurance in Texas is more expensive – there are still many ways to obtain discounts and save money.

Many customers save up by obtaining multiple insurance products from the same company. For instance, you can get auto insurance for yourself and your immediate family member, or combine different types of insurance with car insurance in Texas. Some examples include home or life policies.

Next, military members, veterans, and students can obtain discounts.

Good drivers also get the cheapest auto insurance through discounts. A defensive driving course can also save you money.

Get Cheapest Texas Car Insurance Quotes

There are many factors you need to ponder about if you want to calculate the cost of your car insurance in Texas, so we want to help you out:

You’ll find the best cheap car insurance if you compare quotes on our website.

Our quote calculator is designed to generate the cheapest rates from the largest insurance companies we are partnered with – and the whole process is online, instant, and free!

We cooperate with over 20 carriers in the insurance industry, and the Texas Department of Insurance approves all of them. We want to single out Nationwide and Safeco because they have the most possibilities for discounts – but another insurer might have a better offer for you.

Here’s everything you need to do to calculate the cheapest auto insurance rates:

Enter your info into our quote calculator (like your Texas ZIP code, etc.). It’s simple and will only take you around a minute to fill in. Then, let us speak to our carriers and generate the quotes for the cheapest car insurance.

You’ll receive them instantly to decide what insurance company has the best offer for you.

If you wish to continue with the shopping process, one of our agents will assist you and discuss your case’s specificities – like whether you want the minimum coverage or something more.

Can I Get A Discount?

Absolutely! However, discounts vary by the insurance company in question.

We’ll find a way to get you a discount with most of our carriers regardless of factors such as a poor credit rating or being an inexperienced driver.

Here are some discounts you’re likely to see:

  • Bundle discounts (bundling life, home, and renters could lower premiums),
  • Safe driving discounts (having a positive driving history),
  • PIF (paid in full),
  • Low or no accident discounts,
  • Low mileage discounts for your car,
  • Defensive driving discounts (this may often involve taking a class – but it’s really easy and non-time-consuming),
  • Student;
  • Military;
  • Senior;
  • Multi-car policy;
  • E-Bill Discounts;
  • Loyalty discounts;
  • Anti-theft devices, restraints, driving a new car, daytime running lights – these are some other discounts you might see.

What Does Car Insurance In Texas Include?

Dallas Texas highway

Full coverage policies will typically include more than the minimum car insurance in Texas.

Below are some other types of coverage, like comprehensive and collision insurance, that make sense to look at for your auto insurance in Texas. In most states, these protection types are not required, with the exception of uninsured/underinsured protection.

Take a look at these coverage types:

Medical Liability/PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

This type includes injuries that happen in your own car. If you or a driver injure yourself or others while driving your vehicle, this type of coverage protects you. PIP differs from bodily injury protection because it pays for your and your passenger’s medical bills, whereas BI only pays for the other party. You can use this portion of your auto insurance in Texas to compensate for the lost wages if you or your passengers are unable to work for a certain period due to the injuries.

Uninsured and underinsured

Uninsured or uninsured protection isn’t an obligatory minimum for auto insurance in Texas, but:

Because we can’t always rely that every driver is on the road legally, with the proper recommended minimum insurance, uninsured or underinsured protection is excellent to have.

This coverage policy means you don’t have to go into a long and tedious court process or wait for your expenses to be paid in case another driver doesn’t have enough insurance (or has no insurance at all).


Hit a pothole? No problem – collision covers damage to your car that occurs when you collide with another vehicle or a stationary object. Collision also encompasses rolling or falling over from a certain height, even though there is no direct collision in this case.

It’s highly recommended that you include it in your full coverage policy.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive is “everything else” coverage. We see many windshield cracks or dings repaired extensively with this insurance coverage. Whether it happens due to weather conditions, vandalism, a collapsing building, or anything similar, you can file a claim under this part of your car insurance in Texas.

Comprehensive also covers items stolen from your car and contact with birds and animals. To make sure you’re fully protected, consider getting comprehensive and collision coverage as part of your full coverage insurance policy because these are some of the most frequent claims.

Bodily injury liability insurance

Bodily injury (BI) liability insurance is obligatory in your auto policy in Texas. It defrays the medical expenses that occur as a result of another driver or their passengers being injured in an at-fault accident. These range from immediate expenses (such as emergency ambulance transportation and minor surgeries) to follow-up doctor visits, crutches, etc. Also, it can cover their lost wages (just like PIP can cover your lost wages).

Bodily injury can also be used for the legal fees in case you are taken to court.

Property damage liability insurance

Property damage insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacement in the event that you caused damage to another person’s vehicle or property in an at-fault accident. Property damage liability claims we frequently see include a range of things, from auto replacement parts to auto body repair labor and even complete replacement.

The minimum liability insurance requirements in Texas ($25,000) certainly aren’t enough to cover you in case you are involved in an accident with someone driving an expensive car (think: Tesla). So, it’s recommended that you go over the state minimums and get up to $100,000 in property damage insurance.


Higher deductibles might mean you pay less on your insurance premium, but if you ever have to file a claim, you could feel it a little more. Therefore, you should aim for a balance of getting the cheapest auto insurance premium and a deductible that you can realistically afford.

Deductibles are normally $250, $500 or $1000, or even higher. Comprehensive claims are typically right around $500 per claim.

How Much Car Insurance Coverage Should I Get In Texas?

Above, we have stated the minimum car insurance requirements in Texas. That’s how much insurance coverage you will need to legally drive.

You can also increase your full coverage to make sure you have more protection out on the road. While some of the types of protection mentioned above will cover you if you harm someone or damage their property in an accident, you’ll also want to make sure you cover yourself and your family members if there’s an accident.

The rule of thumb is this:

The state minimum is what you’ll need to be on the road legally, but being legal isn’t enough. You can cause serious damage to yourself or another person in a vehicle, so it’s best to stay safe. It would be best to go with a $100,000 minimum for your basic injury and property damage coverage to keep you safe and protected.

We recommend $100,000 BI (bodily injury), $300,000 BI/accident, and property damage coverage up to $100,000.

FAQ: Texas Car Insurance

Q: What car insurance companies have the cheapest car insurance in Texas?

A: The cheapest companies in Texas are Nationwide and Safeco. They have affordable insurance and give various discounts to our customers. Of course, other insurers could have a better deal for you. That’s why it’s best to use our quote calculator on our page and compare the offer from multiple carriers in order to find the right insurance company for you.

Q: What is the average cost of car insurance in Texas?

A: The average annual premium in Texas is $1800, one of the highest premiums in the states. The reason for this is a large number of people driving and increased potential for accidents. However, your Texas auto insurance premiums are determined by a variety of factors, including driver’s age, recent accidents or citations, age, make and model of your vehicle – as well as color, anti-theft devices or deterrents like etched glass, safety rating, your safe driving record over time, bundle offerings, and so on. The insurance company you choose matters, too, as not all insurers are equally affordable and will not offer the same discounts.

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We offer quotes from different carriers and are committed to connecting you with the best Texas auto insurance for you and your family. Discover our free quote calculator and get the right Texas auto insurance policy out of the gate.

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Working with our Texas clients gives us real satisfaction because it is such a beautiful and varied state.

Life is a little easier in Texas, and we want to make your life easy by giving you the best possible auto insurance rates you and your family demand. The more we can help you, the better experience you will have on the road because you know you’re safe and protected with the policy to cover your entire family.

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