Bodily Injury Liability Insurance: All You Need to Know About It

Bodily injury liability coverage is used to reimburse the cost of bodily injuries you cause to another person and their passengers in an at-fault auto accident.

Whenever an accident happens, the first thing that naturally concerns everyone involved is: Is anyone injured?

After making sure that you and your passengers haven’t suffered from any serious injuries, you as a driver also have to consider whether someone is injured in the other vehicle. If they are, bodily injury liability coverage in your car insurance policy is what protects you from damages you cause to someone else.

Bodily injury liability coverage is an obligatory minimum requirement for your car insurance, regardless of the state you drive in.

In the majority of cases, it boils down to paying for medical bills and lost wages resulting from the injuries. It can also protect you if the other party decides to sue you by covering the legal fees. In the worst-case scenario, it covers funeral costs as well.

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