Someone Hit My Parked Car And Left: Dealing With A Hit-And-Run Accident

Imagine coming out of the supermarket, and the first thing you see is that someone hit your parked car.


Accident or not, that certainly wouldn’t sit well with you, huh?

What are you supposed to do now?

Well, for starters, you should try to focus on the steps you need to take to solve this problem. We’re here to offer a helping hand – so don’t go anywhere.

Read on because we’re going to provide as much info as possible on what to do if someone hits your parked car, collision insurance information, how you can recover damages, and how your auto insurance policy works – and much more!

It Happened To Me – What Should I Do Now?

Don’t panic!

After your parked car’s been hit, you should first carefully document the accident scene, capturing all the details so that you can file a claim with your insurer and, if needed, file a police report.

Is there a guide for people whose vehicles got damaged in a hit-and-run accident?

Kind of.

There’s definitely a list of things that you SHOULD AND SHOULDN’T DO in the moments following the accident.

You can even note them down for future reference. Let’s begin.

Ask For Medical Care

Asking for help should be #1 on your list.

If the other driver hits your vehicle while you’re still inside, causing a personal injury to you or your passenger, contact 911.

Even if you feel fine, consider getting a medical evaluation at the closest emergency room. That could influence your official accident report, though; the car insurance company could say that you got the injuries somewhere else when you file a claim.

Gather Important Evidence

It’s all about gathering evidence for insurance purposes.

After the accident occurs, you should gather as much information as possible regarding the other driver and their vehicle. Look at the situation from different angles.

Here’s a list of relevant details that might be crucial for the police report:

  • Note down or try to remember the license plate
  • Remember the other vehicle’s model or color
  • Damage to the other vehicle
  • Where was the vehicle headed
  • Photograph the damage to your car
  • Note the precise location, time, and date when the accident occurred
  • Look for security cameras in the area

You should be quick to contact law enforcement because it’s in your best interests to catch the individual who hit your parked car. The longer you wait, the colder the trails get.

Look For Potential Witnesses

If it’s a public space, you shouldn’t be the only one.

Look for potential witnesses on the site and exchange information. The people who were there when the accident happened can help you find the person who did it.

If you decide to include witnesses in the police statement, be sure to get their contact information.

Don’t Follow The Other Driver

The biggest mistake when someone hits your parked car would be to follow them. Leaving the scene of the accident can put you – and your vehicle – in danger.

What happens if you follow the driver?

Nothing good, we can tell you that for sure.

You could risk damaging your car further, significantly reducing the chances of getting ANY insurance coverage, making it harder to recover damages.

Don’t Wait Too Long To Contact Insurance Companies

By waiting too long before you call the police or your insurance company to file a claim, you are losing precious time.

The sooner you file a police report and reach out to your insurance company, the better.

Is There A Way To Save Your Car?

There’s no guarantee that your vehicle won’t get hit – but you can still take a few preventative measures.

The first would be not to park your car on the main street; opt for the parking garage when possible. The chances of a hit-and-run happening in this space are three times less. If there’s a shared garage within your condo complex – take advantage of this option.

Another measure would be to contact a legit law firm.

In cases where the damage is much more significant, pursuing legal action is necessary to resolve the matter promptly.

The Perpetrators Behind Hit-And-Run Accidents – Who Are These People?

These are people from your everyday life. It could be your neighbor for all you know. The list is pretty long, but we can sum it up by listing down the most common perpetrators behind these accidents – based on previous cases obviously.

Here’s a short list of possible suspects that hit your parked car and made a run for it.

A Panicked Driver

You’d probably assume that someone hit your vehicle by accident in the parking lot, panicked, and fled the scene. It might be just a small dent – but your car is still damaged.

If the information about the accident hits the news, though, the panicked individual will most likely report themselves by contacting you or the police.

A Driver With Legal History

Bear in mind that the person who hit your parked car and left might be a driver with legal history. It could be an individual who just got out of jail and is on parole, an immigrant – or someone who got their license taken away.

A Driver With Warrants Or Previous Tickets

It doesn’t have to be a felon. It could be someone who already has negative points and is afraid of a possible arrest or losing their driver’s license.

It might be that they’re worried their insurance rates might skyrocket – which is not out of the question. In 2020, insurance companies began to raise rates by 6-10%.

An Uninsured Driver

An uninsured driver can also hit your car. These individuals don’t have state-mandated auto insurance, so they’ll be expected to pay expensive criminal charges for violating the law and being involved in an at-fault accident.

A Drunk Driver

For some reason, drunk people still choose to sit behind the wheel, and that’s when things like this happen. Your car could easily be hit by a drunk driver passing by. They will flee the scene because they’re afraid of possible convictions – who wouldn’t be?

Statistics Behind These Accidents – What Do The Numbers Say?

You become more aware of the situation the moment you see numbers associated with it.

You’d be shocked to find out that:

  • Drivers that flee from the scene are responsible for more than 20% of crash fatalities.
  • Each year, the percentage rises by 7.2%.
  • More than 50% people that were killed in hit-and-run accidents were cyclists and pedestrians.

So, the next time you are about to cross a street where there is no traffic light, open all four.

How Can An Insurance Company Help You And Your Car?

If you’ve bought a vehicle recently – or plan on buying one soon – the wise thing would be to consider a car insurance policy. Why? Because it pays for a majority of your bills – and they can be pretty high.

Moreover, you can choose the coverage that suits your requirements.

No matter whether it’s a hit-and-run accident or something else, you should comply with the law – following the claims process, contacting your insurer, documenting the damage, etc.

With that said, let’s dive straight into insurance information and the coverage options.

The Benefits Of Car Insurance Coverage

It’s indisputable – car insurance can help you tremendously.

What can you count on if you do decide to purchase an insurance policy?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Even if PIP insurance coverage might not be mandatory in your state, you should still consider it. It can help a lot in paying for medical expenses after the accident.

Remember when we mentioned the injury-related hit-and-run?

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

We’ve mentioned that your parked car can get hit by a driver who has no contract with an insurance company. In that case, uninsured motorist coverage could help pay for repairs to the vehicle – but only in some states.

On a similar note, if your parked car gets hit by an underinsured motorist, it means that the driver’s policy won’t be enough to cover the cost.

Collision Coverage

Let’s say that the car accident was your fault, and you hit a fence – or another vehicle.

Collision coverage can help with this; this insurance claim can help you pay for the repairs to your car. Note that coverage is optional in many states, though, and is usually the most expensive, too.

Medical Payments Coverage

If you or your passengers get injured, the medical payments coverage can help pay for X-rays, hospital stay, and more. It’s good to have one – and in some states, it’s even required.

Premiums on MedPay are generally low, so it’s not going to cost a fortune.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage applies to theft, vandalism, or fire. If the damage falls under cover perils, this coverage can help you pay for repairs or replacement – depending on the vehicle’s cash value.

Unlike some other policies, this one has a deductible – as in, the money you’ll have to pay out of your pocket before your insurer reimburses you.

Above All – Be Cautious!

No matter who hits your parked car – or why – it’s your responsibility to contact the authorities, your insurance company, and file an insurance claim that will allow you to recover damages as soon as possible.

We’re here to help with that:

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