Best Home Insurance Companies of 2021 Reviewed:

In the event that your home is damaged or that your personal belongings are stolen, homeowners insurance policies are invaluable.

Naturally, you want to get home insurance coverage that will cover the true cost of your home, and you also want to find the best homeowners insurance company that will hit that golden ratio between price and value.

That’s why Insurance Geek has prepared an overview of the best home insurance companies. Buyers (well, future buyers) of a homeowners policy will learn everything here, including:

  • What coverage options do you have?
  • What are the top home insurance companies, and which one is the best for you?
  • What’s the premium you will pay?
  • How to compare quotes?

So, shall we begin?

Top Homeowners Insurance Companies: A Quick Glance

If you are in a hurry, check out which home insurance company ratings are the top 6 home insurers below.

And then, if you are interested in learning more information about them, head to our company reviews below!

Company Ratings Table

Insurance CompanyOur RatingA.M. Best Rating
Nationwide Insurance10/10A+
Safeco Insurance9.5/10A
Chubb Insurance8/10A++
Cincinnati Insurance8/10A+
Openly Insurance7.5/10A-
Hippo insurance8/10A-

6 Best Home Insurance Companies

Nationwide Insurance – Best Overall

Nationwide Insurance review

Nationwide Insurance vaulted past the other competitors to the very first place on our list.

This Fortune 100 company is amongst the country’s largest home, auto, and life insurance providers.

As veterans in the industry – they have been around since 1925 and changed the name from Bureau Mutual to Nationwide in 1955 – they have the experience and offers for basically every situation out there.

The varied and high-quality homeowners policies are not the only reason they occupied the throne. Competitive prices for every budget and high customer satisfaction largely contributed to their status, too.

Speaking of their home insurance coverages, the basic offer includes several parts. It protects the structure of your home along with all the built-in appliances and contents (such as clothing and furniture). Additional structures that are detached from your home are also included in their policy.

What is more, it pays personal liability expenses and medical payments to others, as well as the loss of use coverage that kicks in when your home is uninhabitable due to a covered peril.

Their basic homeowners insurance offer also includes an ordinance coverage that helps rebuild your home to the current state per a building code standard.

Besides protecting your home, their basic credit card coverage ensures that the damage from any unauthorized transactions on your insured credit cards is prevented.

Next, you can get three additional policies from Nationwide:

  • Brand New BelongingsĀ® – protects the stuff in your home if it gets damaged or stolen,
  • Better Roof ReplacementĀ® – enables you to have your roof rebuilt with even stronger and safer materials so that the damage does not occur again,
  • Valuables PlusĀ® – an add-on to contents coverage that has a higher limit and protects your high-value belongings (e.g., antiques, jewelry, fine art, etc.).

Nationwide gives you many ways to personalize your home insurance with optional coverage:

  • Identity theft – very useful, considering the rates of cybercrime,
  • Water backup – pays out for sump pump overflows and drain and sewer backups,
  • Replacement cost plus – additional 20% of your dwelling coverage limit that you can claim if your home has to be rebuilt,
  • Earthquake and flood insurance – these are separate policies with their own deductibles that you should consider if you live in high-risk areas. The latter is provided by the National Flood Insurance Program.

If you are not a homeowner and live in a rented apartment or a building, it does not mean that you don’t need insurance to protect yourself and your items. Nationwide also offers renters insurance and condo insurance that protects you against natural disasters and theft.

Finally, Nationwide is well-known for its bundle policies that get you huge discounts with competitive rates for both policies. They offer quality auto, life, and pet insurance in addition to home coverage. It’s worth it to go for multi-policy offers if you are interested, especially with such a reliable company.

Safeco Insurance