I Don’t Have a Social Security Number. Can I Get Life Insurance?

When you put in a life insurance application, the insurance company will likely ask you for your social security number. What do you do if you don’t have an SSN? The first step is to not worry. The next step is to read the rest of this article, where we’ll outline how to get life insurance without an SSN:

Don’t have an SSN? Get an ITIN

While most insurance companies will require a social security number to provide you with coverage, there is a carrier who will only require an individual taxpayer’s identification number (ITIN). You can obtain an ITIN from the IRS through the form W-7. You will generally need an ITIN if you are classified as the following:

  • non-citizen
  • foreign national
  • resident alien

The ITIN is largely used for income-tax reporting purposes. The insurance company will ask for an SSN, or accept an ITIN, to make sure that you’re the person that you say you are. This is to protect themselves against insurance fraud.

What is an ITIN number?

 what is an ITIN number

Policy Underwriting and Coverage Facts

We work with a carrier that offers a 20 year level term life insurance to those who don’t have an SSN. You can choose a death benefit based on the following coverage amounts:

  • $25,000
  • $50,000
  • $100,000
  • $150,000
  • $200,000
  • $250,000

Issue ages

  • 20 Year level term for ages 18-55 Years Old
  • 15 Year level term life insurance for ages 56-60

Underwriting requirements

  • No Medical Exam Required.
  • Answer only four health-related questions to determine insurability.

This product is available in almost all states. If you’re not sure whether it’s offered in your state, give us a call and we’ll make sure you’re eligible to enroll.

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Can illegal immigrants get this policy?

Yes. Being an illegal immigrant will not make you ineligible for this specific life insurance policy. Our licensed insurance agents have experience helping undocumented immigrants enroll in a life insurance policy. As long as you have an ITIN, we can help you get in touch with a company that can offer you a plan.

Only one company in the country offers this plan

If you don’t have an SSN and choose to shop for life insurance the traditional way, you’ll likely spend a lot of time visiting insurance offices and researching policies. There is only one company in the country that offers a plan to people without a social security number. Instead of wasting your time, spend it wisely by contacting one of our licensed insurance agents.

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Shopping for life insurance can be scary if you’re going at it alone. Luckily, you don’t have to be. Our licensed insurance agents have experience finding life insurance for people who don’t have an SSN. The process becomes so much easier when you have an expert guiding you along the way. Let us help you take this important step in protecting your family’s future.

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